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Author Topic: Gwenyn Webster  (Read 474 times)

Description: Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen

Offline Gwenyn Webster

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Gwenyn Webster
« on: May 25, 17, 06:44:00 AM »
I will make my own shadows and not be hidden within yours.

DHARO - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky - QUEEN

Mothers should love their children for who they are and not what they might do.  Gwen, otherwise known as Wyn, has felt this statement ring true all her life.  Sadly, her mother does not fit with this philosophy. 

As a young girl, Wyn did all she could to try to earn her mother's attention and love.  She realized upon her descent that her mother was only interested in her for what she could bring to the family legacy... and nothing else. This planted a seed of rebellion in Wyn's gentle heart...

A see that is sprouting into something vengeful and power-hungry.

Call Me a Rebel
Gwenyn goes to confront her mother without prior warning in an effort to try to keep her brother Owen from being sent to Emma Morgan's court as an envoy.  She is well aware it may not work, but she is hoping that with her planned logic that her mother might acknowledge she may have a point...

(Alcoholic) Tea and Sympathy
After the disaster that was her visit to her mother's Court, Gwenyn is pleasantly surprised to hear that Kerry has come to visit with her.  Hopefully, her older sister still has a talent for soothing her ruffled feathers - because wrestling down the rage that Margaret instilled in her is more difficult than usual.