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Author Topic: Gnaeus Sannus  (Read 648 times)

Description: It it any wonder I can't sleep?

Offline Gnaeus Sannus

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    • Is it any wonder I can't sleep?

Gnaeus Sannus
« on: Dec 22, 16, 01:15:42 AM »

Gnaeus Sannus

Is it any wonder I can't sleep?



Darker even than he seems, Gnaeus is an unlikely champion of the innocent. He prowls circles around the healer he's sworn to protect, half-feral, and ready to sacrifice everything in her defense. She embodies only virtue he recognizes, all others being tainted, or well on their way to deserving a righteous cleansing. He's not unconvinced that he could be the one to wield that justice-honed axe. Centuries of abuse have seasoned the dark urges that swirl in his gut, compelling him to address the evil in the realm before the Blood call down the next Purge.

Maerina is all that keeps him centered, docile (enough for her needs), and occupied lest his thoughts turn to the war he's been planning in his head for almost half a millennium. There's still enough purity in his world to hold him at bay, but it may not always be the case.

Active Threads:

Fear and the Fever
Autumn, 191. Gnaeus accompanies Maerina to the Caelius home in order for her to see to the glutton Otho Tullius' sickness. His wife Laurentia Caelius is an old enemy of Gnaeus' and he both suspects and hopes for foul play. (Immediately following To Speak of the Devil)

Out by the Sea
Autumn, 191. Maerina Augustine meets with her friend, the Senator Gaetano Accorsi at his home on the sea. Gnaeus accompanies her as her escort and immerses himself in the luxurious surroundings, wondering if it's possible to live in excess without being consumed by it.

A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother
Early Winter, 192. The last time Gnaeus saw his mother was the year of The Purge. Ashamed of his disfigurement and not willing to be a burden, he walked away from her that day and has never returned home. He's sent letters and even shadowed the house on occasion, but never worked up the nerve to say hello again. Maerina has restored him to the man that his mother would recognize. He knows that he owes it his mother to let her see him healthy once more, but it's been so long since he felt that kind of affection.

What Music They Make
Early Winter, 192. Out looking for trouble, Gnaeus stumbles upon a dead man, and meets the enigmatic witch (Corin Rippar) who made him that way.

Ode to a Concealed Spectre
Spring, 192. Caelissine Agrippina

Completed Threads:

To Speak of the Devil
Autumn, 191. Dead memories come back to life when the son of an old enemy ends up the Augustine household requesting help from his Lady Maerina Augustine. Gnaeus has to decide between playing nice or discovering whether or not revenge looks good on him.


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