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Author Topic: Ferria Perfossor  (Read 412 times)


Offline Ferria Perfossor

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Ferria Perfossor
« on: Jan 11, 18, 10:40:37 PM »
· · · Ferria Perfossor · · ·
The distance between insanity and genius
is measured only by success.

Landen Female
· · ·
Research Biologist
Currently Resides in Pruul
· · ·
Character Sheet
Obsessed with cataloging and understanding the world around her, Ferria clings to her intelligence and education with a manic fervor. If she can't stand up to the Blood in power, she can sure as hell out-think them. Born in Chaillot but having spent the latter half of her life in Dhemlen, she currently resides in Pruul where she hopes to research and understand it's unique ecosystem and wildlife. The Sandworms in particular have piqued her interest, and she'll risk almost anything to get close enough to study one.
· Threads ·
Fall 192
A Scarcity of Options
Ferria arrives in Onn to find its academic resources lacking.
· Relationships ·
None as of yet.

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