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Author Topic: Evony Bos  (Read 519 times)

Description: Rihlander Hearth Witch

Offline Evony Bos

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Evony Bos
« on: Feb 14, 17, 04:33:41 AM »
Evony Bos
You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty.


Evony Bos is a Rihlander, through and through.  She was quite content to live a simple life as a hearth witch until Eyriens killed her brother, her mother, her father, and possibly her sister in law.  She never did find THAT body.  All because they caught a whiff of queen on her, somewhere... because Evony and her family were hiding her niece, a little Queen. 

Now she has gone to Ebon Varos, where she has appealed to Kalvar Elbremov to take them in. And of course, he needs a maid.  So he will, of course, take them in.  Because she said so.  And because everyone, eventually, sees the wisdom in her advice.

Pardon Me for This Intrusion
  Evony heads to Wolf's Den after finishing a few errands in order to get the meat supplies for the Keep.  There, she spots an exchange between two Landen.. and one that would not be approved of by the Elbremovs.  Intent on not causing a scene, she finds herself having to make a decision between possibly allowing an innocent to be harmed... and causing a bit of mayhem before she can report to Odinar what she has witnessed.

One Soul To Another
  Evony is intent on ensuring that Kalvar's family are all present for the Winsol event, and the only sure way to make sure of that is to deliver the messages herself!  So while out and about ordering supplies for the feast, she decides to stop by the Elbremov Farm to meet and speak with Andrei. 


When Do We Start?
Shortly after Kalvar takes Ebon Varos, and destroys Ebon Rhi, he goes to the province of Avorla to wipe out the Jhinka threat.  After ensuring that the threat is removed so as to give the Glacian Refugees a place to settle, he will return home to find a peculiar Rihland woman instructing him that she is to be his maid.
And in return?  All he has to do is allow her niece to remain in Ebon Varos, where she will be safe and learn to be who she is meant to be.

From the Darkness, Hope.
  Evony and Petra meet up with the High Priestess and the Black Prince for Petra's Birthright Ceremony.  They have also brought Kalvar a thank you gift... one small puppy to remember Petra by after she leaves for Avorla.

Mothers In Every Other Sense of The Word
Signe Drachlan, the Queen who will be teaching Petra, comes to visit Evony Bos at Ebon Varos.  Evony is understandably surprised at receiving a Queen for a visitor - but understanding of the fact that Signe wants to know a bit more about the precocious eight year old she will be fostering.  She is blown away by the suggestion that Signe makes... and she sheds a few tears in memory of her lost family.

Home is Where You Make it
Evony gets to go to the first Family Dinner at Signe's home, where she can see her niece and start integrating into the Drachlan family.  She is nervous, but delighted to see how her niece is blooming under the tutelage of Signe's household.  But Signe is well aware that Evony is redirecting everyone's attention to Petra.  Does the Queen know her secret, or is she simply being the motherly woman that she seems to be?

Sew this Hole Up
Wherein Evony gets to work cleaning up the Keep, and finds her worst nightmare in Reo's office.  The clash of Hearth Witch versus Warlord will likely cause no end of amusement for those on the sidelines.

If These Mountains Had Eyes
  Winsol is coming.  Winsol is coming, and for the first time in years, Evony can actually plan out a public feast for it.  So she busts out the baking supplies, and starts whipping up batches of muffins and sweet bread.  After all, Kalvar should be by anytime now to start cooking his breakfast... and how better to get the season started than to request that he allow her to set up the event?

To Keep The Year Alive
  Kalvar has agreed that they should hold a Winsol celebration.  Better!  Kalvar wants it to be an actual moot!  Exultant and delighted, Evony heads to the High Priestess to see what supplies the Priestess shall need... and draws her lines in the sand for the first time.