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Author Topic: Emma Morgan  (Read 434 times)

Description: Queen of Cymrea

Offline Emma Morgan

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    • yellow2te
    • queen
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      Ruler of Westwood

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      Westwood District (Cymrean)

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    • Granddaughter of the Cymreans you failed to kill.

Emma Morgan
« on: Feb 07, 17, 09:11:48 AM »
{Emma Morgan}
{Queen of Cymrea}




Emma Morgan is  descended from the last reigning Queen of Cymrea who fell over one thousand years ago. While she believes in service and duty, Emma also recognizes that her goals and Cymrea’s goals are one and the same; what benefits her benefits her people and vice-versa. More than any Priestess, Emma is a conduit to Mother Night’s will and it is her will that Cymrea not only regain its former glory, but rise to greater heights than ever before.

The Dharoan Queens can change the name of her land, shrink bit by bit each year, and try to hold them down, but Emma won’t let them hold her back forever. Cymrea can come back from the brink.

When it does, she’ll laugh as she beats the Dharoan Queens at the game they created.


top of the morning to ya - Emma and her new First Escort, Godfrey Craig, determine their boundaries and their relationship.


Adjusting the Status Quo - Emma speaks with Angharad Maddox, fellow Cymrean Queen, about rulership and offers her an opportunity.

prelude to the game - Emma contracts Rye Vaughn, already instrument in her rule, with a new assignment: creating her spynet.

making an offer - Emma speaks with Waylend Deering regarding his status as Master of the Guard.

nothing thicker than blood - Gwennth Morgan, Emma’s cousin and near-sister, returns from Scelt. Emma seeks her counsel.

where do your loyalties lie? - Emma confronts Kizzy Raynerson, the only non-Cymrean member of her Inner Triangle, about her loyalties.

a labor of love - Jorie Hardy, High Priestess of Cymrea, finally gives birth and gifts Emma with an unexpected honor.

righting a wrong - Emma reaches out to Priestess Jorie Hardy, unfairly dismissed by Tegwen Llewellyn and reinstates her.

Changes - By nefarious means, Emma Morgan becomes Queen of Cymrea. She vows to return her homeland to Rulership of Wartonshire District.