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Author Topic: Eirnan Connoly  (Read 482 times)


Offline Eirnan Connoly

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      Second Circle

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      Rockland Province

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      Little Terreille

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Eirnan Connoly
« on: Jun 30, 17, 11:12:54 AM »
Eirnan Connoly

Second Circle of Rockland Province -- Little Terrielle, Kaeleer
Character Sheet


A Sceltan silver fox, Eirnan is a gentleman in his prime. He rides a pure white steed named Destiny and champions justice and equality for all. He is a moral compass, always fighting for what is right and true and good. Recently discovering his heart's Queen, Eirnan must now decide which battles to fight and when a compromise might do best to serve the greater good.

Active Scenes

Hold Fast Hope
featuring: Lucy Benton and Odelle Ackley
(Summer 192)
  • An interview for a new Court Healer - one that will hopefully stick around longer than a few weeks - turns swiftly into an audition as Lady Lucy Benton, the hopeful applicant, arrives as one of Odelle's headaches is in full swing.
Cold Drinks and Hot Nights
featuring: Mara Durov
**NSFW: Sexual Content**

(Summer 192)
  • Lady Benton has been at court for a few weeks now and this has had mixed results. For the most part, this is a wonderful thing, as Odelle's headaches are now being managed so efficiently that she's having them less and less and when they do hit they don't last nearly as long. The downside? She has more time to rile Eirnan's... sensibilities. As a result, he's been spending more time at the Rocky Haven, a place Jack introduced him to, and in the company of it's owner - the beautiful and all-too-tempting Mara Durov.

Completed Scenes

When You Wish Upon a Star
featuring: Odelle Ackley (with NPC maneuvering of Jack, Kaleva, and Kamal) (Spring 192)
  • Eirnan's heart soars when he meets his true Queen, along with all three of her other bonded males. It feels like it's come right from a dream and seems as if all those little pieces in his life that never quite fit have finally found the picture they were made to contribute to.
Play to Your Strengths
featuring: Odelle Ackley (Spring 192)
  • Eirnan has been serving Odelle for a few weeks now and one thing he never expected was to be battling an intense sexual attraction to his Queen - who is a woman practically half his age. The struggle is real as be battles between the attraction and the gnawing, worried feeling that she is just too young for him and pursuing her would be a vast overstep in propriety.
Another Brick in the Wall
featuring: Odelle Ackley (Summer 192)
  • About a month after the events in Play to Your Strengths and shortly into summer, Eirnan has suddenly been charged to settle his Queen when she is at her most difficult. For most Ladies, this would be during their moontime, but Odelle suffers from extremely intense headaches, migraines, that turn her quite savage in her pain. As she's kicked out every other bonded male whose attempted to help her, it's now Eirnan's job to try and get the Lady to rest and take her medicine. Mother Night help him.

Notable Affiliates

Odelle Ackley
Purple Dusk to Sapphire Queen -- Ruler of Rockland Province
  • Odelle is Eirnan's Heart Queen. He adores her both as a woman and as a Queen and admires her greatly for her ambitions and her sharp mind. He is also intensely sexually attracted her but feels like she is too young and immature for him to actively pursue her in the way his body yearns to.