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Author Topic: Dragos Cutrov  (Read 641 times)

Description: Myos Winemaker

Offline Dragos Cutrov

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    • opal2red
    • prince
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      First Escort/Myos Leader

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      Territory Court

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      Dena Nehele

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    • A straight-razor coated in honey...

Dragos Cutrov
« on: Aug 13, 17, 12:09:24 PM »
{Dragos Cutrov}
{Straight razors coated in honey will cut your throat just the same...}



{Summarize the major plot points of the Arc.}


this sacred line - Drake meets with Jeremiah Mercer for the first time in years. They hatch a plan to make sure that Riley takes care of herself, knowing that she'll fight them every step of the way. 

Peace Can Be Evasive - Drake ducks away from a dance party only to run into Bianca Dita, a young dancer. She and Drake have more in common than they know.


In for a penny, in for a mark - Drake meets with Sebastian Bane to determine their working relationship and establish how they'll work together to serve Riley as members of different Guilds.

what you kept from me made our world go round - The day after Riley's party, the Queen of Dena Nehele makes a startling request that forces Drake to make an admission of his own.

Strike Me, Sway Me - Immediately after the party, Drake encounters Sway, a fellow Myos. Still on edge from his humiliation at the party, Drake slips into his alternate identity of Striker to discuss the services they provide to Lady Vlas (NSFW, Violent Sex)

Moesian White, Tulzbruja Red - Lady Vlas is throwing a party to earn the favor of the Aristos. Drake brought the drinks, but he ends up providing a little more in order to keep the party from going out of control.

All the Queen's Men - Drake meets with Valeriu Dumitrescu, the new Steward, to determine his fitness for service in Riley's Court. Both Princes size each other up.

This World is Just Illusion - Drake finds Riley after an emotional discussion with her Court Seer and tries to make her feel better. She makes him an offer he can't refuse.

A Taste of Home - Dragos Cutrov reconnects with Riley Vlas years after their first meeting in their home Province of Tulzbruja. (1st Character Thread)