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Author Topic: Dinah al-Tabur  (Read 579 times)

Description: Queen of the Tabur clan

Offline Dinah al-Tabur

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    • Nevertheless, she persisted...

Dinah al-Tabur
« on: Nov 07, 16, 11:33:40 AM »
Dinah al-Tabur
Nevertheless, She Persisted

A Queen is born a Queen but over the years, Dinah has learned that she must be taught how to be a Queen, and, more critically, how to be a good Queen. But what constitutes being a good Queen? What happens when tradition needs to be trumped in order to do what is right? What if she does what is right and ends up reviled by her own clan? These questions, and more, plague Dinah on a daily basis, chaining her in the decisions she makes and keeping her from becoming the Queen she wants to be.

To combat this, Dinah has begun studying the Black Widow Craft with the Sayyadina Zenja al-Tarazed, determined to find a way for her clan to survive the tumultuous climate of Pruul -- a training kept secret except from her lover Kazim al-Latifh and her Voice Saladin al-Tabur. But even armed with the blessing of the Black Widow, can Dinah bring her clan through unscathed?

Voice: Saladin al-Tabur, Rose to Opal Prince (played by Sol)
Master of the Guard/Brother: Shinar, White to Yellow Warlord Prince (adoptable)
Steward/Father: Rasheen, Summer Sky to Opal Warlord (adoptable)
First Escort/Brother: Javid, White to Tiger Eye Warlord
Queen-in-training: Shaula al-Tabur, White to Tiger Eye Queen
Healer: Delara al-Latifh, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Healer (played by EmberRose)
Mother: Mitra, White to Tiger Eye witch
Other Brothers: Bashir, Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord; Amos, Prince; Hezrai, Prince; a dozen or more cousins from a handful of uncles.
Servant: Anahita, White witch

Bonded males:
Kazim al-Latifh, Opal to Sapphire Warlord Prince (played by Lene)
Ebrahim Orphan, Birthright Yellow Warlord

** note: other First Circle members are currently unnamed NPCs, though open for others to join **

Bakka: Nabila al-Bakka
Latifh: Farah al-Latifh
Kaid: Adamah al-Kaid

Winter 190
The Hands That Pray For Rain
in which Dinah meets Babak and hears his story

Blood And Gold In The Sand
in which Dinah speaks with Iksana al-Sabbah about a tribal argument

Shifting Dunes
in which Dinah visits with the Grand Prince Maalik al-Situla

Spring 191
Webs In The Sands
in which Dinah approaches Zenja al-Tarazed about an unusual request

The Blessings Of The Spiders
in which Dinah visits Zenja al-Tarazed to take the first steps of her Black Widow training

When You Least Expect It
in which Dinah finds her first Bonded male in Kazim al-Latifh

The Price of My Defiance
in which Dinah argues with her Court and Kazim about what to do

With Nothing But The Wind
in which Dinah and Kazim spend some time together

Summer 191
Spidersilk on the Sand
in which Dinah continues to study Black Widow Craft with Zenja al-Tarazed

The Cat With Golden Claws
in which Dinah is assigned an ambitious Queen to train

What Tangled Webs She Weaves
in which Dinah and Kazim discuss Dinah's student, Shaula

Savage Thoughts,
Broken Hearts

in which Dinah sides against Adramalech al-Sabbah, against her clan's decision

Kiss the Rain
in which Dinah discusses with Kazim what she intends to do

in which Dinah selects a new Voice for the Tabur: Saladin al-Tabur

Autumn 191
Spin the Dreams of Spiders
in which Dinah spins her first tangled web

We'll Fight The Powers That Be
in which Dinah meets with the Voice of Jinan regarding the Mineborn's ascension

Winter 191

Spring 192
The Spider's Caress
in which Dinah's Black Widow sexuality begins to take hold

Summer 192

Autumn 192
The Gift Of The Spider
in which Dinah's snaketooth emerges

Silent Spring Rains
in which Dinah selects a new Healer for her Court

Winter 192
Spidersilk and Blood
in which Dinah spins a web and reveals her Black Widow secret to Saladin

in which the Queens of Pruul meet to discuss future dealings with the Mineborn

Prophecies Live And Die  In The Winds Of Winter
in which the Queens of Pruul vote about the future rulings of Pruul

The Web That Binds Us
in which Dinah and Elenor al-Sabbah discuss their clans

Spring 193

Summer 193
Bloodcursed, Bloodbound
in which the sandworms attack Tuono and Dinah founds another of her males

These Sirocco Winds Ahead
the High Summer festival in Onn goes awry