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Author Topic: Darien Embers  (Read 518 times)

Description: Forgotten Son

Offline Darien Embers

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    • Burn everything you love. Then burn the ashes.

Darien Embers
« on: Jul 24, 17, 10:35:17 PM »
{Darien Embers}
{Lay A Flame to Sacred Names}


Bonded Queen: Tylmandra Ahlberg



Darien Embers is a short-lived Little Terreillian Prince whose family has a few businesses interests across Little Terreille, based in Midland District. His mother died early in his life and he went to live with his father's family per her final request. His stepmother and stepbrothers made absolutely sure to remind him that he wasn't welcome at every turn,forcing Darien to spend his free time outside of the house learning about the shadier parts of Little Terreille.

Darien keeps friends among the gangs, the thieves, and the whores of Little Terreille and he considers the downtrodden and the misifts "his" people. When his father died without warning, Darien's share of his estate was challenged by the family, leaving the Prince with nothing. So much for family loyalty, right?

Rather than get angry, Darien decided to build his own organization in Little Terreille. It'll take some time and doing (and a whole lot of fucking people over) but Darien believes in doing unto others before they do unto you.

Unless those others are the Unchained.

If you aren't born with the family you want, go out and make one.


reminded me of everything they deprived me - Darien and his sister, Ishanvi, meet the First Escort of Little Terreille, Roland Cade, and his adopted (sort-of) sister, Ripley Martin while hunting the Gatekeepers.

It's always a bar - The Unchained meet up after a recent job to discuss the state of the Territory.

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