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Author Topic: Claudia Genadie  (Read 352 times)


Offline Claudia Genadie

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Claudia Genadie
« on: Sep 18, 17, 08:31:01 PM »

Riley Vlas, Rose to Opal Queen of Dena Nehele. The most important person in Claudia's life. They met when Riley took over the Province Court at Tulzbruja. Claudia has since come up with Riley to the Territory Court, as her Jewels and skills recommend her well. However, since Claudia's attack on Riley's bonded male Jeremiah, their relationship has become strained.
Jeremiah Mercer, Yellow to Rose Warlord Prince. Known as the Queen's Shadow, Claudia was prepared to put up with his presence around her Queen. However, during what was meant to be a routine checkup into the new Master of the Guard, Claudia spotted an egregious flaw in Jeremiah's mental barriers. Rather than pausing to ask permission, she forced Jeremiah's barriers to remain open long enough for her to be sure what she was looking at. She is now assigned to fix what was done to him as punishment for her actions.
Matka Makoshna, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Black Widow. A woman Claudia has never met, but will soon. Matka Makoshna is a Myos with a contract on Jeremiah's life. (Registered NPC)

Autumn 187APa will passing all understanding (with Riley)
Winter 188APphatic utterances (with Riley)
Crying out your innocence against my bloody blade (with almost all of Dena Nehele)
Spring 192API'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser (with Dashel)
At the heart of the matter (with Riley)
Background checks (with Val)
Summer 192APMoesian White, Tulzbruja Red (with everybody ever) (TOTM July 2017)
With your permission (with Riley and Nova)
A pink and yellow basket case (with Jeremiah) (NSFW: Mind rape)
And my name on the lips of the dead (with Riley and Sebastian)
Fall 192APWould you rather (solo, feat. Striker)