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Author Topic: Cadence Fellows  (Read 478 times)


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Cadence Fellows
« on: Mar 07, 17, 11:58:17 PM »
Cadence Fellows
Omid's Mother


A Green jeweled Healer should be able to manage any feat of craft. Should be able to heal any wound and shape flesh to recover from the ailments of mortal failings; but somethings can not be corrected even with a mother's grieving devotion. Where she failed one son she refused to fail the next. Omid would live and be loved; replace that son her body had birthed.

Stripped of her craft and very identity she emerged from that darkness a broken shell of the woman she had once been. No less a healer; but gutted and cut off from the very craft she based her identity on. Now as her son and his siblings struggle to find their place in the prophecy she struggles to find her place in a world dimmed and tarnished by that infinite loss of self.


Professional Courtesy
  • Characters: Cadence Fellows & Raina al-Abd
  • Plot Summary: Cadence has reached out to an old mentor in order to find a healer willing to try her very experimental procedure merging landen tactics with craft.
Catching a Sparrow(hawk)
  • Characters: Omid, Khadijah, and Cadence
  • Plot Summary: In the aftermath of Hadijara's wounding Khadi flees into the desert. Determined to not let his little sister alone Omid takes after her with Cadence on their heels. Here they discuss the heart of Khadi's feelings 

A Glimmering of Hope
  • Characters: Cadence Fellows & Rania al-Abd
  • Plot Summary: Rania takes a gamble on the broken healer to discuss a health concern of a personal nature along with her hopes for a blossoming relationship. The two women go over the issue and start a plan of correction- including contacting a healer with full access to craft.
The Light of Death
  • Characters: Hadjara, Omid, Roshan, Lucky, Khadijah, Kesare, Babak, and Cadence
  • Plot Summary: Hadjara is attacked while meditating and her family rushes in to rescue her. Unwittingly poisoned with sandworm blood she begins the process of becoming an Aubdina. Cadence is motivated to share a healing weave with Khadi as a form of triage until a whole healer can step in.
I'll leave my love between the stars
  • Characters: Omid, Lucky, Khadijah, Lucky's Kitten, and Cadence
  • Plot Summary: Observing the anniversary of her birthed son's death Cadence runs across Lucky and his kitten. Khadijah joins them and during the discussion Omid and Lucky exchange harsh words while Cadence is faced with some real truths.
Omid al-Izar: Opal Prince: Her adopted son. He is one of the prophesied mineborn children.