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Author Topic: Adileh "Adel" al-Sabbah  (Read 2640 times)


Offline Adileh al-Sabbah

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Adileh "Adel" al-Sabbah
« on: Nov 16, 18, 10:14:50 PM »
· · · Adileh “Adel” al-Sabbah · · ·
Light makes shadow.
  Truth makes lies.
Purple Dusk to Sapphire Priestess
· · ·
High Priest & Double Agent,
Clan Sabbah, Pruul
· · ·
Adileh is the daughter of the seditious True Sabbah's leader, following in a tradition of brutality and hatred as she takes the mantle of lieutenant within the faction.

In another life, Adel is a young Priest, serving his Queen from the shadows and feeding her the information he gains at the heart of her enemies while waiting for the day he may serve her openly and as his true self.
· Threads ·
In Progress
Keystone Thread
Winter 191
We've All Got Feelings That We Can't Explain (We're All a Little Bit the Same)
with Zadi
After a long night, a drastic haircut and a big argument, a young Priestess finds sanctuary in the form of a library and its librarian.
Summer 192
Sworn in Darkness
with Elenor
Adel goes to Elenor the night after her Trials to offer her his service.
Fall 192
Maybe a home can have stone walls.
with Naya
Adel visits Naya and her family as she sets up her shop in Onn.
Spring 193
The victors write history, but today we remember the dead
with Naya, Adavera, others to come
A gathering on the anniversary of the Geiba excecution.
You were wrong when you told me I was right
with Elham
A lot is changing, and sometimes Adel has trouble keeping up.
You were right when you told me I was wrong
with Zadi
Adel's Virgin Night.
Summer 193
From Salted Earth, A Rose
with Adavera, Elenor, the True Sabbah and others
Adel makes his Offering to the Darkness and performs his niece's Birthright Ceremony. Both of those go fine. Everything else goes wrong.
Fall 193
Delicate threads of disguise
with Shira, Elenor and Adavera
Shira orders Adel to gain Elenor's trust.
How many sides does a triangle have? WTF Do I know? I suck at geometry.
with Elenor's court
New appointments in the Sabbah court.
· Awards ·

Updated 2018-11-16
Adel al-Sabbah

Court Priestess
of Clan Sabbah

of the True Sabbah

High Priest
of Clan Sabbah

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