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Author Topic: Adavera al-Jinan  (Read 476 times)

Description: Voice of the Jinan

Offline Adavera ibna Sadagh

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Adavera al-Jinan
« on: Mar 06, 17, 04:03:06 PM »
Adavera al-Jinan
Greed leads to corruption.  Corruption must be stamped out.


Adavera was not even two days past her Offering, where she surprised everyone but her landen father in her descent, when the Raiders came.  They killed her father, her mother, and many others.  They TOOK her... and many others.  Bad enough to suffer that sort of pain... but then the Raiders SOLD them to the Geiba mines.  For years, she saw no sunlight.  For years, she watched as many of those she knew died.

In those mines, she met children.  CHILDREN had been enslaved, never seen the sun.  She would tell them stories about horses and the deep desert.  About the wide open skies and the way the stars would gleam at night.  She did her best to try to watch out for them. 

A few months before the corruption of the Mines was discovered, there was an accident.  A cave in trapped her leg beneath a large boulder, and for two days she was undiscovered.  Even now, years after the incident, her leg is still crippled enough to impact her movements. 

And now that she is free, she is actively moving to make it clear that the Jinan will not stand for Corruption.  The Geiba have paid their Price... but others had to have known and did nothing.

To Fly Without Wings
Vera is finally able to deliver the herd she had promised to the Izar children.  Lucky comes out to meet her as she gets the horses into the corral, and she is able to introduce him to Little Brother.

Rising To The Seat Of Power Requires A Gentle Hand
Simin gained her Offering early, despite Vera's obvious displeasure with her tribe for forcing a child to grow up too soon.  That being said, Vera is happy to finally meet her in person.

Gifts For the Familiar and the New
  The Jinan have returned to Onn, as is tradition.  But this year, Vera is the Voice.  This year, she has a few horses she has raised for the Mineborn.. and this year, she intends to deliver them.  They are a personal gift, of course... but she has little doubt that the Sabbah's Spider will be willing to tolerate her delivering such fine gifts without gifting anything to him in return... and she looks forward to making it politely clear that she doesn't have to.

She looks forward to offering the Mineborn a chance at hope for a better, more free life.

With Passing Glances
  Ennead al-Bali moves to speak with the Voice of the Jinan in an effort to accept the gifts that Lucky al-Izar and Hadjara al-Izar denied.  In return, Vera begins to teach him how to ride... and offer an escape for the Izar clan from the inevitable teeth of the Spider.

Let Secrets Die
  Wherein Lucky moves to speak with Vera after denying her gift... and tries to bribe her into silence about what she saw in the Mines regarding his past.  Naturally, she is offended... and both will have to find some way to get past the emotions their shared pasts invoke.

All the Pretty Horses
  Hadjara sneaks out of the Izar household to go see the horses she so dearly wants... and the familiar woman who had offered them to her. 

Savage Thoughts, Broken Hearts
  Adavera is unwilling to watch the Mineborn be tortured and executed for doing what was right... and she will put her Clan at risk to keep the Jinan's honor in tact.  Will the Spider prove his insanity and have her killed there on the spot?  Or will she, at last, help bring justice to those that the Sabbah knowingly allowed to be harmed?  Will the Queen awake?

A Different Sort of Healing
Torin insists on calling the Lady Judiah Vidanic in for an interview, as the many stresses and events have caused Adavera's leg to tighten so painfully that she is nearly immobile.  Vera agrees, reluctantly, to allow Judiah to 'audition' for a longer contract with her - and gains more than she ever expected.