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Author Topic: Chronicles of Aahad al-Situla  (Read 1752 times)


Offline Lochlan

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Chronicles of Aahad al-Situla
« on: Sep 29, 18, 08:12:17 PM »
Aahad al-Situla ibn Shahab
Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord Priest
Hasthul'thani of the K'miar
High Priest of Arnadeth Temple
"Mother Night's Champion

Character Summary
The blood-descendant of Ardath al-Bali, the wizened and mysterious founder of Hammam, Aahad was born a dual caste Priest Warlord with omens surrounding his birth - that he would reawaken the spirit of Pruul. Those omens, along with a gifted ability to channel the wellspring of power in the Abyss mutually shadowed his life - seen as a prophet or divine agent whom others respected, or hated, for his perceived importance.

In an act of rebellion against a tribe who treated him as an object of (almost feverish) reverence and the Aubudina who saw him as a profit margin he aligned with the collective of K'miar at Arnadeth Temple where he has resided since, delving into the mysteries of the Abyss when not offering spiritual guidance to those seeking aid or Hammam to those needing cleansed. He has since become the High Priest of the Temple following the passing of his master, Shahab ibn Ardath. All has been done to evade what Mother Night demands of any of Her chosen who decide to stand against the chaos of the Darkness - Destiny.

Since becoming High Priest his faith and his beliefs, in himself and others have been put to the test. He also has come to realize some of his own inner faults and has begun seeking how to rectify them. Shaken, he has begun to seek guidance of a higher power and has begun to make plans to reaffirm his faith in both the divine and within himself.


193 PP
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          194 PP
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One of the Wise, Solo **
A New Craft for a New Age, Group Thread led by Fate

** - Completed Thread

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Re: Aahad al-Situla
« Reply #1 on: Dec 14, 18, 01:16:32 AM »

The Cataclysm is a major topic of Pruulian oral storytelling. All know the story of a time when Pruul was not a desert and then it became one. The stories of the Cataclysm are as varied as the grains of sand. It is the Cataclysm, however, that has made Pruul desolate both mystically and ecologically. It is the Cataclsym for why there are no Winds and it is the Cataclysm that continues to kill the land every day.

This plot arc focuses on undercovering the truth of the Cataclysm. It begins with the discovery of water temples, places of ancient spiritual significance that hint to a time when Pruul was green and luscious. Investigating these sites will yield a place of importance, the Central Mines, where a great tragedy occurred. Only when all the pieces come together will the truth be revealed.

The truth is that the threat of the Cataclysm is Aahad's prophecized destiny and what Widows across Pruul have seen in their webs. Aahad will end the Cataclysm - one way or the other. The question

Important Threads

Take a Drink of the Past and Awaken
Perceive the Past and See
A Light in Nightly Uncertainty

Offline Lochlan

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Re: Chronicles of Aahad al-Situla
« Reply #2 on: Feb 03, 20, 12:41:43 AM »


Aahad has issues. In many ways he is a hypocrite to his understanding of harmony of the soul. He is an effective guide, just to everyone but himself. This is due to his unconscious hatred of himself, his castes, and his family among others. Even Mother Night is not immune to his scorn.

Over the course of threads and interactions Aahad will come to understand the extent of his spite and self-loathing and the scope that it has influenced him. He will come to understand that for such a transgression a worthy contrition is necessary. He seeks not to atone but to find faith, both in Mother Night and himself, by undergoing a pilgrimage in which his heart tells him one direction.

- Ebon Askavi. The ancient mountain and the home of Witch at it's peak is where Aahad feels he must go to atone. Yet Ebon Askavi has been long abandoned by Witch and her Court and no Landing Pad guides one there. He must instead undergo what the ancients did to seek that holy place.


He departs with a caravan on a pilgrimage to Ebon Askavi, taking him along the long-travelled trade routes that will lead him to Askavi. Then? He must make the journey to the mountain and make the ascent. What is up there? Will the Keep open? Will Mother Night bless him? Will anything happen at all? He has no idea.

He has to have faith that there will be.

Plot Plans

This character arc is meant to force Aahad to confront some big demons in his shadow. It also allows him to do what all Pruulians do - caravan around the world! It will give him opportunities to talk and learn from others the way of things, to give himself perspective as he prepares himself mentally, emotionally and physically to perform his contrition by climbing Ebon Askavi.

The peak offers nothing. The Keep won't be opening and there will not be doing anything other than doing what it has been doing since the Purge. For him, the Keep is just eye candy. He is interested in other prizes, with the mountain merely as a symbol and trial he must overcome. At the peak, he will meditate and achieve a state of Hammam - a step along his spiritual journey.

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