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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Chaillot

Alois Oberonn has proven herself to be a witch with both the vision and capability to run Chaillot in the aftermath of mass death and destruction. With a hero of the people--Jérémie Tailor--at her side as First Escort, many believe that the territory is well on its way to recovery. Yet not everything is what it seems: the Red Market holds Chaillot in its clutches, Dark Jeweled boogeymen might be real, Landen rule Touleans, and there are whispers of worse things on the horizon.
Culture of Chaillot
Dark Haven
Navy of Chaillot
Dark Jewels in Chaillot
Castes in Chaillot

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Author Topic: People of Chaillot  (Read 9101 times)


Offline Madeline Rousseau

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People of Chaillot
« on: Jun 24, 17, 10:58:35 PM »
The Loyalists

Ruler of Chaillot
Played By: NPCPlayed By: Dash


Char #2
Char #3
Roux Spiritual Advisor
Location/ Job
Location / Job
Played By: PhedrePlayed By: TBAPlayed By: TBA

Naval Forces

Pretty tables with ships and crew here...

The Rebellion

Co-Leader of Rebellion
Co-Leader of Rebellion
Played By: KittymbPlayed By: Tenkou


Char #3
Consort to Lady Rosseau
Crew Leader / Mercenary
Location / Job
Played By: NPCPlayed By: SlivurrPlayed By: TBA

Naval Forces

The Nomad's Dream
Captain Francois Toussaint
Summer-Sky to Opal, warlord
Played By: Gavin
The Crew:
Josephine Delacriox : Quartermaster


Dark Haven

Director of Dark Haven
Head Physician of Dark Haven
Dark Haven Guest
Played By: PhedrePlayed By: DashPlayed By: Erica

Dark Haven Guest
Dark Haven Guest
Dark Haven Guest
Played By: PhedrePlayed By: HalyonixPlayed By: Reid

The Landen
Rouen Representative
Artois Representative
Bastia Representative
Played By: HalyonixPlayed By: GavinPlayed By: Erica

J.O.C (Judicial Branch)

Char #3
Judicial Overseer
Legal Aide
Location / Job
Played By: LochlanPlayed By: TenkouPlayed By: TBA


Char #3
Acquisitions Director
Triage Nurse/ Handler
Location / Job
Played By: SlivurrPlayed By: TenkouPlayed By: TBA

Private Citizens

Played By: PetrichorPlayed By: BowiePlayed By: Reid

Char #3
Trophy Wife
Played By: PhinneasPlayed By: PhedrePlayed By: TBA