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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Alois Oberonn has proven herself to be a witch with both the vision and capability to run Chaillot in the aftermath of mass death and destruction. With a hero of the people--Jérémie Tailor--at her side as First Escort, many believe that the territory is well on its way to recovery. Yet not everything is what it seems: the Red Market holds Chaillot in its clutches, Dark Jeweled boogeymen might be real, Landen rule Touleans, and there are whispers of worse things on the horizon.
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Author Topic: Dark Jewels & Dark Haven  (Read 9031 times)

Description: History and culture of Dark Jewels in Chaillot

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Dark Jewels & Dark Haven
« on: Nov 01, 17, 09:24:11 PM »
    Dark Haven Leadership

    Dorian ConallLenore NoirCharacter Name
    Played By: npc
    Played By: Phedre
    Played By:

    Cultural Bias

    Chaillot and its people hold a unique view of the Darkness and how the Blessings of Jewel strength interplay with the mind. As a tourist and trade-dependent Island, they are accommodating of outsiders, their traditions, and more importantly their Jewel Ranks. This has lead to a strange duality in their belief of Dark Jewel instability. While it may be fine for a Hayllian to have Dark Jewels, though most Chaillotians cannot suppress their instinctive apprehension, it is shameful and discouraged for their own population to descend so fully into the Abyss.

    Throughout Chaillotian history, there have been stories told of native-born Dark Jeweled citizens who have been unstable beyond the point excusable by their particular caste. The teachings of Chaillot's Priestesses speak of the dangers of going too far into the Abyss. Theirs was a message once meant as a cautionary teaching for Black Widows and other Priestesses who were trying to soothe a damaged mind, but the message was twisted over generations to become the fear of native-born Dark Jeweled Blood.
    Within Chaillot's borders, the native-born Dark Jeweled are treated with a sort of wary hostility; the same sort of caution one would give to a dog breed known for biting. While this bias is mostly focused on those of Chaillotian descent most Dark Jeweled short-lived races are viewed with a sense of suspicion.

    For many Dark Jeweled who have made their Offerings after 185 AP, their Dark Jewel is not looked at with a sense of joy, but with a sense of dread and shame. Dark Offerings are viewed as some mixed flaw or an indication that the bearer has earned Mother Night (or the Darkness') displeasure. Almost every child is taught that to have a Birthright darker than the Purple Dusk is to be doomed with some sort of madness later in life. There are exceptions to this rule, but they should remain exceptions rather than the cultural norm.

    Safe: This applies to the bulk of Chaillot's population
    White, Yellow, Tiger Eye, Rose, Summer Sky, and Purple-Dusk

    Unstable: This grouping has the largest variability in stability based on where their Birthright lands
    Opal, Blood Opal and Green

    Volatile:This group is viewed as highly dangerous and prone to fits of Abyss fueled madness
    Sapphire, Red, Gray, Ebon Gray, and Black

    The lines division in 'safe' jewel strengths and 'unsafe' come in varying degrees of chalice stability and viewings; these groupings adjust based on where the individual falls from Birthright to Descent. As an example a 'safe' Summer Sky can become an 'unstable' Opal; however, someone who has been afflicted since childhood with the Opal is judged far more at risk; even if they never descend past their Birthright.

    History of Instability

    The instability of Dark Jewels has been a documented phenomenon for the past two centuries, starting from the purge onwards; where the Dark Jeweled were the hardest struck in Witch's attempt to stop the warring nation of Askavi. The earliest documented attack of instability was Aurelie Nouvel, a Sapphire Descent Black Widow, who in a fit of rage destroyed the entire Court of Vienne District in the year 50 B.P

    Later documented cases of Dark Jeweled affliction were shown in a Sapphire Queen who in a fit of rage destroyed several warlords in a burst of witchfire with no known documentation. The Priestess of her court left the following notes in her journals as a testament to carry through the ages.

    'Even at the depth of my Tiger Eye, I could feel the maelstrom that was her power pulling within before lashing out at the five warlords. In a mere instant three men were turned into naught but a fine mist of gristle and gore. To wield that level of strength seems almost unnatural. I pray Mother Night grants me the strength to continue forward in my duty.' This excerpt along with several others are considered mandatory reading in Chaillot's education system; enforcing the historical evidence of Dark Jewel Instability.

    Several other occurrences appeared through history in Chaillot that seemed to align with the newer and more radical teachings of the Priestesses. The most notable attack was in 186 AP when Aravice and a good portion of her court were slaughtered at a birthday party. The offender, a Dark Jeweled patient on leave from Dark Haven, was only stopped when the Head of Dark Haven itself stepped in.

    This cemented the views of the Dark Jeweled in Chaillot's mind. Smaller and less noted outbursts happened; from reports of a Red Jeweled Healer killing a Sailor unprovoked to those of a Dark Jeweled witch calling down storms to crash ships upon the treacherous reefs.

    Dark Haven

    Established in 185 AP, by Dorian Conall, Dark Haven was commissioned by Aravice Laurent the  Territory Queen of Chaillot at that time. Designed to be a sanctuary to encourage stability and strength for the beleaguered Dark Jeweled of Chaillot, it was touted as one of Aravice's greatest social projects.

    The development of Dark Haven drew on a talent pool spread over various castes; drawing on the best and brightest minds that Chaillot had to offer. In the end, Dark Haven appeared to be a symbol of hope for the families dealing with Dark Jeweled family members.

    Admission Rules:

    • Patient must be over the age of 13. Patients taken in before the Offering to the Darkness are on an individual basis.
    • Admission should be made voluntarily. There are exceptions to this rule in cases of extreme public safety concerns.
    • Patient must authorize the use of controlling collars and experimental mental and physical therapies for their conditions.
    • Upon release Patient must agree to periodic evaluations and treatment plans.

    While most patients voluntarily committed themselves to Dark Haven, some were brought in at the recommendations of their local queens and priestesses. Dark Haven became a sanctuary for Black Widows who traveled too far into the Twisted Kingdom or were driven mad by their visions.

    There are many reasons that a person may choose to commit themselves. For many, it comes as a sense of civic duty, to ensure they are no threat to those around them. Others to find the control needed to keep their tempers under control. For some, Dark Haven is the only place they can seek solace from the looks and whispered shame of standing so deep in the Abyss.

    The founding principle behind Dark Haven was to assist the Dark Jeweled in rejoining society safely. Unfortunately, not all patients would be able to accomplish the control needed to be released from the asylum's care. Those who were labeled too volatile or unstable were studied.

    Over the years Dark Haven took a more controversial place in society. Still the accepted treatment for the Dark Jeweled it also became a place to bury your secrets. Healers and Black Widows of the less ethical sort were drawn by the proposition of live test subjects to try new treatments on.

    A power in its own right Dark Haven is controlled by the Territory Ruler. While Dorian Conall and his Co-leader, Lenore Noir, maintain surface control of Dark Haven and its policies there is an unspoken acknowledgment of the final say resting with the Territory Leader, whomever that should be.

    Current Events

    In 188 AP Etienne Roux overthrew the Chaillot matriarchy and took the contested Territory seat for himself. At this time Prince Roux reviewed several territory programs including Dark Haven. In Dark Haven, he saw the potential for a devastating army. As a military man, he was loathe to waste any opportunity to cement his position on the territory seat, as well as protect Chaillot's vulnerable shores.

    Against the wishes of many Dark Haven staff members, Prince Roux rewrote the codes of conduct and territory acquisitions for the patients currently being treated at Dark Haven. No longer were the potentially unstable Dark Jeweled allowed voluntary admission but were instead collared and committed at the first signs of instability.

    The Dark Jeweled who showed the best aptitude for battle craft were paired with a Handler to be called upon should war start on Chaillot's shores. As a show of his power and control over the Dark Jeweled and territory, Prince Roux had several of these pairs mixed in with his court guard as a protection against any attacks on his court.

    The uprising of the Rebellion Queens has revealed a small crack in the upkeep and running of Dark Haven as the whispers and rumors of war make keeping the institution supplied a tight affair. Dark Haven has started to rely more on the Territory Funds than the private donations that kept it plush with income as the wealthier members of Chaillot start to prepare for a drawn-out period of inflation.

    Staff and administration work to keep the cracks from showing through to the patients of Dark Haven; they strive to keep the institution the same tranquil and still place needed to help the Dark Jeweled find what semblance of peace they can. The newest arrival of the previously unknown Red Jeweled Queen has started to stir eddies and ripples of discontent leaving her both a mystery and an inconvenient complication.


    With Dorian missing and the Territory in the middle of a violent civil war, Lenore Noir is left holding the reigns of Dark Haven. Accustomed to handling the day to day affairs during peace she and her staff are left facing the turbulence of civil upheaval.

    With Prince Roux and his Loyalists demanding the surrender of valuable Dark Jeweled patients as soldiers to fight and the Rebellion Queens asking only that Dark Haven remain properly neutral for Chaillot's sake the facility is torn. Funding sponsored through the Territory Court could easily dry up at their refusal to bend, yet their ethical code states they honor at least some of their mission statement.

    Poised to topple the balance of the two sides Dark Haven is a strategic stronghold and piece on the board that both sides want to play...

    Plot Leader(s)
    • Phedre
    • Open

    Credit to Blue & Eleanor for source material