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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Chaillot

Alois Oberonn has proven herself to be a witch with both the vision and capability to run Chaillot in the aftermath of mass death and destruction. With a hero of the people--Jérémie Tailor--at her side as First Escort, many believe that the territory is well on its way to recovery. Yet not everything is what it seems: the Red Market holds Chaillot in its clutches, Dark Jeweled boogeymen might be real, Landen rule Touleans, and there are whispers of worse things on the horizon.
Culture of Chaillot
Dark Haven
Navy of Chaillot
Dark Jewels in Chaillot
Castes in Chaillot

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Author Topic: Culture of Chaillot  (Read 9548 times)


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Culture of Chaillot
« on: Aug 02, 12, 09:03:58 PM »

Current Territory Map:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Capital City: Beldon Mor

Population: 2.9 million, combined of Blood & landen
Population Breakdown: 85% native to Territory
Caste Breakdown: 90% Landen to 10% Blood // surplus of Queens, hearth witches, and Princes.

Major Exports: fish, wine, timber, grains, fruit, glass, fashion
Major Imports: all metals, fibers and fine cloth, live animals, tourists


The dark Jeweled Blood of Chaillot are notoriously unstable, particularly those -- males and females -- not leashed by a Queen. The Priestesses preach of the dangers of the abyss, and all know their words to be true. There have been several disastrous meltdowns by dark Jeweled males and females in the last two centuries, all very public and very frightening to the populace. Because of this, Dark Haven was created not long ago, with the stated goal of providing a peaceful place for the dark Jeweled to retire from society and keep from endangering the populace. Though admission is typically voluntary, once inside, it is difficult to engender one's release from the collars used to keep the staff safe from harm. Though many who work there have the best of intentions, any institution has its share of corruption, and Dark Haven is no different.

The Priestesses trying to guide the dark Jeweled through the Darkness do not always work with a deft hand, not all the Black Widows there to help are kind, and the Healers' eyes do not always hold compassion… particularly the ones who view Dark Haven as an excellent place to further their Craft.  The knowledge gained from studying the minds, bodies, and selves of individuals so confined is invaluable, and Dark Haven has gained the implicit support of the caste leaders for this very reason. Many of the Territory's elite have volunteered their time at Dark Haven to "assist" at Dark Haven since its inception, and they have only grown more skilled as a result. Those who volunteer often have added cachet in the salons of Beldon Mor, and being accepted as a volunteer is a difficult thing, highly prized, though few speak of what occurs there. The silence and mystery surrounding their service at Dark Haven is a combination of a stated desire for confidentiality for the patients and because none wish to lose the advantage… and knowledge, especially in Chaillot, is power.

Without the strength of the more powerful members of their kind, the Blood of Chaillot have been unable to control the landens, who have thrown off the obligations and protections the Blood traditionally provide. Whole swaths of land are held in landen hands, and the Courts are unable to demand landen tithes even in the lands they rule. Though the Blood are gradually reclaiming the Territory, this is a slow process not without its pitfalls. Landens in Chaillot have more independence than in any other Territory, and though Chaillot is a land at peace, that does not mean there is not strife beneath the surface as creative Stewards find ways to squeeze what money they can from landen accounts… sometimes without landen knowledge.
As an island nation, Chaillot's trade is vulnerable. The Winds cannot support much cargo at a time, and there are no land routes to take wagon trains of good across. In the wake of the Purge, pirates -- and privateers in the service of other nations -- abound. Though Chaillot maintains a navy and employs privateers of their own to protect (and reclaim) their merchandise, some revenue and precious cargoes lost. With the grip the Blood have on the land loose and unstable, smugglers, too, are a problem, and there are many hidden coves and shallow bays that serve as bases for these thorns in the side of Chaillot's Blood… particularly given many Captains' focus on the prestige wrapped up in winning the annual Naval Games, which entails races, parade maneuvers, mock ship-to-ship combat, and other such demonstrations… some of which turn, on occasion, deadly.

But there is more to Chaillot than capitalism. The island of Chaillot is one of the leading centers of culture. Though in many respects it cannot compare to long-lived cities like Draega and Amdarh, Beldon Mor is a marvel of architecture and tourism is strong. Most importantly, though, the artistic movement in Chaillot is vigorous. Actors, playwrights, painters, gourmet chefs, fashion designers… if it is a creative profession, Chaillot supports it with wild abandon, pouring the fruits of their mercantile empire into developing a strong cultural backdrop. The social scene in Chaillot is very much hopping, particularly in the city of Beldon Mor, and the opportunities it brings to those who might otherwise never have a chance at advancement are immense… and immensely competitive. A chance to be seen in one of the premiere salons of Beldon Mor is worth much… and the leading ladies of the salons, who are typically witches of caste, fight viciously -- if bloodlessly -- for control over the most promising talents.

This secular lifestyle means that religion in Chaillot is not what it is in other Territories. Though Mother Night is known and the people speak of her often, her name is typically used as an epithet and few are faithful in their worship -- even among the Priestesses, it is not a priority. Priestesses instead focus on more secular things, such as educating the youth (most Craft tutors are drawn from the Priestess caste) and maintaining records about births, deaths, and Jewels. The Priestesshood therefore typically maintains unusually close ties with the Courts.