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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Alois Oberonn has proven herself to be a witch with both the vision and capability to run Chaillot in the aftermath of mass death and destruction. With a hero of the people--Jérémie Tailor--at her side as First Escort, many believe that the territory is well on its way to recovery. Yet not everything is what it seems: the Red Market holds Chaillot in its clutches, Dark Jeweled boogeymen might be real, Landen rule Touleans, and there are whispers of worse things on the horizon.
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Author Topic: Chaillot Territory Petition  (Read 7433 times)

Description: For reference purposes (by Tenkou & Kittymb)

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Chaillot Territory Petition
« on: Jun 14, 17, 02:28:17 PM »
Character's Name: Madeline Rousseau
Character's Caste: Queen
Character's Jewels: uncut Tigers Eye to cut Purple Dusk
Character's Name: Josette Moreau
Character's Caste: Queen
Character's Jewels: cut Yellow to uncut Summer Sky
Territory Plot:
For centuries Chaillot has held a deep-seated distrust of the Dark Jeweled members of the blood, a sense of instability and worry over one person holding that much power in a mind so easily damaged. As a method to combat this inherited weakness in their population the Blood Council created Dark Haven, an asylum for the Dark Jeweled Blood of Chaillot, for those affected with the instability of Jewels at the Opal or darker. For a time it seemed to work, the voluntary admission and release of patients, and the instability and rages seemed conquered through various treatments.
Aravice, Chaillot’s Light Jeweled Queen, has been dead for six years, slain during a gala by a Dark Jeweled guest.  Her murder is still used as a prime example of why the Dark Jeweled Blood need to remain in Dark Haven,  despite the rumors of patient abuse within the asylum. Challiot only saw one legitimate succession to the Territory seat: Queen Camille de Beauvior, former Queen of Touleans. Shortly thereafter, Etienne Roux set a coupe into motion and stole the throne.
With his success, Etienne Roux replaced most of the sitting Queens with men of his choice. His culmination to power came in the form of his sister, Riene Roux, striking down and slaying one of the sitting Province Queens. The sudden flux in power and the nervousness of holding their own courts drew the attention of many away from the subtle distancing shifts of power as the Landen Council drew away from Blood rule. With many Queens eyeing the Territory and Province Courts with wary eyes, Lady Josette Moreau and Lady Madeline Rousseau turned their gaze towards the troubling new trend of male rule. While previously holding little in common to unite them, the trend of males ruling districts and the brutal seizure of power motivated them to combine forces.
In this current political climate two Queens, Madeline Rousseau and Josette Moreau, came to the front. Both held good records with their small districts, both were educated, well-traveled, and both wanted for Chaillot what was right: males out of ruling positions, Queens once more caring for their courts, and the Dark Jeweled treated with respect but also caution for their instability. Alone neither Queen had the military support or financial ability to formulate a successful ousting of power but together they had a chance of success. 
With Prince Roux's hand picked Warlord Princes controlling Districts and keeping the Province and village Queens under their complete control, Queens Moreau & Rousseau have been forced to work together in hiring mercenaries from outside Territories, enlisting fellow Chaillotian Queens, and cutting off supplies and reinforcements to the loyalists of the Warlord Prince's reign. The civil war has pushed Queens to stop performing rituals to the lands contested by the Roux loyalists, which in turn has dropped food yields and caused drastic shortages. 
Attempting to avoid a full out Blood war that would make Chaillot uninhabitable, the Queens performed strategic blockades. Both factions moved their naval fleets like chess pieces on the board, working to control the influx of goods and relief supplies as each side worked to use the demand of Jeweled strength against the other party. The demand for Privateers and Blockade runners has risen in demand to bring in relief supplies from other Territories willing to sell foodstuffs instead of luxury items.
Factions have emerged within Chaillot, drawing discernible lines in the sand for those involved within the cultures and workings of power.
The Landen and their merchant lords and ladies have enjoyed rising power with the influx of wealth and swaying of the Blood Council and the Landen Council to give them leeway. Utilizing the need for Landen support for either side, the Landen Council and their merchant backers have begun to lobby for more independence and self governance for their people. Elected from the Landen population for each district they represent, the Landen Council seized the opportunity to push laws that barred Jeweled Blood from owning property within their villages. 
Roux Loyalists are soldiers, merchants, council members, sailors, and everyday citizens who still hold some loyalty to the vision and changes that Prince Roux was bringing about. Many of these are people who have felt the pinch of hunger as the Queens abandon their duties and rites in protest of male rule. Resentment issues towards the courts they see as indolent and parasitic. They speak out against the Queens, organize public protests, and plot to keep the two women out of power, all the while resenting each execution of dissenters captured.
Mercenaries who are loyal to none but those who can pay their fees form another faction. From blockade runners to privateers, these people can be had for the right price or agreements. Some are from Chaillot, having turned to trading the seas, and others are from outside Territories, offering their allegiance and services as a way to better their circumstances from over-populated homelands.
The Resistance forces are held under a banner of truce by Lady Rousseau and Lady Moreau. These are separate factions that are forced together by need and circumstance to push back against the men holding rule in vital Districts. Each one is waiting to turn on their compatriots to support the Queen they wish to see on the territory throne.
Roles of Castes specific to Territory:
Queens: Having lost much of their traditional power, queens are just now returning to themselves. Each one strives to fight back for her role. They are in the tenuous position of continuing to support Prince Roux’s reign and either healing the land or supporting the rebellion. Choosing the later makes them watch the land whither and the people go hungry for the sake of restoring balance to the roles of Queens and Warlord Princes.
Black Widows: Black Widows are in the dubious position of trying to unravel just what is happening in Touleans. Many of the stronger Black Widows are being used as poison mistresses, crafting new and creative methods to remove rivals as well as cures and detection means.
Priestesses: Once simply tutors for the wealthy, they are turning more towards their religion as Landen heretics reach out to try and corrupt the weaker Blood as well as Landen (both half Blood and non-Jewel wearing Blood). A resurgence of spirituality is returning to Chaillot’s priesthood.
Healers: Their current goals are finding ways around the malnutrition plaguing the smaller farm-dependent communities. This includes testing and sampling various seaweeds available from the coast.
Witches: Witches haven’t seen much change in their position socially with the transfers of power and the current struggle. They are the bulk of the Blood female population and enjoy the flexibility that having no set caste brings.
Warlord Princes: Under Prince Roux’s regime they have enjoyed the privileges of ruling outside the small village level traditionally offered to unbound males. With the rise of the civil war their instincts and volatile natures are in ever-more popular demand. While some may favor Bonding with a Queen and joining courts to be ruled there are many who do not wish to allow things to slip back to the old way when they could rule, a sentiment many share in secret gatherings.
Princes: Like in all times of diplomatic strife, Princes are depended upon heavily to try and keep the tensions between the three Blood factions from spilling into the streets and the land. They are the ones who are helping form treaties, draft mercenary contracts, arrange loans, and otherwise support the rebellion.
Warlords: Flexible and the most numerous of the male caste, warlords have become the main fighters. They serve in the positions of assassin and emissary, blockade runner, or enforcer. Being less drawn to Bond to a Queen allows them more flexibility and in the end a true choice of where their allegiance will line up.
Jewel-less Blood/Landen: A rich and strong culture of their own, the Landen and Jewel-less Blood of Chaillot enjoy wealth and prestige that comes from, mostly, ruling their own villages through the various council positions.
Impact on the levels of Territory/Province/District/Realm:
Territory impact: The Territory and those at the highest parts of it are the last to see the effects from the beginning of the rebellion. The wealthiest and most elite have been cushioning themselves. It is a case of “shit rolls downhill” for most of the people of Chaillot and while the Queens have begun their plan to cut Etienne’s people off from supplies, the highest of the high still enjoy some luxury. The push to remove Prince Roux has caused upheaval in Chaillot. The Queens not under Dark Haven control have refused to perform Spring and Autumnal rites until proper rule is re-established, putting a shortage on food staples. This has provided a rise in demand for imported goods.
Province impact: At the Provincial level the pinch is starting to be felt due to the blockade. Those above Province level are passing down only what they need to, to keep people happy and to try to quell any rebellious nature. Discontent is starting to rise and people are beginning to get tired of not being able to have the things they once did. While people at this level are not going without necessities, things have gotten tight and the grumblings are starting to begin here. This is where the Queens can start capitalizing on this discord.
Chaillot is experiencing a shortage of luxury items with Prince Roux and the two Queens’ naval fleets blockading strategic ports from one another. With several nearby Territories experiencing monetary loss in their exports to Chaillot the demand for high quality smugglers and privateers is at an all time high.
District impact: The people of Chaillot at this level are being hit the hardest. They are starting to go without necessities and people are becoming very angry. As the Queens attempt to shift people’s ire to Etienne, blaming him for the need for blockades, they are also trying to hold themselves up into the light as the small saviors, bringing things to those who are most impacted. While it bothers them to see the impact of what they are doing, they know until the people fully turn on Etienne, Chaillot will never be whole again. Districts and Provinces are going to be caught in this crossfire and having to choose where they stand amid the civil war. Smaller districts are in danger of being swallowed by the rise of Landen power while larger ones are looking at pressures to draft soldiers to the main battle.
While people are learning to live without their luxuries, the impact of necessities being scarce is hardest on the non-aristo Blood, especially those around the coasts. The coastal districts will feel the pinch hard when the blockades start. The merchants along the coast rely so heavily on the in and out flow of product, this will hurt them the most. The Districts will be hit first as the Province and Territory seats will take their cut first and leave what is left (if anything) to the Districts. The Provinces will be the next hit and those at the higher levels will be the last to see the impacts.
Josette and Madeline hate forcing this hardship upon Chaillot but they know angry people and those specifically blaming Etienne for their lack of goods are people who will support their rise. In order to save face with those most disadvantaged by the blockades, the Queens will support an emergence of charity work and the Queens appearing to give up their luxuries and sometimes necessities to build a base with the people.
Realm impact: Challiot is a major trading power and the conflict has caused inter-realm trade to slow and has opened new routes to piracy.

Succession Plan:

Civil unrest and disobedience have been raging in Chaillot for the past six months. The time of quiet upheaval in the ruling ranks is gone into the past and instead the Queens Rousseau and Moreau have turned Chaillot into a tactical field where ports are fought for and contested ones are blockaded. They have choked off trade routes and forced alternative routes for commerce to flow. During this upheaval Prince Roux fled Chaillot, leaving his supporters to try and hold the few points they can and battle for the right of male rule on Chaillot. The few loyalists that remain contine to fight and push the turmoil back into full fervor instead of the standstill currently held.
As Prince Roux's hand picked rulers are slowly forced from power, be it assassination or willing resignation, the blockades are lifted by the Resistance forces and the Queens once more offer their blessings to the grounds. Symbolism meant to not only heal but also placate those around. New rulers are selected from the available surviving queens of Chaillot; District and Province positions are hand selected by Lady Morreau or Lady Rousseau as pawns to gain support for a later claim to the Territory Seat.
Together neither Queen has a strong enough power or capital base to hold Chaillot against the rising power of the Landen council or the remaining Blood Council. They have to work together to bring Chaillot back to a productive whole, though this doesn't mean they aren't scheming and spying. Each Queen seeks an advantage to push the other out of power and into the shadows of court.
This instability coupled with the undercurrents and whispers from the Roux Loyalists, masquerading as male rights activists, forces Lady Josette and Lady Madeline to continue their uneasy alliance and illusion of unity as the Blood Council, economic decline, and male rights protests continue to trouble the territory.
The sudden implosion of Blood order and structure has left a few power gaps that the Landen Council leapt upon. Seeking ways to reclaim portions of Chaillot as Jewel-free zones the council members have pushed for legislation and laws making it difficult for Jeweled Blood to settle within the boundaries or set up businesses within.
Chaillot's future is uncertain and unstable with the blockades still dissolving in many of the ports and civil unrest at a high. The instability of the territory seat, a fifth transition of power, brings insecurity through the entire blood population. Then, Touleans fell. The messengers sent to the court return reporting nothing wrong, but can barely remember details beyond greeting the Light Jeweled Queen and obtaining the briefest of reports.
Soon other courts began to send reports of strange happenings: a normally placid hearth witch poisoning her entire family, a Blood Male going berserk and stabbing a fellow stable-hand, a normally mild-mannered Prince releasing his Yellow Jewel on an entire village council.
Reports that all tie back to Touleans....
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