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Alois Oberonn has proven herself to be a witch with both the vision and capability to run Chaillot in the aftermath of mass death and destruction. With a hero of the people--Jérémie Tailor--at her side as First Escort, many believe that the territory is well on its way to recovery. Yet not everything is what it seems: the Red Market holds Chaillot in its clutches, Dark Jeweled boogeymen might be real, Landen rule Touleans, and there are whispers of worse things on the horizon.
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Author Topic: Being a Landen / Jeweless Blood in Chaillot  (Read 8875 times)


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Being a Landen / Jeweless Blood in Chaillot
« on: Jul 17, 17, 06:43:41 PM »
The Landen Council

Rouen Representative
Artois Representative
Bastia Representative
Played By: HalyonixPlayed By: GavinPlayed By: Erica


The Landen have divided their population into three districts. From those districts, elections are held every six years. The elected council members are appointed as representatives to the Landen Council maintained in the Capitol City of Anjou; located along the Mideast coastline of Chaillot.  Their main purpose is to maintain a unified and visible leadership for the Liberated Landen Coalition of Chaillot.

Formed roughly 50 years after the Purge, the Landens of Chaillot stood in a unique bargaining position with the weakened members of the Blood. With the usual lax concern offered a bothersome pest, the Blood wrote off the Landen and Jeweless Blood and took no interest in their affairs. This allowed the already powerful merchant group to form a uniquely powerful and organized government structure. It borrowed in part from Blood Law and added its own flair to compensate for the lack of instincts that came with the Blood Jewels.

The Districts
  • Rouen: Represents Landen villages in the Blood Province Cotaine and the Northern Wilds
  • Bastia: Represents Landen villages in the Blood Province Touleans and the Southern Wilds
  • Artois: Represents the Landen villages in the Blood Province Rennes

The Council itself is in charge of overseeing the various government programs that the city and county level government officials bring forward. They are also in charge of forming and monitoring the various branches of government agencies from the judicial branch to their own version of the military.

While the council themselves are tasked with overseeing the various government branches and their multiple agencies they have beneath them a network of legislative assistants and departments that items for consideration must work up to. Most Council members, while representing the Landen, are at least part Blood despite holding no jewels. Since they do work often with the Blood courts symbolically a basic protection of mental shielding is necessary and the innate ability has been found to be most valuable.

Government Agencies

A.C.O.R.N (Anti-Craft Operations and Resistance Neutralization): This division focuses primarily on research and development of weapons and technologies specialized towards neutralizing and policing the Light Jeweled Blood who live and move through the Landen villages and those who could threaten their tradition of mostly self-rule. A covert agency they operate with very little oversight and are liberally funded due to the constant instability of the Blood's Territory Courts. A.C.O.R.N agents are primarily Jeweless Blood or Half Blood; enabling their use of basic craft and the ability to partially shield their minds. Their main weapons and research remain in the purchase of contraband collars; often acquired through merchant trade or Dark Haven employees. They also focus a great deal of research into the play of drugs against the systems of the Blood and how, with hypnotic suggestion, various narcotics work together in modifying behavior. Much of the research is paired with notes smuggled from the Blood's own experiments performed in Dark Haven- after all, anything can be had for a price.
Leadership: Valentine Bellefleur Director of Assets Acquisitions, TBA 

Judiciary Over-site Committee (J.O.C): As the name implies this department oversees all the judicial and legal branches through Landen communities. Many Council members have risen up through careers in this branch. They not only oversee the administration of justice and interpretation of the law but also see the Landen rulings passed over to Blood courts to enforce the legalities on their own people for both criminal and contractual law. Within this branch of government are smaller sub-branches that deal with Law Enforcement, Interpretation of the Law, and Vital records. The goal of this group of workers is to ensure that all who work with the Landens of Chaillot are treated equally and held to a universal standard; both Jeweled Blood and Landen / Jeweless Blood.  Many of their peacekeeping weaponry comes from research either from Oak Haven or A.C.O.R.N's own research and development. The Peacekeepers are the public face of the Judicial Committee. They are in charge of investigating any breaches in the law, any violence on the streets, and protecting citizens from any outbursts even in peril to their lives with whatever force necessary.
Leadership: Noah Langevin Judicial Overseer, TBA

Department of Municipality Operations: This branch handles all the legislative side of the government. From vetting proposed laws to recording the legal interpretations, and handling the incoming flux from tariffs and taxes. This main legislative committee is broken into several branches that function as revenue officers; gathering and dispersing revenue through tariffs and taxes, legislators needed to process the proposed changes in law and functioning in an advisory role towards various government programs meant to attempt and provide a safety net for all people. This is the largest branch of the Landen government and the one most inundated with demands and fraught with a sense of dissatisfaction by the people. While they provide little interaction with the public many of their functions directly impact the daily lives of the Landen and Jeweless Blood peoples through the formation of government assistance programs to the less benign adjustment of tax and tariff rates.
Leadership: TBA, TBA

Landen Culture
Established as an independent people in the year of 49 AP; the Landens & Jewelless Blood of Chaillot have enjoyed a unique freedom hinged off their ability to court independence through the unique combination of location and traditional political climate. Their ability to take to the sea and carve out a trading empire through which they were able to purchase their own liberty has lent to their cultural mindset of any goal is achievable.

A culture rich in diversity the Landens of Chaillot have enjoyed several generations of semi-independence of Blood interference. Their society functions around the ports of Chaillot with the import and export of goods. The Landens of Chaillot enjoy a culture that celebrates innovation and the embrace of life to the fullest.

Like many cultures, the Landen people have stratified into various class levels. The upper class being everything from the extremely wealthy merchants to the politicians running the government. The backbone of the Landen economy is their middle class. The merchants who sell the wares, dock hands who unload and load, and other members of society working the same steady jobs from adulthood to retirement. The poor of Chaillot are the ones found in the slums nearest the wharf peddling what natural assets they have and when those fail begging in the streets.

Another Wilder and looked down upon demographic of Landen exist beyond the scope of the settled lands of Chaillot taking space in the fringes of Chaillot's wilder and untamed portions. The low tidal areas a perfect refuge for them to seek solace from the constant improvements and negations with the Blood. These Wilder Landen are looked down upon by the civilized ranks for their contentment to live simply off what the land provided. They often are the trappers and hunters of the culture; bringing in the beautiful pelts and hides that make up much of the exported goods.

Beneath an assumed uneducated mind the Wilders are quick thinking and knowledgeable of Chaillot's rougher lands. Areas the Blood would not deign to touch. They know every inch and game trail; often passing down knowledge generation to generation. A rich history of oral storytelling and superstition follows their beliefs. 

Much of Landen life revolves around the continued celebration of life. Ocean trade, which limits the effectiveness of the Blood Winds, has given them their powerful advantage against Blood rule in their ability to strive for self sufficiency. With the fickle mistress of the ocean has come the tradition of embracing life to the fullest. They indulge when it strikes them holding larger than life festivals and celebrating both new life and death with a vibrant sense of gaiety and vitality. With this embrace of the joy of living also comes a large sense of superstition.

Even their cuisine reflects this diversified lifestyle drawing from the ocean. Seafood is popular and common in most dishes with spices coming from both native sources and imported shores. They favor savory over sweet, and a rich full spiciness to their foods. While Chaillotan national food may not have a singular influence the combined influences from surrounding trade partners has merged into a singularly identifiable cuisine.

They are continually monitoring what they throw out to the universe. Salt over the shoulder, knocking on wood, and covering mirrors at death are all parts of their culture. It isn't uncommon to see charms being sold to ward for good luck; craft preserved four leaf clovers, or rabbit's feet. The bandying of phrases and blaming of things on luck are as natural as breathing.


Much of Chaillot's economy revolves the import and export of luxury items. The manufacture of ships is limited due to Island resources. While there is some timberland much of the deforestation has been halted in attempts to preserve Chaillot's natural resources.  This makes the larger domestically produced merchant vessels extremely expensive and sought after. Attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship involved in these Landen / Jeweless Blood crafted vessels is unparalleled. The ships are beautifully crafted and utilizing a V-shaped chined hull are particularly versatile in the ocean waters separating Chaillot from the mainlands.

Other official production items include sugar cane, sea salt from desalination flats, grains, exotic timber, luxury pelts from various marine mammals, rum both spiced and unspiced, linen and other plant fibers, and minerals found in their unique waters- items like carved coral, pearls in varying shades, and smoothed volcanic rocks.

Unofficial export items tie into the underground slave trade connecting with Raej and other networks through Terreille as a channel to funnel unwanted opponents out of Chaillot on the Blood and Landen levels. These ties were formed by Territory Queen Aravice Laurent and have continued since her death in 186 AP expanding from purely a Wilder trade item into the underground legitimate privateers. 

Chaillot's main imports for Landen stock include a variety of exotic fabrics, lumber for the shipyards, iron, copper, paper products, marble, and varying pharmaceuticals. All things that feature into their grandeur and large living lifestyle and architecture.

Unofficial imports feature items like slave collars procured out of Raej and other territories dealing in the underground trade of Blood prisoners. Banned substances of varying narcotics like Opium and Nightmare Root are technically prohibited but still obtainable through the right channels and networking outside of Chaillot.

Other large drivers of Chaillot's economy include fishing and the entertainment industries. These domestic and tourist driven industries are seasonally based on the weather and trade lines but supply large bursts of income making them feasible occupations between tourist seasons. Around this has formed the various entertainment districts within Landen towns featuring gourmet meals, fine liquors, and hedonistic retreats.

The Landens in Chaillot have enjoyed a unique culture of Spiritual exploration. People from around Terreille have settled into Chaillot blending the religious scene with varying influences. While some practice and pray to a singular deity the majority have found a strange blending of the occult combined with spiritualism.

Their beliefs focus on personal connections to the deity's powers. Their prayers are not ritualized by more than a quiet communion. Some use a variety of crystals to help channel and focus their minds towards a specific prayer or goal with the firm belief of throwing those thoughts out into the universe can affect the greater world in a whole.

Others focus on channeling the spirits through various mediums. Favored forms include the Ouija board, seances, and even crystal balls. The belief in the paranormal runs strong with many urban myths centering around the ghosts of loved ones and the summoning of evil spirits through chants and darkened rooms.

The Landen and Jeweless Blood of Chaillot have a special reverence for those who claim to hear the voices of the spirits; usually departed family members or important historical figures. These citizens are considered particularly enlightened and channeling with the extreme calm needed to reach that higher spiritual plain. These mediums are often hired to consult upper-class households and lead seances to contact the dead of those families.

Many common superstitions have worked their way into Chaillotian spirituality. Cats hold a specific sort of importance in the worship and superstition practices of the everyday citizen. Black cats are often viewed as heralds of an event; their full approach a sign of good luck and their retreat an ill omen. On ships, cats hold a position of honor and are often held in higher esteem than even senior officers.

Whistling on board a ship or near the docks is strictly taboo even for the most secular of people as it is believed to challenge the wind to kick up storms. Spilled salt too is viewed as an ill portent and a portion of the spilled commodity must be tossed over one's left shoulder to ward off the impending doom.

Further superstitions fall into the territory of channeling spirits and the dead. A broken mirror, an item often used as a conduit to the spirit world, can mean ill luck and often result in a serious illness or death in the family. The Rule of Three is a subconscious belief that all things, good and bad, come in sets of threes. A person going through a run of ill luck may be ostracized until the third bad event and the timing passed; just as a person facing a fortunate turn of events might be kept around to hope it would rub off on those around her.