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Author Topic: Regarte Barrault  (Read 6144 times)

Description: Witch. Green to Sapphire. Played by Phedre.

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Regarte Barrault
« on: Jul 13, 17, 03:09:34 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Regarte Barrault
Nicknames: Reggie (Re-jjie)
Age: 43 (150 AP)
Race: short lived
Caste: witch
Birth Territory: Chaillot
Home Territory: Chaillot

Birthright Jewel: uncut Green
Offering Jewel: uncut Sapphire 

Play By: Amy Lee
Distinguishing Features:
There is a distance that exists in Regarte's gaze, as if in any moment she is occupying both the physical space of her body and another landscape entirely of her own creation. Her body is marked by both the constant presence of the collar at her throat and the strips of cloth she wears wrapped around her wrists, an odd type of padding she will not allow to be stripped from her skin for she says it protects her from the thick leather straps that so often bind her to the work tables of the Dark Haven and at times when the nightmares come, her own bed at night. There is a haunted quality to the woman's overall appearance, the ghost of her former self constantly fighting for a recognition it rarely ever receives.

Once there stood a woman strong and defiant, fierce of will and heart, determined to never allow the words of others to mar her own mind or self confidence when it came to the manner in which she was perceived by others. A clear purpose and a steady tongue  accompanied the witch as she forcefully denied the detractors who spoke out in fear and righteous condemnation of the Dark Jeweled of Chaillot, allowing their ignorance to blind them to the realities of the Blood's true nature. It was not within her nature to stand down when challenged, to allow falsehoods to be spread against her very being without raising her own voice in rebellion. She was no more capable of allowing such insolence than she was of simply ceasing her own breath.

There was no single event that could encompass the prolonged stripping of Regarte's will and temerity, but rather a slow and calculated torture of both mind and body that has left her a shadow of the woman she once was. What was before an unyielding constancy now lies a preyed upon visage, a manifestation of that which has been taken from her almost as if the loss in and of itself were a living, breathing being who feeds on the remaining essence of her core. Shades of who she was pull at her attention, forever fleeting from her vision. Despite the fruitlessness, she cannot stop chasing them. Even with her best efforts, they always remain just out of reach, teasing her with their nearness but never allowing her true access. 

She is, at once, both lucid and lost, her mind seeming to fracture and re-materialize repeatedly in a single second. The fire that once fed her insatiable need to speak out against the naiveté of the common mind now burns within her as a simmering flame. When ignited, it will flare to life with a scorching blaze more white hot than ever it did before, uncontrollable. Regarte's ability to manage such outbursts has long since deteriorated under the constant onslaught of Dorian's careful ministrations. Her lack of internal barriers is such that now, unless she is under the effects of a sedative, she feels all emotions at an incredibly heightened state. It takes only the simplest trigger to send the witch into a fierce rage where only moments before she seemed quietly at peace. While few know the truth or existence of these triggers, for those who do, she is an exquisite instrument to be played, manifesting all manner of severe emotional disturbance.

It has been with no small skill that the woman has been so altered, her mind no longer a place recognizable to even the witch herself. It is an odd thing indeed to understand that another knows your mind better than you. To this man, Regarte has given her trust, completely unaware that he is the very cause of her desperate spiral into deep and irreversible instability. The Dark Haven is not a place of healing or salvation for Regarte Barrault, but rather it has signified her complete and utter undoing. Still, it is all she has known for nearly three years and the familiar has grown to trump the foreign in her mind. While the times she fights to leave grow further and further apart in frequency, it is Dorian and Dorian alone who is able to calm her down when she reaches a state of hysteria. These states are the most common after she has received a visit from one of her siblings, Jean Louie and Marie-Élise, or after she is forced to undergo an examination with the Healer Priestess Lenore Noir, Dorian's Second in Command.       

  • 1 Dorian Conall. He is the light she is drawn to. Like a flame, his touch often burns, but Regarte still seeks him out, willingly undergoing what he must do to her. There was not always such peace between them, but time and Dorian's consistent presence inside her inner barriers has left her with a need for him that stretched beyond the simple respect she first felt for the Green Jeweled Prince living as such a blatant example of the ability for the Dark Jeweled to remain stable.
  • 2 Playing her dulcimer. There is something soothing about the act of playing music. It is not just the music itself, but the act of focusing on the physical repetition of bringing the notes to life with her fingers brushing against the taunt strings. The wooden instrument is perhaps the only possession Regarte actually cares for, stripped as she has been of her Jewels for so long now.
  • 3 Days when her memories are clear. They are rare and that rarity makes them precious. Regarte is lacking entire parts of her own history, not to mention a true sense of who she used to be. When she gains glimpses of her memories that are more than just teasing flashes, there is a sense of rightness within her that nothing else can really compare to. These moments happen less and less frequently as time passes.
  • 1 Her collar. Her skin is raw and red where her collar rests against her throat, so often is it used to bring her to submission, even when it is not necessary to do so. The metal chafing her flesh would be easier to accept if it were not also a furthering of the constraints the Dark Haven has put on her very being. It is the physical representation of all that she is denied: her Jewels, her Craft, her memories of who she was. 
  • 2 The smell of healing tonics. With the rare exception, Regarte is almost always kept sedated through the use of tonics. She has never cared for the smell, but the constant exposure to them since entering the Dark Haven as created an exceedingly strong aversion for her, marked at times by her lashing out at the staff member who is assigned the task of ensuring she drinks them.
  • 3 Loud noises. Regarte startles easily, an unfortunate remnant of her father's brutality. She does not like that loud noises make her jump, nor does she like the way it can often lead to the other residents growing agitated and upset. Loud noises often lead to some sort of chaos following and invariably disrupt the calm she was attempting to reach or make her lose the memory she almost had grasped.
  • 1 The raven that lives on the grounds. There is something deeply disturbing about the large, black bird that lives on the Dark Haven grounds. Regarte cannot avoid the feeling that the animal is always watching her, always waiting. She feels as though it knows something about her, things which she herself can no longer remember. She will absolutely not remain outside for any reason if it is in the Courtyard. This has led to countless punishments for not following direct commands to remain outside during an activity the residents were required to participate in. She doesn't care. She will always choose horrifying pain over remaining anywhere near that demon bird. 
  • 2 Her dreams. It is not her nightmares that frighten her, although those can certainly be terrifying. It is the dreams she has of what her life used to be like, glimpses of her past mixed in with images of her former self. She doesn't recognize the woman she sees there, but there is something so achingly familiar, like a word that is lost but is just on the tip of her tongue. She wakes from these dreams panicked and confused, unable to understand why they upset her so much. Night is the one time she will willingly take her tonics without complaint, hoping to be lulled into a deep, dreamless slumber.   
  • 3 Lenore Noir. The Healer Priestess is, in many ways, the bane of Regarte's shattered existence. It is on her orders that Regarte is kept sedated, it was her hands that secured the collar around Regarte's neck, and at her will she most often is forced to endure its punishments. Despite having suffered extensively at Dorian's hands as well, it is not him she fears, but Lenore's detached and perfect calm, as if nothing could ever reach the woman's cold and cruel soul. No one except Dorian himself can protect her from Lenore, and Dorian is not around often enough to do so. She is at Lenore's mercy whenever the Healer Priestess should choose.
Regarte is collared and does not have access to her Jewels or to the use of Craft. If this should change in play throughout the playing of this character and she regains access to her Jewels, I will post Craft Strengths and Weaknesses to be reviewed then, as appropriate to plot.

Life Story

Mother: Fleur Barrault White to Tiger Eye witch (deceased)
Father: Raul Barrault Yellow to Rose Warlord (deceased)
Siblings: Jean Louie Barrault, Yellow to Summer Sky Prince (39)
Marie-Élise Barrault Tigers Eye to Rose Healer (37)
Family rolls from Jean Louie's page

Regarte Barrault was born the second child to Fleur and Raul Barrault. Only one year junior to her elder brother and one year senior to her younger sister, Regarte never knew a time without her siblings' presence. It was her brother who stood as the shield between her and her father's drunken rages, despite the fact that it was often her or Marie-Élise's behavior that had triggered the violent outburst. The young Prince quickly became revered in Regarte's eyes, becoming something of a hero for her.

No one in the Barrault family was prepared for Regarte to come away with a Dark Jewel for a Birthright. Jean Louie's Birthright had been easily in line with his parents light Jewels, and the suspicion of the young witch began almost immediately. A year later, Marie-Élise came away from her Birthright Ceremony with the Tiger Eye, leaving Regarte standing darker than any other member of her family. It was that same year that Jean Louie disappeared.

Regarte was devastated by the loss of her older brother. He had always been there, protecting her, caring for her, and suddenly he was simply gone. Their father's anger seemed to grow with Jean Louie's absence, almost as if his distrust of Regarte's Green Jewel sparked something even more mean and vicious within the man. Marie-Élise benefited from their mother's protection, treated as she was more like a doll than an actual child, but in this instance, that was a blessing. Regarte now bore the beatings that Jean Louie had for so long.

This continued for two years until, at the age of eleven, Regarte learned in her Craft lessons how to erect a proper shield. All of a sudden her father's rage could no longer touch her. This did nothing to lessen the anger and tension in the household, however. Raul saw her use of her dark power as insolence. He found other ways to punish his daughter, depriving of the things she needed for her studies and always making a point of reminding her what her future held for her in a Territory held captive by the fear of the Dark Jeweled. She lasted five more years in the Barrault household before, at the age of 16, she fled.

Leaving Marie-Élise behind was difficult for her, but just as Jean Louie must have believed that the girls were safe from their father's ire, so too did Regarte believe that their mother would protect her perfect Healer daughter from any harm he could possibly perpetrate on her. The first few years after leaving her family were extremely difficult for Regarte, but it was still better than remaining in her father's house. She took what odd jobs she could, working frequently as a seamstress, a skill she had some knack for. She wanted desperately to seek out Jean Louie, but she waited. Her descent was still an unknown and hung over her like a dark shadow. She was determined to wait until after she came of age and went through her Offering before searching out her brother. She refused to be a burden to him.     

Regarte had always known that her Offering would take her even further into the Abyss, to wear an even darker Jewel than the Green. It was simply a matter of how deep into the Abyss she would slip. When she did finally make her descent, it was with some relief that she emerged with the Sapphire. Holding both a Green and Sapphire Jewel still left her far darker than any in Chaillot was comfortable with, but at least she had not descended as deep as the Red, or even the Gray. And yet, she did not feel anymore unstable than she had at the level of the Green. She felt perfectly in control of herself.

Regarte was more sure than ever that the belief in Chaillot that the Dark Jeweled Blood were unstable was complete idiocy. She felt stronger than she ever had, more at peace, more right with who she was. She was not unstable. She was not suddenly likely to fly off into uncontrollable rages and slaughter innocents. She held the same edge of potential violence that all the Blood held. The most violent man she had ever known was her father and he wore the Rose. Certainly that could not be attributed to Dark Jeweled instability.

It was shortly after her Offering that she first sought out her brother again in earnest. He was serving in the Second Circle of a District Court under the Steward. The reunion of the Barrault siblings was not quite as Regarte had envisioned it would be. Her status as a Sapphire Jeweled witch made her an unwelcome presence in the Court her brother served in, and she left just as quickly as she had come, refusing to be the cause of any issues for her beloved brother. That prejudice extended nearly everywhere she went. Work was difficult to find and when she did find it, it was difficult to hold onto. No one trusted her, even with a simple thing like the mending of their garments.

Regarte could simply not understand how they could think she was any kind of threat to them, but there was no way she could ignore the manner in which passing families pulled their children close when she passed them on the street or the way restaurant owners glared at her, like they would much prefer she simply never entered their establishments. The few relationships she managed to hold were brief, edged with the desire of a man to get close to something dangerous. It sickened her, being seen as something exotic to be conquered, like a wild animal they were trying to get close to, and the exchanges never lasted very long. She grew into a strong detractor of the views commonly held across Chaillot and often gave her voice to speak against what was simply held as well known fact. These beliefs did not make her any more popular, nor did they add to the idea that she was more stable instead of less.

Often she returned to Jean Louie in desperation, having run out of money or having been evicted from yet another apartment. He never failed her, offering her what she needed to get back on her feet. The fact that this was done more to get her to leave him alone was completely lost on Regarte, who still saw her brother through the rose tinted glasses of a young girl staring at the boy who had once been her savior.

Several times throughout the years she attempted to seek out her sister, but she was unable to find her. Regarte assumed that she had married and taken another name. In truth, Marie-Élise was still living within their parents home, but Regarte never once thought to look for her there. She simply assumed her sister had moved out when she came of age, an assumption that would haunt her for years after when she realized the truth of what had been happening.   

It was purely by accident that Regarte finally discovered that Marie-Élise was still living with their parents. She was working in a dressmaker's shop when her mother came in with Marie-Élise in tow to be fitted for a new dress. Regarte's surprise was quickly replaced by joy at the rediscovery of her sister, but her mother yanked Marie-Élise away from her before she could even reach the woman. The Healer stood watching her with a blank expression, as though seeing her long absent sister was of absolutely no consequence. They quickly left the store and the dressmaker fired Regarte for costing her the sale.

Regarte quickly traveled to Jean Louie where he was now the Steward of the District Court. She begged him to intervene on their sister's behalf. When he refused, Regarte was shocked. It was the first time in her life Jean Louie had not been there for her and given her what she needed. Feeling lost and betrayed, she left the Court, determined to deal with it on her own if Jean Louie would not help her. It took her time to discover where the family was living. They had moved around quite a bit since Regarte had run away as a teenager. But once she did, she went straight to the house to confront her father.

Entering the house was like walking backwards in time. It was as if nothing had changed except Regarte herself no longer lived there. Marie-Élise was still being treated as the doll child she always had been. Her father was still the drunken monster she remembered from her youth. Her mother continued to live in an almost fantasy world, refusing to deal with what was right in front of her. Regarte went straight to Marie-Élise, urging her to leave with her. The woman simply stared at her, as if she didn't fully understand who Regarte was or why she would need to leave her home. When their father attempted to intervene, Regarte lashed out at him. For the first time in her life, she saw what the full force of Dark Jeweled anger could do. Within moments, he was dead.

Over the sound of her mother's hysterical screaming, she begged Marie-Élise to leave with her, but she simply couldn't sway her sister. Finally, she left, feeling even more lost and confused than she had before. Never before had she harmed someone in such a fashion, let alone brought about their death. She traveled back to Jean Louie to tell him what she had done and seek his guidance. Even though he had sent her away and refused to help her, he was still the one she turned to instinctively in times of crisis.

Jean Louie told her everything would be handled, that he would see everything was taken care of. There was now a place that could help her and he would take her there. She traveled with him willingly into the mountains of Chaillot and watched as he signed the papers that handed her life over to the keepers of the Dark Haven. She didn't now what any of it meant. She just knew that Jean Louie said everything would be okay and she believed him.     

It wasn't long before she began to realize what kind of a place the Dark Haven was. During the day, she was forced to drink a constant stream of tonics that left her feeling weak and dizzy. At night, she was strapped down to her bed, the thick leather leaving her skin raw and aching. They took away her Jewels. They punished her for even the smallest use of Craft. And when Lenore Noir introduced the use of collars into the Haven, Regarte was one of the first to be fitted for one.

No matter how many times she protested that she was not unstable, no one would listen to her. Only one person present in all the Haven had any empathy for her, the Green Jeweled Prince who ran the Dark Haven. He wore a Dark Jewel. He could understand. Regarte sought him out whenever she could and tried to plead her case, tried to explain what had happened with her father. He told her he understood, but they had to make sure. They had to explore the depths of her mind and ensure she was really okay. Once they did that, then they could let her go. She just needed to trust him.

And so she did. She gave him access to her mind. She allowed him to do what he said he needed to. Sometimes it felt like a violation. Sometimes it hurt. Sometimes she barely even noticed his presence anymore, so often did he come to move inside her inner barriers. The more time he spent seeking out the possible root of any instability within her, the more her grasp on who she was began to slip away. She grew emotional, prone to sudden and erratic violent outbursts seemingly without cause. She slid in and out of clarity. She developed what was deemed an irrational fear of Lenore, screaming anytime the Healer Priestess came near her or attempted to take her for an exam.

Only Dorian seemed to be able to calm her down when she was agitated. Dorian, who had systematically stripped away her barriers and left her raw and open, creating the very instability in her he was supposedly attempting to prevent. Regarte never knew what was happening to her, trusting the very man who was causing the unhinging of her mind, clinging to him as if he was the salvation from the very thing he himself had created.

Now she wanders the halls of the Dark Haven, a shadow of the woman she once was. She spends her days in a sedated haze, but now and then the woman she was breaks through and screams for attention and release. The punishments that come are swift and painful when Regarte acts out, but it doesn't stop her former self from fighting for the chance to resurface. She is lost within the confines of her own mind, a place she no longer recognizes as her own.   

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Pale fingers plucked taunt strings, pulling notes from the ether and dancing them along her skin. Weak afternoon sunlight cast long shadows across the corner of the room where Regarte sat on the floor, one leg folded over the other under her long skirts, her shoulder resting against the frosted window. She liked the cold. It helped remind her what was here, in this moment. Now.

The footsteps that invaded her ears interfered with the timing of her music. She plucked the strings harder, attempting to drown out the outside noise. It didn't belong. It was not of this piece. It did not fit within the carefully crafted array of notes that made up this particular piece. There was a voice now, further interference of her music, further destruction of the beauty she was creating. Regarte rocked forward over her dulcimer, attempting to block out everything but the cold and the feel of the strings against her fingers.

A glass appeared in front of her face, vile smelling and putrid. Regarte hissed, backing up quickly against the window, her instrument falling from her lap. A hand moved it closer to her lips and her hand shot out, spilling the liquid across the floor. Pain shot through her body, familiar and all encompassing, and she curled tightly into a ball on the floor, gasping for breath in between the waves of agony.

Time passed in that distant way that it sometimes did when she was being punished. She had no way of knowing whether it was seconds or minutes or hours that passed. What's more, she didn't care. Finally, it ceased. Her breath came in shuddering waves. More footsteps came. She didn't bother to look up until she heard his voice, always so steady, so familiar after the years of spending so much time deep within her mind.


She looked up. He stood there, waiting for her to respond to him. She would. She always did.

"Regarte. You need to drink this."

She shook her head. Tear spilled down cheeks. She didn't want it. It would blur her thoughts, strip away her ability to make music, make everything feel distant and far away. "No, please. No." If he pushed, she would yield, but she didn't want to. Not today, not when she was making music. She always did in the end, but only to him. Never to the woman. With the woman, she fought.

"Jean Louie is coming. You do want to see him, don't you?"

Jean Louie. Images of Jean Louie appeared before her, blurring together and separating again like a line of paper dolls expanding. Jean Louie as a child, as a young man, as the important man he had grown into. Jean Louie.

She reached for the glass and drank down the liquid, suppressing the instinct to choke it back up. It spread quickly through her limbs, leaving her feeling slightly numb. It didn't matter. Jean Louie was coming.     

Petitions (if any): Reactivation Petition

Why did this character became inactive?
When life rose up and buried me, all of my characters went inactive, Regarte included.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Chaillot is open once again and has a lot of interesting plot moving forward. So far, Dash, Erica, and I are playing at the Dark Haven, and more have intention to do so. Regarte helps add to the patients who are currently there and create more options for play within the Dark Haven plots.

What are your plans for this character?
Regarte remains at the Dark Haven. She is a fixture there, having lived there almost since the Dark Haven opened. She will continue on, struggling with her grip of reality, interacting with those who come through and leave, and those who come through and stay. And of course the staff, for she is completely at their mercy.

Number of previous Reactivations: for this character, 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated her age

Notes: Original character concept for the wanted ad credited to S & K. All work in the application is original and unduplicated.

Player Name: Phedre

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Re: Regarte Barrault
« Reply #1 on: Jul 13, 17, 03:11:37 AM »
Regarte is ready for review!

Please note that I purchased a DJ roll + slot for her when I created her:

Thank you!
Discord: Phedre#7147
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Re: Regarte Barrault
« Reply #2 on: Jul 13, 17, 08:18:29 AM »
Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Regarte Barrault
« Reply #3 on: Jul 13, 17, 09:12:42 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker