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Author Topic: Noah Langevin  (Read 6026 times)

Description: Landen Male. Played by Lochlan.

Offline Noah Langevin

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Noah Langevin
« on: Oct 24, 17, 10:14:59 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Noah Langevin
Nicknames: None
Age and Birth Year: Age 32, 160 AP
Race: Landen, Challiotian
Caste: -None-
Birth Territory: Challiot, Terreille
Home Territory: Challiot, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: -None-
Offering Jewel: -None-

Role: Judicial Overseer
Faction: Landen Government

Play By: Guillaume Canet
Distinguishing Features: None

Noah is a disheveled soul. At first impression he looks like a busybody so busy he forgets things sometimes liking caring for himself. He is about 5'8" with brown, peppered wavy hair. His hair looks butchered with scissors rather than properly cut with hairlines that are too uneven to be coincidence and almost always is unruly and uncombed. The color of his eyes are a very dark brown, indistinguishable from black unless exposed to light.

He is a very lanky person. His face all angles, his body willowy and light framed. He carries a frantic walk to him as if he is perpetually late unless he is strolling which just looks like he is trying to point out to everyone he is strolling. He dresses conservatively regardless of weather. He is a fan of turtlenecks and all of his casualwear is made that way. When he is professionally dressed he looks like he just rolled out of bed. The shirt is mostly untucked, the jacket is a bit wrinkly and the tie is actually knotted rather than properly tied.



Noah is extremely intelligent; to the point that he can alienate people with just how much he knows. He has a vast knowledge of what seems like a number of different topics. He reads it, or hears it, or sees it...and he remembers it. Clearly, without misconception. Later on he breaks things he learns down to figure out how they function which is also remembered giving him a mental armament that could rival most landen libraries. It just so happens that Noah loves to read as he's naturally curious about anything that interests him at the time.

He has a natural knack for rhetoric and the skill explains his successful tenure as an attorney. His time as a peacekeeper in training gave him skills in deduction which, compared with his profession's reliance on logic makes him a keen investigator. He observes everything and has the knack of what he calls "Listening" (with a capital L), tuning out distractions and listening to something to pick up undertones and patterns. He has tried to teach this skill from time to time but no one ever really seems to grasp it.

His exceptional knacks are overshadowed by a rough social personality. He has a focus problem akin to tunnel vision when he is extremely focused to the point of ignoring others or shrugging them off regardless the reason. Not to mention he is socially inept. To new people he is extremely shy, seems mentally aloof (as he's thinking of something else usually when talking to them) and can appear to have the attention-span of a fly. When he becomes more comfortable he can come off as highly abrasive. Attempts to be emotional, such as comforting others or giving support comes out as extremely awkward and often makes the situation worse. Many a time has Noah ruined a touching moment and he has no idea why. The result is a man who is almost always disconnected at some level from everyone else around him.

  • Helping people: It was a dream of his since childhood. Helping people and keeping them safe was his childhood dream. He does what he does because he likes helping others, especially those who need it.
  • Fantasy Books: Noah is slim and a brainiac. He has no skill in combat, is too timid to go on any adventure regardless it's epic level and not attractive enough to swoon the princess. So he indulges in stories instead. His enjoyment of them put him on the path of the peacekeeper which led him to where he is now and while he has matured from the childhood hero fancy, the dream of being someone like the heroes of yore still dances quietly in the back of his head. Everyone's got bullies. He'll show 'em.
  • The Law: It is the great equalizer in a world where you and them can be very real dividing lines. No one is less, or more, when it comes to the law. One could argue it's the most fair thing the world when it comes to everyone that lives in it. It is also unique, fascinating, evolves with time and people and sometimes can take a life of it's own if you look at it in a particular way.

  • Being touched: It is more impulse than taste. Noah doesn't do well with contact. He becomes stiff, gets awkward and ultimately will try to weasel away. Even when he tries, like a hug, it comes off as stiff and awkward.
  • Bigots and Bullies: Noah has seen some things in his tenure as a Jurist, an investigator. Hell, as a kid even. Most of his cases would never have happened if people weren't so stuck up on some goop that flows under their skin or felt the need to lord over others. Bigots irritate him and blatant bigotry often makes him go off on some random tangent both to calm him down and distract him (and probably everyone else) from the topic. Bullies immediately attract his ire and often a perceived bully has solicited recommendations for maximum punishments when he stands against them in court.
  • "Being Coddled": Noah is by far no idiot. He knows, on some intellectual level, that he doesn't jive to the same tune as...well...humanity it seems. He doesn't and people seem to react to him based on it. He accepts it to an extent, the second glance and the moment of pity in their eyes. What aggravates him is when people try to pamper him. He's only lightly touched, if touched at all thank you! He doesn't need a chaperone or a handler no matter what people think.

  • Loneliness: Noah is an odd duck. Regardless he has decided that he is who he is. The problem is, not many people like who he is it seems. His professional contacts are plenty but personal? None. Not even his family back in Morayne care to maintain contact with him, having moved on since he left. He has a subconscious fear that he will be alone for his entire life. He doesn't realize it but it comes up, subtly, from time to time where perceptive people can see it.
  • Being Worthless: A long time ago, people considered Noah to be useless. He wasn't worth having around because he couldn't carry his own weight. He doesn't want to be that guy, the lounger who doesn't amount to anything. He wants to do something with the life that he has but he wants to do it on HIS terms. Sorry Mom.
  • Spiders: The abominations from Mother Night's nightmares terrify Noah. They're creepy, they move awkwardly, their very existence just screams 'boo!'. Well. They succeed on Noah every time.

    Character Strengths:
  • Eidetic Memory: Noah has the capacity to remember almost anything given to him to see, hear, touch or taste. Most of his expertise comes from this trait as he can recite verbatim laws and rulings upon request...if it interests him. He frequently has to 'find' what info he is looking for and will move his fingers as if fingering through files; the origin of his twitchy fingers.

  • Rhetoric: Noah could sell snake oil and be just fine with life. He has a talent in exposition and persuasion. It however truly shines if he's focused and attentive to what he is doing. If not he rambles, stammers and ultimately leaves. This trait makes people frustrated in trying to understand him...which he doesn't understand why.

    Character Weaknesses

  • Attention problems: Someone should give him a handler. Noah has difficulty when it comes to concentration. It's all or nothing with him. He is very crass about focus too. If something is uninteresting he will zone out regardless of what social norms suggest. He is at least polite when he tells people he finds the situation boring and properly departs using what etiquette is required but many times over said politeness still is a faux pas. Sometimes you just be quiet and go along. He can't. Literally.

  • ...and no social skills: When he isn't convincing Queens and rulers to his logic, Noah is terrible at socialization. He is extremely abrasive to the point of confusing people as to why: Small talk? Why? I'm not going to be your friend so who cares what you have to say in line at the coffeehouse Mr. or Mrs. Stranger? What did you today? I don't care what you did today, aren't we here to do something else? This deficit is a major hurdle for Noah to either overcome or compromise. This weakness led to his initial difficulties with the JOC when he first became a certified Jurist.

    Life Story

    Mother: Sibella Langevin, Landen Mayor of Morayne in Touleans/Bastia Province
    Father: Daniel L'fortier-Langevin, Landen peacekeeper
    Siblings: He doesn't know.


    Raised in the southern wilds of Touleans, Noah was born to the village mayoress, Sibella, and her husband and captain Peacekeeper Daniel. Noah was an extremely introspective child. At the earliest of ages he showed early signs of great intelligence. Arranging toys by size, meticulous knowledge OF said toys and so on. Breaking things to put them together to know how they worked. Then of course came worry signs. Noah didn’t walk until he was 4. He didn’t talk until he was 5. Worried that something might be wrong with him they took him to the village doctor who gave him a clean bill of health. “He is fine.” She said.

    He matured into a socially awkward youth. He still had the brains but none of the social skills. Where his parents, especially Sibella, saw a bright-eyed curious boy with a silver tongue everyone else saw the truth: A social hermit who stuttered, shambled rather than walked during schooling and would never fit in. The only friends he had were two other ‘losers’ that his school class socially exiled prior to Noah’s arrival and were often threatened by bullies and ostracized by ‘the cool kids’. He didn’t mind in the least being a ‘loser’, wearing it as a badge of pride as he played fort with his friends and lived in any imaginary world they dreamed of.

    At age twelve it was time to apprentice outside of schooling. Sibella naturally took Noah under her wing. He floundered extremely out of both disinterest in politics and the temperament needed for it. He would leave lessons, sleep during meetings and imagine playing around during debates about funding and resource management. Instead he snuck off to watch his dad police the village and keep people in line. He found that FAR more interesting and after asking his dad several thousand times he agreed to take Noah with him on patrol, much to Sibella’s disagreement. He finished schooling early for his age and went into full-time apprenticeship. At fifteen he took his father’s entrance tests and failed. Not only did his father not see qualities in Noah that peacekeepers needed but the villagers of Morayne didn’t like Noah either. He never helped the village, as wilder communities require community effort to survive and when prompted would help briefly, only to leave to read or lounge under a tree minutes later.

    His fellow ‘losers’ had long since moved on to apprentice for other jobs while Noah was exiled from his preferred profession…and unofficially, from his own village. He left for La Rochelle, secretly relieving his parents, where he apprenticed under a PI for two years. At seventeen he left his apprenticeship, received a JOC certificate for PI work and opened his own firm on loan: Eagle Eye Investigations. He made a meager income, enough to pay off the loan with time and have a roof over his head, a bed and semi-regular food. His luck changed when he was twenty when during a PI hunt for a landen woman’s husband he found that he had been killed by a Blood youth and she filed suit for reparations. Believing that the Blood child was innocent, Noah offered to defend The Blood family's son which they accepted. Several weeks later word spread: A landen had sued a Blood for killing her husband and lost…to a landen defense Jurist (Portia v. DeMois, 180 AP).

    Shortly thereafter Noah gained a caseload both in PI work and casework and not just from Landens but Blood being sued by Landens. With the workload and increased pay he managed to hire a team and rebranded themselves ‘Eagle Eye Jurist and Investigations’ when he was 24. Based on the team’s skillset, Noah was delegated to being their resident court jurist however was being pressured by coworkers to receive Jurist certification from the JOC which Noah hadn’t done. Conceding, he filed for certification and after competency tests and requirement completions received his official acknowledgement as Court Jurist months later. Meanwhile the JOC, seeing Noah as a firebrand upstart with no respect for the JOC system decided to make an example of him.

    They would send his firm “unwinnable” cases to smear his reputation. He won most, lost some. They would send him outside of Touleans on inner-territory cases, notably in Artois Province and standing for cases on behalf of landen councilmen. The tactic only helped increase his professional contact list but he continued to do what he wanted to do: Fight for the little guy because someone had to. He just learned, with time, that the little guy was metaphorical: Anyone, from a landen to a Black Jeweled little girl, could be the little guy.

    The JOC finally won when he was 26. He argued a case in a district Blood court presided by the Queen’s Attorney-Counsel (her attorney) and a circle judge in La Rochelle (Paix v. Maginot, 166 AP). The JOC planted forged evidence for Noah to find and use, then fed information to the Attorney-Counsel about it. When Noah presented it the evidence was refuted, the truth brought to light and the JOC (unnaturally) swiftly revoked his certification. Noah’s reputation was ruined. Eagle Eye Jurist and Investigations split up, not willing to risk their own reputations by being associated with Noah. Noah was left with nothing but time. He spent two years looking into the forged evidence. With help from the Queen's Attorney-Counsel who stood against him in the case, he filed suit against the JOC claiming that JOC personnel had planted the evidence. A two week slug-match ensued in front of the Landen Council's Justice subcommittee but ultimately Noah proved the Judicial Overseer of the JOC culpable (Langevin v. JOC, 168 AP). Panic set in among the landen movement, corruption in the JOC? The suit was heavily politicized and shortly after its conclusion the Landen Council worked to bury discussion about it. Noah's reputation was restored and soon enough people were talking of other important matters.

    His restoration as a Court Jurist never brought Eagle Eye back together. Again a solo attorney he continued his work. At age 29 he took a case against the Court of Madeline Rousseau, a Queen of a district court for forcing a landen family from their home to use the land for port expansion without fair compensation. The Court argued that it didn’t run out the family; the family suffered a raid and their home was destroyed and therefore no reasonable compensation could be given. Several weeks of deliberation and investigation showed that the Master of the Guard ‘led’ the bandits that burned down the home. The Steward was under suspicion but never proven culpable and Rosseau (never present) feigned ignorance to the plot. The Province Court ruled in Noah’s favor and Noah was an instant celebrity (Tilloux v. Rosseau & Court).

    He had respect from both Blood and Landens alike. Noah became the image most people equated to lawyers, lawgivers who cared nothing for who you are, so long as you were defended. At 30 he was offered the position of Judicial Overseer by the Landen Council as the previous J.O. had died of sickness (Noah suspected poison). He refused on three different occasions to take the position believing that he could do more out here than stuck behind a desk (and also said flatly the offer was a political ploy based on his subjective status). The fourth time however he finally accepted, determined to do more behind his quaint little desk than he could outside of it.

    It is two years later now. Noah has re-structured the JOC from the top down. Simple, effective and streamlined. Now however he is stuck. He's a bureaucrat now. He hates bureaucracy. It’s also political. He hates politics. It's slow, cumbersome, deceitful, nothing but power-games and dull. He wants to be in the thick! Catching bad guys and keeping the little guy from being stomped. He needs to change that. He can, of course. Because he runs the whole system now.

    Show Us What You've Got
    Character in Play:

    It was a day like any other day Tuesday, quarter past noon and his client hadn't arrived yet. The case was a simple home invasion case and because of it the client, a woman, had a bit of a problem being enclosed Paranoid post-trauma most likely. So today he was sitting at a table outside a cafe sipping at a steaming cup of coffee to keep his energy up. It wasn't crowded Sparse patronage, probably roughly a dozen with what appears to be two couples on a date. so he expected that it would be a good place to sit and talk about the case.

    His fingers drummed at the edge of the table to a melody in his head. He continued to crowd-gaze and voyeur the passing walkers and the patrons sitting at adjacent tables. He closed his eyes as he sipped his cup of coffee and to waste time productively decided to Listen. At the table behind him Male, older female with dominant tones and manner. Blood, possibility. they were arguing about a house they were looking at buying Married, suggestive recent nuptials. The house they bickered about began to be pictured in his head Two stories, goth architecture. Elaborate townhouse. Not spacious, small family, wide yardage. Suburban. He sipped at his coffee. The female, by the sounds of it, loved the place. The male it seemed didn't like the size. It was too small! He would argue. What about a family?

    The woman bit her tongue, paused a heartbeat longer than normal and then bit back that they weren't ready for a family let alone a large one. Complicated woman parts. Pregnancy is difficult and she's too ashamed to say so. Noah assessed, based on her tone and pause before countering. Why doesn't the husband know this though? Perhaps... He continued to listen.

    The couple continued to bicker. Family because the focus of the argument from there on in. The male wanted two or three kids while the woman remained subtly unclear on whether she even wanted one. Political answers, Noah could spot them a mile away. As minutes ticked the argument veered from family to accessories. Over time Noah came to the conclusion that the marriage was not mutual and the attraction was very much NOT mutual. Aristo arranged marriage. Probably for resources, power or both. That doesn't make sense though. You would consider that the woman's interests would matter more than the male's would. Unless...unless the woman's family was that desiring of the male's family resources. That must be it.

    The conversation continued further until the couple left. He opened his eyes, finishing his mind game to find that his client was sitting across from him getting a refill of her cup of coffee. "Afternoon madame Porshan. How are you?"

    The woman stared at Noah incredulously for what seemed like minutes. "You were SLEEPING and wouldn't wake up, Messire Langevin. How do you THINK...I am at this moment?"

    Noah picked up his coffee, cooler now than he remembered and sipped at it. "I wasn't asleep madame. I snore when I'm sleeping. However I apologize for ignoring you." She stared at him even more incredulously. He didn't waiver. "So...I have reviewed the briefing you gave me and also found two witnesses to the break-in...."

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    Player Name: Lochlan

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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #1 on: Nov 01, 17, 01:46:42 AM »
Ready for Review!

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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #2 on: Nov 01, 17, 08:50:18 AM »
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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #3 on: Nov 01, 17, 09:50:10 AM »
Love him Loch! I can't wait to see him in action.

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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #4 on: Nov 01, 17, 09:59:46 AM »
Noah... If you wouldn't mind, I need someone to look into the new Rouen representative...something's... off... about him.

Hehehe - oh Noah is going to be fun.

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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #5 on: Nov 01, 17, 10:09:12 AM »

This application has been reviewed!

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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #6 on: Nov 01, 17, 01:37:42 PM »
Ready for round 2

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Re: Noah Langevin
« Reply #7 on: Nov 01, 17, 02:39:15 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker