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Author Topic: Lenore Noir  (Read 5904 times)

Description: Healer Priestess. Summer Sky to Opal. Played by Phedre.

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Lenore Noir
« on: Jun 14, 17, 10:03:13 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Lenore Noir
Nicknames: none. Lenore does not abide nicknames.
Age: 40 (born 153 AP)
Race: short lived
Caste: Healer Priestess (trained Priestess)
Birth Territory: Chaillot
Home Territory: Chaillot

Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel:  uncut Opal

Play By: Milla Jovovich
Distinguishing Features:
Lenore cares very much about the way she appears to other people. Not because their opinion of her matters overly much in the grand scheme of things, but because portraying a certain image is extremely important to her. She is at all times polished and well dressed, with her hair and makeup in place. She does not dress extravagantly or in a manner that could be seen as flashy, but she also never appears dowdy or out of fashion. Her wardrobe and physical appearance are at all times appropriate for whatever she is undertaking at that moment, and she expends a great amount of time and energy to ensure that this is so.


Lenore has a very particular sense of morality. It is something that can be seen in every decision she makes, every action she takes, every interaction she has with those around her. While it is clear that it is an ever present and overpowering force in her life, it is not clear what these rules that she lives so closely by are, for this sense of morality and the ethics that stem from it are distinctly unique to Lenore herself and cannot be overlaid by any commonly held set of beliefs or standards that would perhaps be expected of either a Healer or a Priestess of the Blood.

It is not that she lacks compassion. Lenore in fact feels a great deal of compassion for those who come to the Dark Haven. It is this compassion that allows her to make the difficult decisions that she must face on a daily basis. The residents of the Dark Haven are entrusted to her care. They are her responsibility and she must seek the best way in which to help them. The trials of instability that face the Dark Jeweled are so terribly difficult and still in so very many ways a mystery. She must protect them from hurting anyone else and she must protect them from themselves.

While her methods may be seen as unconventional, some have even called them cruel, each decision she makes comes from an understanding that their safety and the safety of everyone they love rests on her shoulders. If she does not make the difficult decisions for them, the actions they might take without her guidance would be things they could never forgive themselves for. Lenore keeps her patients from ever knowing the pain and suffering of lashing out and accidentally killing a loved one. What greater compassion could she possibly show for them?

Lenore carries a sense of inner strength and confidence within her that is clearly visible whenever anyone is in her presence. She does not second guess her decisions and she does not allow others to question her decisions either. She will spend time in contemplation and yes, even prayer, before making a choice, but once the choice is made, Lenore does not deviate even slightly from her chosen course of action. The faith of those in Chaillot is not nearly as strong as those in other Territories, but Lenore feels her connection to the Darkness strongly. It was not a path she was born to, but rather a path her mother placed her on, not knowing how else to raise her only daughter and feeling that faith would be the thing that carried her through her life in a society who has all but forgotten the strength and grace of the Mother.

Lenore believes what is commonly held to be true among the Priestesses of Chaillot: that the Abyss below the Opal is unstable for those in Chaillot. She wants to understand this. She seeks knowledge and comprehension of this mystery with a voracious appetite, studying both written word and Dark Jeweled subjects with an intense scrutiny. She feels that this is her mission in life, her reason for being, and the reason that her mother chose to train her to a second caste and the Darkness granted her the Jewel she wears: dark enough to hold the power she needs while still remaining safe, and stable. At least she hopes. She will not openly acknowledge her fear of her Opal being too close to the line between stable and unstable, but it is what haunts her alone in the dark. 

Lenore is meticulous in her work and her life both. She thrives on order and does not abide chaos. She has high expectations of those she interacts with, but none of these expectations are as high as the standards that she holds herself to. Failure is not an option. The fact that she does not yet have a direct cure for that which ails the Dark Jeweled members of Chaillot's Blood is something that forever wears at her. She works tirelessly to discover new treatments and implements new protocols whenever she thinks it might be useful.

She has headed many experiments to work toward discovering a way to help those in need. These experiments are not always comfortable for the patient, but they are absolutely necessary. The advancement of knowledge and the ability to help hundreds, thousands even, is worth the cost of the pain and suffering of the few. Lenore wants to find a way to help those who are suffering. After all, she has been personally affected by the instability Dark Jewels can bring. Her own mother is a patient at the Dark Haven.   

  • 1 Order and attention to detail. A place for everything and everything in its place, Lenore's belongings are all perfectly arranged, as are the papers that she must manage as Dorian's second in command. The tools that she uses for healing are always perfectly placed, never a single herb or strip of cotton is to be found out of place and her razors gleam with a perfect shine. She is meticulous in maintaining this order. It is how she ensures she will never slip and become like those she treats. 
  • 2 The Dark Haven. Not only is it her work, and her passion, the Dark Haven is her home. There is no where else that Lenore feels more comfortable and confident than within its halls, nowhere that she feels closer to the Darkness or more at peace. Here is where she does the work she was meant to do, here is where she serves the Blood in her own way, in a manner that she seems particularly and uniquely qualified for.
  • 3 Companionable silence. Lenore has never been one who was overly fond of her own voice. She speaks when she needs to in order to convey information, but she has no patience for idle chatter. If she must be around others in her time not working, she is much happier spending that time in companionable silence where words are not required of her. This is something that she finds particularly refreshing about Dorian, as the two can spend long hours in the other's company without ever needing to speak.   
  • 1 Unnecessary touch. It is a common thing among the Blood to crave touch and connection with others. Lenore has a difficult time with this. While she does what is needful during a Healing and has never shied away from touching someone when it was required, she does not feel affectionate impulses the way so many others do and prefers if her body remains her own to control and have dominion over. She does not like it when residents of the Dark Haven want to touch her and goes out of her way to avoid it.   
  • 2 Violent outbursts. It is unavoidable that she must encounter these, working as she does with such an unstable population. If she did not feel it was her calling so strongly, she likely would have remained at the Dark Altar she grew up at, content to teach those who came to her whatever it is they sought to learn. As it is, the Dark Haven is where she is meant to be, and as such, she is forced to endure the violent rantings and outbursts of those who walk too deep in the abyss to remain sane and stable. She cannot stop herself from flinching, which irritates her greatly. She knows this likely stems from having to deal with her mother's outbursts her entire life, but that is not something Lenore willingly discusses with anyone.   
  • 3 Life at Court. Lenore spent the first few years after her Offering serving in a District Court. She disliked everything about it. She did not have enough time to herself for reflection or communing with the Darkness. She disliked the constant gossip and speculation. Most of all, she couldn't stand how out of place she felt. At the Dark Haven, she belongs. She never felt that way in a Court and hopes she will never have to serve formally in a Court again. 
  • 1 Her Opal Jewel. Lenore wears the darkest Jewel she can safely wear before the issue of instability starts to be raised for question. She chooses to believe that she is safe from the derangement she has seen in so many minds in Dark Haven, in her own mother's mind, but alone, late at night, the fear that she may be too close to that line haunts her. She lives her life in perfect order in a desperate attempt to maintain control at all times and she looks to Dorian as a shining beacon of hope. If he has been able to maintain his stability wearing the Green, certainly she can do so wearing the Opal. 
  • 2 Dorian slipping. Dorian represents so many wonderful things for Lenore: control, quiet strength, hope. Yet she can never forget that he wears the Green and has the potential to become unstable like those that they treat. He wears the same Jewels as her mother, the woman who has given her a lifetime of experience to learn just how unstable someone can be with a Green Jewel. Were he to slip, were he to go mad or lose his balance, there is no telling what horrible things could happen. Lenore must stop her mind from playing out horrible scenarios in which he loses his ability to control himself and slaughters her and the rest of the staff before starting in on the residents. Prayer is not common among those of Chaillot, even for the Priestesses, but Lenore says a daily prayer every, single day on behalf of Dorian. May he ever remain solid, may the instability of the abyss never touch him, may the grace of the Mother rest upon him all the days of his life.   
  • 3 The residents rebelling. Lenore knows that the likelihood of this occurring in an effective way, without the staff being able to regain complete and immediate control again, is extremely low. She knows this because she has gone to great lengths to prevent this from ever happening. It was Lenore who introduced the use of collars and controlling rings to the Dark Haven, feeling they needed a way to control the Dark Jeweled and protect everyone from their sudden and violent outbursts. But even with this level of control, she still fears that it is not enough, it is never enough.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Mind Delving. Lenore's constant quest to understand the source of Dark Jeweled instability has led her to develop a strength in mind delving. She can only do this if the patient is willing or unconscious as she does not have the ability to get passed their inner barriers without their permission, but once inside, she is extremely adept at sorting through what she finds there in an attempt to understand the causes and effects of the instability they are experiencing. This is particularly useful while doing experimentation as she can essentially map the patient's mind before and after and experiment to compare what changes may have occurred. 
  • 2 Craft locks. One of the few things that Lenore uses her Opal Jewel for instead of her Summer Sky is Craft locks. She locks certain cabinets, doors, files, and drawers that she would not want members of her light Jeweled staff to have access to. Lenore keeps everything from confidential information to reports on experiments to extremely strong medicines in areas that only she has access to. Of course in an emergency, Dorian could break through any of these locks if he needed what was inside, but under normal circumstance, he simply needs to ask Lenore for any of the items and she would happily retrieve them for him. It is not him she is trying to keep out, it is the rest of her staff. 
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Jewel Management. Because Lenore is concerned, no, downright frightened, about her Opal Jewel being on the dividing line between what is considered stable and unstable within the Abyss, she is very hesitant to use her Opal extensively in Craft. She relies almost exclusively on her Summer Sky, and as such, does not have a good sense of the depth of the reserves in her Opal Jewel. When she does need to use it, she often uses too much power or not enough, leaving her with wildly varying and inconsistent results.
  • 2 Whimsy Craft. Even as a child, Lenore was a very serious individual. Her mother's instability meant she had to grow up quickly. She never really had the opportunity to be a little kid and missed out on the wonder and magic of a childhood filled with Craft. She views her Craft as being for a serious purpose and even if she wanted to be able to create something that was just for fun or to entertain or gain the trust of some of the younger members of the Dark Haven, she would have absolutely no idea how.
Life Story

Mother: Chantal Noir Summer Sky to Green Priestess (60)
Father: unknown
Siblings: none known

Lenore Noir was born to a very well educated Priestess by the name of Chantal Noir. The woman was quite beautiful, but she was also quite unstable and was prone to lash out at those close to her. She had never been able to keep a relationship for more than a matter of a few months, her jealous temperament driving away any man who ever attempted to get close to her, let alone love her. Lenore's father was no exception.

By the time Lenore was born, he was long gone, and her mother never spoke of him. Lenore held hope that he might, miraculously, appear at her Birthright Ceremony. When he did not and she was left with a matching Summer Sky to her mother's and no father to call her own, Lenore stopped believing in wishing for things to happen. Fairy tales were just that. They could not compete with the harsh reality of a Dark Jeweled mother who could not control her wild and unpredictable mood swings.

Early on, Lenore's Healer caste showed through. But Chantal was absolutely convinced that her daughter must be a Priestess and follow in her footsteps. She trained Lenore to the Rites of the Blood, taught her to tend the Dark Altar that they lived at and maintained, and showed her how to connect with the Darkness. Chaillot is a much more secular Territory than most, but Chantal was a spiritual woman. She believed that Lenore would be completely lost without her faith and so she made it her mission to ensure that her daughter would have the skills of a Priestess, forcing the second caste to develop in the girl as she grew into a young woman.

Lenore still craved to learn how to heal, as is natural for all Healers. Only when she was done with all of the studies that her mother deemed necessary would Chantal release her to go into the town and study with the local Healer. The woman was kind and soft, so unlike Lenore's mother. Lenore never knew whether her mother would be filled to brimming with energy or plunged into a near debilitating depression. The Healer was a consistent source of kindness and compassion, a safe harbor in the tumultuous life of the young woman. She dedicated herself to her studies with a single-mindedness that came to be how Lenore approached all study and acquisition of knowledge. Those early years formed the foundation for the woman she would grow to become.     

Lenore delayed making her Offering as long as she could. She was a young woman of 22 years before she finally consented to go through the Ceremony. She spent the days leading to her Offering deep in prayer. She prayed to descend only to the Purple Dusk. Or perhaps the Opal. But her fear, her true fear, was to descend to the Green like her mother and lose her ability to remain stable and clear headed. She could not bear the idea of losing control. Each passing year that had seen her mother unable to control her own moods, Lenore had become more obsessed with controlling everything about her own life. It was as if they were on the opposite ends of a scale: the further her mother slipped away, the more desperately Lenore held onto control.

Her Virgin Night was handled by the Healer's husband, a Purple Dusk Warlord that she had come to trust over the years. The matter was very business like, but Lenore rose from the bed intact and ready to make her Offering. She emerged with the Opal, not as light as she had hoped, but not as Dark as she had feared. If she could remain in control, she would be safe from slipping into the unstable part of the Abyss.

Lenore left her mother at the Dark Altar and took a three year contract serving as a Healer at the District Court. At first, the freedom from her mother was something she cherished. But soon she found that Court life did not at all agree with her. Lenore was used to the quiet of living at the Altar, only having to interact with those who sought her or her mother out for education. Court was a constant bustle of activity. Everyone knew everyone else's secrets. There was no room to think, no room the breathe. Rarely could Lenore find time to herself to spend in contemplation or prayer, and when she did, she was often mocked for desiring so much time by herself. Communing with the Darkness was not a respected pastime among those of Chaillot, even for a Priestess.

When her contract was up, she chose not to renew it, a fact that seemed a relief for both Lenore and the Queen she had served. She returned to the Dark Altar her mother served and took up working alongside her. She had gained distance in her time away and was able to interact with Chantal in a manner that was more appropriate now, having built emotional barriers around herself to keep others out. Her mother's moods no longer affected her as they once had.   

Lenore fell into the easy pace of tutoring the youth who came to the Altar and leading the weekly philosophical discussions that took place among those who gathered. She excelled as an educator, her love of learning showing through at these events, and she would spend long hours researching new and interesting subjects to bring up at the next gathering. She never stopped educating herself, feeling it was her place as an educator to continue to always educate herself as well. If she was meant to be a fountain of knowledge for the youth of Chaillot, she should know as much as she possibly could to share with them.

It was to this end that Lenore began studying texts on old or seldom used Craft or Protocol. It was part of the Priestesshood's duties to maintain knowledge of such things and to not allow it drift into obscurity. Lenore gathered a great amount of knowledge on this subject over the years and became well known among the Priestesses as the one to go to for unusual questions that others did not know the answer to. By the time she reached her thirties, she often traveled to other Dark Altars to lead discussions there.

And through it all, Chantal was always there, still struggling to deal with the instability of her Dark Jewel. This too was a subject that Lenore had spent a great deal of time researching, but beyond understanding that the Abyss in Chaillot was unstable beneath the level of the Opal, she did not know what else she could do. It was a plague that spread across Chaillot, one that the Healer in her desperately sought to cure and the Priestess in her needed to understand. She could do neither.

It was around this time that she was approached by a Green Jeweled Prince who served the Territory Queen's First Circle. There was a project that the Queen wanted to put substantial energy and resources into that would help the Territory, but the matter of going about creating such a place was surrounded by potential difficulties. Lenore was asked to offer her expertise on the Protocol involved in creating such a place as could be a true haven for those so negatively harmed by Dark Jeweled instability.

Lenore spent several weeks detailing out what she could with Prince Conall. She found that they held similar beliefs on many subjects, particularly the dangerousness of unchecked and untreated instability. There was an ease that existed between the two when they worked together, both holding an intense focus and neither easily getting distracted from the task at hand. During the time that they spent together, Lenore was called away to deal with Chantal. The Prince accompanied her back to the Dark Altar so they would not lose time to work. While there, he had the opportunity to see how she interacted with her mother. Lenore would have preferred to keep it from him of course, but it could not be helped.

It was later that night when Chantal was finally asleep that the Prince offered Lenore a position at the Dark Haven, the name that had been chosen. She was clearly knowledgeable and had first hand experience dealing with the difficulties of Dark Jeweled instability that most others simply didn't. Beyond that, she seemed suitable in castes, Jewels, and temperament, and she didn't set his teeth on edge simply being in the same room with him. He needed someone like her that he could rely on.     

Lenore accepted without ever looking back. She has made a home out of the Dark Haven, serving the needs of the residents there to the best of her ability. She finally feels that she is doing what she was born to do and there is great peace that comes with that. She works closely with Dorian, sharing the fourth floor of the main staff building with him, but ever mindful to his need for quiet and privacy. She runs an efficient operation, maintains meticulous records, and continues to explore the possible causes for the source of the instability. She is well respected, even if she is not particularly well liked, and none of her staff would think to cross her, not if they intend to remain employed. 

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
*Note: Lenore should be read as if speaking with a crisp British dialect.

The fire crackled in the grand fire place, heating the room with a combination of natural warmth and Craft enhanced pockets of warmer air for the further corners. This room was rather more elaborately decorated than was to Lenore's specific taste and was distinctly larger than it needed to be for its express purpose. The vaulted ceilings made keeping it warm a bit more of a challenge than was absolutely necessary and the glass windows that stretched nearly to the ceiling did not in anyway help with the insulation.

What it did offer was a breathtaking view of the mountains and a sense of openness and freedom. It was difficult for anyone standing in this room, or sitting as they were now, to think of this as any type of confinement, which was of course the intent. This was the formal sitting room of the second building, the room where family members came to discuss the possibility of signing over their loved ones to the Dark Haven, or where those who chose to commit themselves would mull over the final decision before signing their contract.

Gaining entrance to Dark Haven was not difficult, assuming of course one was of the right age and Jewel rank. Gaining release however, was significantly more complicated.

Lenore Noir sat facing into the room, her back to the vast landscape. "I assure you, Lord Dubois, we will take excellent care of Leanne. You have already toured the facilities and seen the suite where she will be living. Do you have any further questions?" 

The Summer Sky Warlord was the nervous sort, his eyes flicking around the room, as if he expected that they weren't really alone. He played nervously with the pen that he held, poised over the papers spread before him on the low coffee table. "It just seems like an extreme measure to take. I know I came to you, Lady Noir, but now, I wonder if I wasn't being too hasty. It was just the one episode. Maybe it won't happen again. Maybe we don't need to do this."

Lenore shifted her weight slightly and leaned in over her crossed legs. "Can you guarantee Leanne's safety? Can you reassure me beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will not lash out again and harm another member of your family or harm herself? And if she does, are you prepared to live with the consequences of those actions and the knowledge that they were completely and entirely preventable and you allowed them to occur?"

The man began to sweat. He met her eyes briefly, then looked away again. Lenore continued. "This is what the Dark Haven exists for, Lord Dubois. I can protect your daughter. I can care for her in a manner that you simply cannot. This is not a judgement on your love or your intentions, merely a statement that I possess knowledge, resources, and staff that you do not otherwise have access to."

The Warlord pulled a handkerchief from his front coat pocket and mopped at his brow. It was certainly not because the room itself was overly warm. "I am sure you mean well, but you can't possibly know what this is like. This is a job to you. The decision to have to place your own daughter somewhere like..."

"With people who are highly trained to care for her?" Lenore finished for him. "You're right, Lord Dubois. I do not have any children. I cannot directly empathize with your situation. But I can tell you that my mother wears the Green and she lives here, where I can watch over her and take care of her, just as I have always done." She leaned further forward and touched the edge of the papers lightly, pushing them forward him. "Sign the papers, Lord Dubois. It is the best thing you can do for both your daughter and the rest of your family."

He nodded once, then hastily signed his name at the bottom of the form. This was the moment Lenore took great pride in, when she was able to welcome another troubled child of the Blood into her flock. Leanne would be cared for like the others. If she behaved, she would stay in the suite her father had viewed earlier that morning. And if she didn't, well, Lenore had all manner of methods to handle those contingencies.   

Petitions (if any): Re-activation Petition

Why did this character became inactive?
As you are all aware, my life went a bit insane and I needed to step away from the site for a while. Over the last year I have been slowly taking on more characters and am finally back in full, a fact I am SUPER HAPPY about.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Chaillot is open again and is overflowing with plots. Lenore was never difficult to keep active as her role at Dark Haven is so very essential, and whatever happens going forward in the Territory should give her a lot of options.

What are your plans for this character?
Lenore has continued her role as Second in Command at Dark Haven through the years. She has seen some successful cases come and go and others still that remain within the confines of the Dark Haven itself. I have plotted with multiple people over the past day to discuss who will be at or arriving at Dark Haven, as well as where the funding to continue her work will be coming from. Dash and I are both bringing in Dark Haven staff, which is a solid beginning for re-establishing Dark Haven as a major plot point in the Territory.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
Age updated.
Player Name: Phedre

Advanced Tonic Craft granted here

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Re: Lenore Noir
« Reply #1 on: Jun 15, 17, 05:56:56 AM »
Lenore is ready for review, please and thank you!!!

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Re: Lenore Noir
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