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Alois Oberonn has proven herself to be a witch with both the vision and capability to run Chaillot in the aftermath of mass death and destruction. With a hero of the people--Jérémie Tailor--at her side as First Escort, many believe that the territory is well on its way to recovery. Yet not everything is what it seems: the Red Market holds Chaillot in its clutches, Dark Jeweled boogeymen might be real, Landen rule Touleans, and there are whispers of worse things on the horizon.
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Author Topic: Jérémie Tailor  (Read 2808 times)

Description: Warlord. Summer Sky to Purple Dusk. Played by Rated Em.

Offline Jérémie Tailor

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Jérémie Tailor
« on: Dec 13, 19, 04:14:05 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Jérémie Tailor
  • Jeri; with an i and never with a y because he can hear the difference
Age and Birth Year: 39 (b. 156AP)
Race: Chaillotan (Short-lived)
Caste: warlord
Birth Territory: Chaillot
Home Territory: Chaillot

Birthright Jewel: cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: cut Purple Dusk

Role: First Escort
Faction: Court of Chaillot


Play By: Unknown Silver Fox
Distinguishing Features:
Despite being not quite forty, Jérémie is already entirely silver. Carries a cane, though he only truly needs it on days when his knee acts up (a lingering trauma from his time held captive).


Earnest and charming, Jérémie can be extremely personable and gets along with some of the most taciturn and cantankerous individuals. He moves forward in his life with a strength of will that is damn near indomitable. Not that this doesn't make him come across as stubborn or thick-headed, because he absolutely is.

Practically an immovable force once his mind is set, it isn't exactly easy to get him to back down. It can be done but it often necessitates debating him, proving in no uncertain terms that his way is not the best. Sometimes, with the right individual, they can simply tell him that he can't do it all himself--he has got to let others help him--but Jérémie can count those people on one hand alone.

Jérémie genuinely does mean well and wants to help where he can as often as he can. While he is an idealist at heart, realism has its place and often tempers his actions. He tries to not overextend himself, to give too much, but it is in his nature to care and look after those around him. Too many times someone has needed something of the Warlord and he was already on it simply because he--as he'll tell it--saw the writing on the wall.

His natural charisma pulls people to him and it's his willingness to get down in the dirt with them that keeps them close. Jérémie is not afraid to put it all on the line, not when he knows it's the right thing to do and if he doesn't ... Well, then how can he expect someone else to do it? Jérémie wants the people around him to be willing to do what needs to be done and so he leads by example.

Unfortunately, very few see past his charming and intellectual persona to find the ornery, snarky, and darkly humorous man that he really is. That, at the end of the day, is what he truly wants. Jérémie wants to be around people who will push for that, push at him, and won't just immediately bend. He needs the pushback, the challenge, and without that, he finds himself stagnant and unhappy.

For the most part, Jérémie keeps himself occupied. Be it with work, a personal project, or something in-between, he is always doing something, because he has to keep himself active. No one likes it when he idles--when his mind starts to wander towards worries--least of all him. His anxieties, fears, and otherwise are kept neatly contained but they are better off never seeing the light of day.

As long as he keeps going forward, as long as he keeps working for the better of Chaillot, Jérémie's certain that it will be alright. Mostly because he is going to make it alright and everyone else is just along for the ride.

  • Power - It is not only the power he draws from being Jeweled Blood but the power that he pulls from being of the Chaillotan aristocracy and more. Jérémie enjoys putting that power to use, being able to act when he wants, and until the past few months has never really known a point when he couldn't act. What he likes most is that he can use his power to help those around him, to look out for the land and its people, as that is something he views as the responsibility of the Blood.
  • Public Speaking - It is no secret that Jérémie is well-spoken. What someone might not know is that he jumps at any opportunity to engage in friendly (or otherwise) debate. He enjoys talking fancy and enjoys it more when the other person understands him. Verbal spars with people are great, especially so when it's another keen, intelligent mind like his own!
  • Strategy - As a child, Jérémie found enjoyment in testing his mind in games such as chess. Having grown older, he has found enjoyment in learning to read others and put that to use not only for his benefit but for those around him. There is nothing quite as satisfying being able to carefully pick apart a situation and see all the outcomes without needing a lick of craft.
  • Blood Interference - Specifically when the Blood, including the Jeweless, interfere or take part in Landen affairs. While Jérémie believes in co-existence, that they can work together for the better of Chaillot, he does not believe that the Blood should have any part in their political arenas. There are areas where they overlap, especially now that there are Landen ruling. For the most part, he finds it distasteful when the Blood try to influence, subvert, or otherwise further muddy Landen affairs.
  • Idleness - If there is one thing that Jérémie cannot stand it is being idle. It drives him batty to not have something to do, some purpose that needs seeing to, and so he is very big on making sure that he is always doing something. Even moments when he is supposed to be out of action, such as his being in recovery, he still finds himself needing to be kept occupied with a book or paperwork or problems or-- you get the idea.
  • The Courts - In theory the Courts are good. In practice, however, many of them have proven themselves the exact opposite. Jérémie, in his time as a member of the aristocracy and as a Blood male of Chaillot, has learned that the Courts have many failings. From the petty squabbles that cause decisions to not be made to idiotic rivalries that have led to needless deaths, Jérémie finds that the Courts are a flawed system. It is only with truly good individuals who have vision that they function as they should. The problem, of course, is that Chaillot is a land where people with vision are few and far between.
  • Being Cornered - Though he will not truly talk about it, Jérémie still carries the shadows in his eyes from when he was captured. He will get line-of-sight on any and all potential exits, ensure that he is not cornered against a wall without an avenue of escape, and generally goes out of his way to make sure he cannot be caught. It has led to him completely rearranging many rooms within his family home and making sure that his office and quarters within the Territory Court provide him with ample opportunity to escape or maneuver as needed to ease the rise of anxiety.
  • War Again - Chaillot's civil war was horrific, Jérémie appalled at the lengths that the high-casted Blood of the land went to all so they prove themselves the right ones to guide the people. Now, part of the very Court that he's come to distrust, Jérémie works hard to make sure the people know that things are going to be different. In the back of his mind, he knows that Chaillot cannot handle another war. The land already suffers, the people are already downtrodden, and while things are improving ... It only takes a match to turn kindling into a roaring fire.
  • Oblivion - There are worse things than death and one of those things, as far as Jérémie is concerned, is oblivion. While he has made a name for himself, for his family, he worries about that being stripped away. That some action of his will see his name removed from the annals of history and consign him to never being remembered or known. Such a fate is horrific and so Jérémie works hard to ensure he is someone that is never to be forgotten.
Craft Strengths:
  • Diplomacy - Learned at the hands of his Prince father, Jérémie took to this craft like a fish needs water to breathe, and makes use of it in his everyday life. It helps him smooth out ruffled feathers, knowing just what to say ease tensions, as well as help him calm and bring people to his side all because his natural charisma is strengthened by this craft. His skill with it is such that even the smallest of actions have meaning to him, giving him insight another may not even have.
  • Psychic Sensing - From being able to pick up subtle cues in the slightest shift in someone's scent, to being able to pick up the blank strangeness when someone is using a shield, or to an individual pushing forward one emotion over another, Jérémie uses this skill to make sure he has a good idea of what's going on around him at all times.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Emotion Manipulation - Not at all capable of using craft to manipulate someone’s emotions, Jérémie actually considers it crass and somewhat offensive whenever this skill is made use of by another.
  • Calming Rage - It might be helpful to bleed off the rage and anger of others, to direct it somewhere else, but Jérémie cannot.
Life Story

Mother: Léontine Tailor (49 - d. 180AP) - Trained Priestess - Descent Tiger Eye
Father: Naël Tailor (55 - d. 180AP) - Prince - White to Rose
Sister: Noeh Tailor (33 - b. 162AP) - Healer - Rose to Purple Dusk

The Tailor family is affluential, having amassed their wealth from the hard work of their predecessors. In the centuries gone by, they mined the white cliffs of their family land--a steady source of chalk--but as the years went on that turned to the creation of paints and otherwise that the artists of Chaillot all pined for. Several members of the Tailor family, in the years gone by, have been well-known and celebrated artists.

They branched out eventually, new blood brought into the Tailor family leading to them expanding the family trade to involving the working of glass and metal. It was something that Léontine Tailor took to especially, finding a peace in working glass that was second only to when she guided someone into the Darkness the very first time once her training was complete as a Priestess. That person would be her future husband: Naël, a young mediator within the Chaillotan Navy on leave.

Their courtship was a whirlwind and they were wed before the first year passed on their relationship. Jérémie was born in the late winter in the early weeks of the year not long after his parents had celebrated their second anniversary. Jérémie's lack of Caste did not bother his parents at all. A lack of caste--especially a high one--meant that everything he accomplished would be because of his own talents and not what Mother Night had blessed him with.

Jérémie--even from a young age--was quick to prove himself. Sharp-eyed, quick-witted, and frighteningly intelligent, he had the best tutors and mentors at his disposal. Not keeping him occupied lead to particularly explosive incidents, especially once he gained access to the places that his family carried out their trade, but mostly it was harmless curiosity and a need to know just how things worked and interacted with one another.

His parents had even been meaning to keep the news of his younger sibling secret but Jérémie was a smart boy and come dinner one evening asked when his little sibling would be born. When she was born, her Healer caste clinging to her, Jérémie was enthralled. At least he was until he realized he really did not like the noises and smells that came from babies. (Oh, he adored his little sister, but until she was older she was more of a frustration than a delight.)

It was when his Birthright came, carried out by his mother at the family altar, that the Tailors realized Jérémie might be something more. His Summer Sky marked him as one of the darkest their family had seen in recent history and came with it the possibility of a Green. Tensions were not yet what they would become, Dark Jewels merely something that people were leery of more than the fear and paranoia that would rise. Jérémie's Summer Sky was just another sign that their son was capable of more, that they needed to push him to be the best. If he was the best, if he knew himself, if he was capable, then why would they have to worry about anything ever going wrong?

If Jérémie was not in lessons, he was following his mother and learning the family trade. When he was not with her, he was with his father. It was with his father that Jérémie got his first taste of diplomacy. Watching him handle cases, seeing as his father put forth not just words but craft to help turn the tide of situations, ensured that Jérémie wanted to be able to do just that.

It was in all his extra lessons, in working and tailing his parents, that Jérémie managed to keep himself occupied. They had briefly considered sending him to a boarding school but choose instead to spend the coin that would cost in getting him better, more intelligent instructors that could ensure that Jérémie--and young Noeh--would be the most educated Tailors that had come to pass in many a generation.

By the time Jérémie's Offering came around--a nice, safe Purple Dusk--he had already been making a name for himself within Cotaine. He was quick to throw in with the people, to help out where he could. Jérémie became known for his willingness to help those that worked for him, believing that if those under his supervision were at their best then that was what they would give.

... and, of course, it turned out to be. People were willing to work hard when they knew their employer was working just as hard or harder. What no one expected, however, was that a terrible accident would result in the deaths of both Léontine and Naël not long after Jérémie's twenty-fourth birthday. Suddenly he was no longer heir but the Tailor patriarch. With Noeh not quite twenty, her Offering still two years away, Jérémie turned his attention towards making sure the family business continued to do well.

He branched out, made adjustments to their processes (thanks to both Landen and Blood advancement), and was well on his way to ensuring that the Tailor family would be one of the richest in Chaillot. All of that started to fall apart in 186 when Aravice Laurent was struck down and Beldon Mor was flattened. In the aftermath, Jérémie watched as the territory seemed to slowly destabilize bit by bit until Etienne Roux took over.

For all of a moment, Jérémie thought things might have gotten better--Roux was a naval man, after all--but even that proved to be wrong. No, it was nothing more than a power grab and Jérémie was forced to watch as Chaillot continued to slowly devour itself.

When the Queens rose against Prince Roux it was just another move that was speeding up Chaillot's eventual demise. The people were already suffering and Jérémie did everything he could to make sure that those around the Tailor land--the people that had supported the Tailor's with their hard work and faith for years--were taken care of. Yet he watched with growing trepidation as everything began to dwindle ...

In the early months of 193, Jérémie knew he could no longer stand for it. Etienne Roux had a noose about Chaillot's neck and the Cousin Queens were the ones waiting to pull the rope taut. Starting within Cotaine, he began to speak up and for the very people that were suffering.

Bent on proving themselves the rightful rulers, each side of the civil war failed to consider the people they ruled and the consequences of a long, drawn-out civil war. The fighting had to end, Jérémie said, and so he held meetings and rallies, pulling the disenfranchised and lost to his side. Before he realized it, Jérémie had built himself a considerable following. Despite his noble birth, he not only spoke for the people, he understood them.

So Jérémie put to use what power had been earned from the faith of the people and called for peace talks. There were already so many other issues happening in the midst of the civil war--hunger, a rise in crime, Dark Jeweled attacks, pirating--that it was becoming readily apparent that it had to end. What he had not expected was that each side would actually listen.

Thus he set out on a foggy morning with a small entourage to meet with the camps of Etienne Roux and the Cousin Queens and begin what would hopefully be the first of many talks on the path to peace.

The talks never happened.

Before they even made it off his family land, Jérémie and his entourage were attacked. All he remembers is the blast of power as it struck him, sending him flying and his head knocking against a rock. Everything from there was a blur of pain and deprivation, Jérémie locked away in a small cell. His Jewels had been taken and with his injuries--his leg throbbed with pain--he was unable to do much more than simply try to live.

His savior was the most expected: Aloisienne Oberonn, bloody and injured just as he was. There was barely any time to tell him what happened, of the attacks that had come at the hands of these Dark Jeweled individuals, or that his capture had only been to keep him alive so he could be murdered publically. Yet not far behind the witch was the dead body of the Dark Jeweled leader, along with the people that had fought to bring her to this moment.

There was little that could be done but follow her, Jérémie whisked away by Alois to where the surviving leadership had gathered. It was there that he listened as Alois outlined everything that had happened and all that she had done. A territory cannot be guided by someone without vision and she had it when the others did not. No one else had an idea of what to do, fear and more driving them, but within Aloisienne Oberonn he saw hope.

When no one spoke, when no one could speak at all, Jérémie did so. With his support behind her, others began to do so as well, and then soon enough those that survived found their new ruler: Aloisienne Oberonn.

Jérémie just was not expecting her to turn to him, a bleeding and half-dead Warlord, and name him as First Escort. Perhaps he should have but then, if there was anything to be learned about the new witch of Chaillot, it was that he had no idea what he was in for.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
"Did you hear?"

"I truly wish you would simply say whatever it is instead of prefacing it with that question, Ruben," said Jérémie, trying very hard to not roll his eyes. The carriage was almost ready and they would be leaving within the next ten minutes. Finally, he might be able to make Etienne Roux or the Cousin Queens see sense ...

"The bit about the Dark Jeweled," said Ruben. "How they're not going to just take it anymore. They're going to do something about all the mistreatment."

"Maybe don't be crazy and you don't get mistreated," popped off one of the men, prompting Jérémie's gaze to swing straight to him. "Sorry, Lord Tailor."

"We do not mock or make light of any instability, regardless of whether or not it's due to the Darkness of one's jewels or because of some other mental malady that's befallen them." It was a topic that came up often. One that Jérémie was not particularly keen on as the Dark Jeweled instability seemed entirely--

The hair on the back of his neck stood up, the Warlord suddenly looking towards the horizon. "Ruben," said Jérémie, "where's the rest of the retinue? There should be five more of us." He had a sense of being out in the open, that moment that surely came any moment where prey was pounced upon by a predator.

Just as he was about to call for shields, for everyone to ready themselves, he saw the rest of the retinue coming over the hill to join them. "Lord Tailor!" a young witch called out. "Sorry for running late, we--" Her voice broke as she simply dropped.

Everyone scattered, Jérémie cursing under his breath for not simply following his instincts. The air was heavy with craft, practically humming with it, and he flung up a shield of Purple Dusk.

It wasn't enough.

Not when rapid-fire bolts of pure craft rained down around him. One of them knocked him off his feet, sent him flying until he hit the ground hard. Jérémie's head slammed against a stone, making his vision first go white and then dark. His heart was heavy in his ears, beating faster and faster and--

His vision wasn't black, he realized.

Someone was standing over him.

Jérémie's last thoughts were not the most dignified: Bloody fucking hell.

Player Name:
Rated Em

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Re: Jérémie Tailor
« Reply #1 on: Dec 13, 19, 05:17:25 PM »
can i please have jeri's five family rolls? oh! and can the SS-O that leann so generously gifted me be applied to him and reduced to SS-PD? (do i get that +10 to the descent for a single step?!)

thanks muchly!

with all that done, he'll be ready for review!

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Re: Jérémie Tailor
« Reply #2 on: Dec 14, 19, 11:03:32 AM »
Added to the queue.

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Re: Jérémie Tailor
« Reply #3 on: Dec 16, 19, 11:30:17 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Summer Sky Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.



((+10 applied to Descent.))

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Re: Jérémie Tailor
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