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Author Topic: Jean-Isidore Lazare  (Read 164 times)

Description: Prince. Blood Opal to Green. Played by Reid.

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Jean-Isidore Lazare
« on: Aug 06, 17, 01:02:03 AM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Jean-Isidore Lazare
    Nicknames: He prefers to be called Jean, but most in the mines called him Lazare.
    Age: 33 (160 AP)
    Race: Short-lived Chaillotan
    Caste: Prince
    Birth Territory: Chaillot
    Home Territory: Chaillot

    Birthright Jewel: uncut Blood Opal
    Offering Jewel:  cut Green

    Play By: Maximiliano Patane
    Distinguishing Features: Jean is what many would called "classically handsome". He has a well-defined jaw, green eyes, and chestnut-brown hair; he's of a respectable height, all of 6'1". He's slimmed down since his time in the mines, though he remains trim despite his general lack of physical activity due to the darkness of his Jewel and its effects on his metabolism. He is going prematurely gray at the temples, theoretically from stress. There is a motley of scars on him, concentrated most heavily on his hands, calves, and back; most come from the lash or the pick, though the latter tended to be self-inflicted. He's acquired glasses as his vision has started to go a bit.


    Personality: There is a saying among the salt slaves that there is very little so dangerous as a brother or sister with something to prove. Jean-Isidore is exactly the proof of that. He has a driving need for independence, a well-developed sense of curiosity, a competency decidedly uncommon to the long-term residents of the mines, and a bravery that marked him in the mines and marks him even now. Despite these good traits, formed by long and terrible suffering, he is also exceptionally crude and foolhardy.

    Jean is fiercely independent, a trait he has cultivated with some degree of desperation after he was thrown into the salt mines. He does not like to accept help, and nor does he like to give it. His time there shows clearly in his reluctance to depend on or trust anyone, up to and even including other survivors of the mines. He walks alone, survives alone, and above all, needs no one else to watch his back. Any attempt to help him is rejected, not politely, but fiercely; any attempt to touch him is met promptly with an astonishing amount of physical violence. He does not trust, he insists he does not love, all in an attempt to make absolutely sure he will never compromise his own chances at survival for another person.

    Yet, the traits that landed him in the mines are the ones he's most proud of. As a Prince, information has always been his province; "because it's always been that way" has never satisfied his burgeoning curiosity. He's not satisfied with doing things "because that's how it's always been done," a trait that served him well when he finally escaped the pick lines and was made a supervisor over the other slaves. As a child, this worried his parents, almost more than his Dark Birthright did, and it may have been one of the contributing factors to them selling sixteen-year-old Jean to slavers. Though he is always learning--with a prodigious memory, he hasn't exactly ever lacked for places inside the Central Mine to pick up tidbits of Craft and information--his lack of formal education leads to a Prince who is also overly blunt and crude about his questions, preferring to get straight to the heart of the matter rather than tiptoeing alongside it. He sees no need to apologize for his harshness, because he has not exactly ever learned any better. Protocol and politeness only ever got you far with one gang in the mines, and he was not part of it.

    His determination to survive made him brave. He does not fear the lash, he does not fear the retribution of a Queen, he does not wonder at what lies waiting in the Darkness since he is absolutely determined to never see it. He knows that he is good at what he does, and he knows that very few can challenge him for violence, for intelligence, for fairness. However, his bravery can lead right over the line into downright stupidity and foolhardiness; this is the kind of personality that leads to a light-Jeweled Warlord Prince to challenge a dark-Jeweled enemy. The world is very different outside the mines, and the skills that enabled him to survive in the mines are not necessarily the ones that will enable him to survive in the free world.

    • Being read to - It's something he barely remembers, so one might say that he likes the idea of someone reading to him more than he likes the actual act. Some of his best memories from before-the-mines are of sitting inside on a rainy day and listening to his mother read aloud from some new book or tract. It was one of the things he missed most in the first few years, and it is an indulgence he hasn't experienced at all since.
    • Ignoring Eve - His Queen condemned him to the Dark Haven, to the Ring of Obedience, and to a dressed-up version of slavery. His Queen also freed him from his sister's yoke and took him to Raej as her honored Escort, and allowed him the opportunity to care for her. His Queen knows what's in his heart, and yet she still chose to send him to the one place in Chaillot he'd begged her to keep him away from. It brings him perverse pleasure to return her letters unopened, and to ignore her when she comes to see him. Yet, if she were to stop, he isn't sure what he'd do.
    • Control - After his descent, he was given the opportunity to become a supervisor of slaves. While still a slave himself, this was a more trusted position, one that offered him power over the others and some measure of control over his fate. Though he supposes he could take or leave inflicting pain, he requires the ability to exercise some modicum of control over his surroundings. (He is not a Prince whose leash can be easily held.)
    • Long-term planning - He lived in a mine controlled by a bunch of, to be frank, idiots who couldn't tell the damned thing was played out. Their judgements and rules were, in a word, capricious. The same offense could one day offer a reward and the next, death. He doesn't make plans because he knows that firstly, no plan survives contact with time, and two, no plan survives contact with any length of time.
    • Killing - It's part of the mines, but he never particularly liked doing it. He found it downright lamentable, in fact; life's pretty precious, something he feels keenly because of his own fierce desire to survive, and he hates watching--and helping--people throw it away.
    • Bonding - The last thing Jean-Isidore wants is to feel any kind of bond or connection to anyone. He made that mistake one too many times in the mines, and he has no intention of continuing to make friends and then lose them.
    • Queen's bond - He saw Mad's Boys, as they were called, in the mines. He saw them, and didn't see strength--just a group of people determined to give up their lives for someone else. Why would it matter if their Queen lived? They'd still be dead. He doesn't understand the drive males have to serve a Queen, doesn't understand why he should want to serve a Queen--putting anyone else's needs above him is a foreign idea after eleven years trying his hardest to survive on his own.
    • Touch - It's a powerful thing, and its ability to soothe and comfort shouldn't be underestimated. Unfortunately, being soothed and comforted is the last thing he wants in the world. Being angry and afraid keeps him alive, after all. Jean keeps that in mind, and tries to eschew most, if not all, physical contact.
    • Losing Eve - He's still afraid of the bond which ties him to Eve, but he's more afraid of losing her. His attitude and his actions while confined to Dark Haven don't recommend him as someone stable or worthy of her love and protection, yet she continues to offer it in an act of masochism that Jean finds himself incapable of understanding. Though he despises the act of betrayal he sees his imprisonment in Dark Haven as, he still cares deeply for his Queen and doesn't want to lose her.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Jewel Management - Jean is constantly aware of just how much power he has at hand, in part because most of his life he's had to use only very small bits of Craft to avoid detection, and in part because his parents taught him from the perspective of the Light Jeweled, where efficiency is more important.
    • Pain Management - He is extremely adept at using his Craft to deaden the pain of injuries, recently or long-healed, with very little Green power. This has been something that has helped him keep going on days when otherwise he might have risked death to avoid work.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Empathic Craft - At one point, Jean was quite good with compulsions and psychic monitoring; but eleven years tends to take the edge off things, even things so important as Craft you enjoy doing. He would like to begin studying it again, now that he's free, but he's not sure he'll have the time.
    • Combat Craft - While he's still fairly decent at finishing his kills, thus preventing those he's killed in the mines from coming after him later, the power required to perform basic feats of this type of Craft, such as power bolts, such as death spells, such as breaking Jewels, is unfortunately the kind of power that gets you ignominiously killed.
    Life Story

    Mother: Margot Lecuyer, Yellow to Rose Hearth Witch, 65
    Father: Samson Lazare, Yellow to Summer-sky Warlord, deceased
    Sister: Celestine Lecuyer, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Queen, 33
    Nephew: Raoul Leblanc, Warlord, 7

    Born to a moderately well-to-do Chaillotan family that was obsessed with image, the second child to a family that already boasted a Queen, Jean-Isidore was not exactly the Lazare-Lecuyer clan's golden child. From the very beginning, he was not quite a disappointment; his Caste certainly made up for his more insidious personality flaws, in the eyes of his parents. He was an adorable child, even if he wasn't the blonde-haired ideal his parents expected. Still, he suited everything his parents had wanted (even if he wasn't a girl or a Queen) and he grew up pampered and cared for. It was fully expected he'd walk away from the Dark Altar on his Birthright bearing nothing more threatening than his parents' Yellow or his sister's Tiger Eye.

    When he showed his parents his uncut Blood Opal, pandemonium erupted. Margot and Samson didn't know what to do with him; the Blood Opal seemed to come from nowhere, leading Samson to level charges of infidelity against his wife that went exactly where you'd expect them to. Although Margot was proven innocent before a Queen and a Priestess, the accusation had created such a rift between them that neither parent could imagine staying together. The two of them parted, but not in the way Samson might have wanted. The male child went with his father, and the female child with her mother.

    Jean-Isidore and his father went to the Lazare house in Cotaine, to live with his grandmother and grandfather, both of whom were Light-Jeweled. His grandfather had once served in the Navy; his grandmother crafted jewelry. He took to his grandfather at once, delighting in the old war stories and the boating lessons and the astronomy atlas. His grandfather delighted in him, too. But while Jean-Isidore took lessons from his old man, his father and grandmother were talking about the Blood Opal and what ought to be done about it. His father posited breaking him; his grandmother favored the Dark Haven. Born Dark, he could only go down deeper into the Abyss. It'd be better if he was put somewhere safe for himself now, where he could be rehabilitated.

    Unable to agree on either solution--his grandmother couldn't stand the thought of a member of her family being shattered, no matter how abhorrent and concerning their Jewels, and his father couldn't stand the shame of his son living in the Dark Haven--they decided to wait and see. Jean-Isidore was a gregarious boy and they'd notice if there was reason to be concerned.

    A sailing accident killed his grandfather when Jean was fifteen; the same terrible storm devastated the house, and suddenly where there had been no need for marks, the Lazares were found lacking. A new, third option for dealing with Jean-Isidore's unwanted Blood Opal appeared. It wasn't hard for his grandmother and father to find the contacts who would pay gold marks to buy a pretty Dark-Jeweled boy; they drugged Jean-Isidore and handed him over with no small amount of guilt and regret.

    When Jean-Isidore next awoke, he was in the salt mines of Pruul.

    While he'd certainly expected his father and grandmother would want to do something about his Jewel, he'd never expected being sold; for the first few months of his time in the Central Mine, he worked in a daze. Doing what he was told, when he was told to--something he'd never done at home in Chaillot--meant that he was easily overlooked by the slave overseers and the Geiba captors. Had he never crossed an older, more established slave, he might have simply sleepwalked into the Darkness. Instead, he angered another slave, who contrived to gift Jean with a whipping.

    That woke the Prince right up. Instead of cowing him, it made Jean angry--and that anger reminded him of exactly who he was. Which was: not a slave. He might have to act like one in order to live, but that wasn't who he was at heart.

    Eyes opened now to the mines, he studied the ebb and flow of the society under the sands. He made friends in the right places, antagonized the right people to get himself moved away from the tougher work crews--he was Blood Opal, he could do more salt work with his Jewels than most, and no one really wanted him dead. They didn't care if he died, no, but they weren't going to leave him somewhere where his death would be certain if they knew about it. He learned who to work with and who to avoid and above all else, how to appear a model slave to the Geiba who owned him.

    Part and parcel of it seemed to be to avoid ties to anyone. He saw slaves with Jewels miles darker than his whipped bloody for the crime of protecting another, and absorbed that love and care was weakness, Court was weakness, connecting to another human being at all: weakness. Jean-Isidore could not abide weakness; it would drive him right into a dry and sandy grave, and if there was one thing he wanted very badly, it was to see the ocean again.

    At twenty, he was allowed to make his Offering to the Darkness. He descended only one rank (to his own personal shame) and was offered the opportunity to join the slave overseers. He took it--it meant time above the sand, and time in the sunlight was time in the hellfire-cursed sunlight. For seven years, he disciplined his fellow slaves however their masters required it, earning the masters' trust, earning the right to spend more and more time out of the mines. He was stable enough--and angry enough--to wait patiently…

    And then the mines were opened, and the slaves--those wrongly imprisoned, at least--set free. The new Mother's Court assessed the mine, pulled Jean-Isidore out of it, and asked him who his family was. Befuddled, frightened, and angry, he snapped out his father's name, resigned himself to new captivity in the Court. There was no way his family would want him back. After all, they'd sold him. And the Court notary informed him, in a businesslike manner that Jean-Isidore despised, that no expatriate from the mines would be released until a place had been found for them in their homeland.

    He did not expect much, and began to plot his escape quietly.

    It was three weeks (and four days before he would have put his escape plan into motion) before he heard from that notary again. His father and grandmother were dead--heart problems and old age, respectively--but his sister lived in Rennes and ruled a village there with his mother. The Court would release him to the Court of Rennes, and it would be up to them to repatriate him to his family.

    So it was with great trepidation that Jean boarded a ship in Raej to return to the Territory of his birth. Darkness only knew what he'd do or what he'd find--but it had to be better than the mines. It wasn't, and it was, all at once. Years of unrelenting focus on a single goal (survive, survive, survive) had left him unprepared for both the delight of freedom and the horror of becoming that which he disdained. He bonded to the Queen of Rennes, Eve, and found that it wasn't so easy as he'd supposed to simply switch off the part of his brain that demanded he yield his everything to her. Determined to never allow himself to yield to the bond, he nevertheless... did, and caused a minor scene at a diplomatic function in Raej.

    In the service of this, in the light of his mental imbalances from time in the salt mines, Eve decided to have Jean-Isidore committed to the Dark Haven, a decision influenced by Constancia Badeaux, at that time her Court Seer. He has been there since 190AP, with no particular improvements except he's quite good at steaming open envelopes without Craft by now...

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    Done without fanfare was the hearing to determine whether Jean-Isidore would have to be returned to the mines, or if he would be returned to Chaillot. "He is a danger to himself and to others," said the Black Widow who had been assigned to look into his head. He'd collapsed her cheekbone and broken her nose for her cavalier entrance into his head. "But I don't think he's a criminal, beyond what he did there." What he did there: a lot of violence. He survived. That wasn't a crime. He rolled his eyes.

    They'd forcibly roused him to sit in the courtroom before Court tribune; he slouched in his chair. The appearance of antipathy, the Priestess at his elbow had cautioned, would not help them decide in his favor, but he didn't care. He'd come to know violence like his own hands, like his second skin. He didn't doubt they'd try to restrain him if they decided the mines were to be his permanent fate. He also didn't doubt that he'd break his own way out. The worms might come, but this part of the Little Citadel was built on stone, and he knew they'd not sense a thing.

    At nights, between deliberations, he curled up in his bed. The servants, he decided he was okay with. They were alright with him curling under the covers and pulling them over his head; after the mines, everything had turned too big, too intimidating. The servants allowed him to be alone, and that was all he really wanted.

    The nightmares became his constant companion as they'd never been in the mines. He couldn't remember details of his killings--he'd justified them away so long ago. In the dim blue light of under-the-covers, he returned to the mines, the cavernous punishment room. The whip cracked. The pain crackled. The only solid images of what he did haunted him: children with scarred faces. He'd done it willingly. He'd do it again. It didn't mean he had to like it.

    In a rare bout of energy, he ripped through the room, shredding all the debris of life in-the-mines (the mines were an event: before, during, and finally now he had an after). When he grabbed the Healer who came to investigate, she screamed. It gave him pause. It reminded him of red and bile issuing from a shapeless mouth and he froze. He shuddered convulsively and just didn't. Move. For an hour. Or maybe more, he didn't know, stuck in the time when it was him, a whip, a cavern room, and a dead body. It convinced him that there was still blood and gore over him; he picked up his clothes after cleaning himself and realized of course he couldn't get dressed. He was still covered in blood. It took time to walk himself through reality, but he did.

    In the end, Jean-Isidore Lazare was not returned to the mines. No Queen demanded price from his flesh. He wasn't responsible, said the tribune. He did as ordered to preserve his own life. Self-defense. Jean laughed, and they released him, and they escorted him to Raej and to the ocean and the scent was clean and salt and everything he'd wanted but hadn't been able to have for eleven years. They told him they'd found his family: a Queen in Rennes had claimed him, a woman named Celestine, his sister. He didn't doubt it. He doubted her plans for him were as honest as the Court messenger made them believe. But it was the sea, and Chaillot was home. It was a game he knew how to play. For that, he'd take the risk.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Why did this character became inactive?
    He became inactive when I was in boot camp, I *think*... but am not sure.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Write him.

    What are your plans for this character?
    He's got threads with Eve, Lenore, and Regarte at least. But there's some stuff going on in Dark Haven that I intend to get him involved with :3

    Number of previous Reactivations: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Added onto the history to reflect what he's been up to, changed PB, swapped his like of the sea for a like of ignoring Eve, swapped his fear of death for a fear of losing Eve. Updated age.

    Player Name: Reid
    Only entrust to me and mine your soul and all your darkness will be loved, and your pain made sacrament.

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    Re: Jean-Isidore Lazare
    « Reply #1 on: Aug 06, 17, 01:06:45 AM »
    He's ready for review :>

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    Re: Jean-Isidore Lazare
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    Re: Jean-Isidore Lazare
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