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Author Topic: Daniel Claremonte  (Read 10236 times)

Description: Landen Male. Played by Gavin.

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Daniel Claremonte
« on: Oct 28, 17, 04:52:51 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Daniel Claremonte
Nicknames: Danny (by his mother)
Real Name: Gabriel Ipille
Age & Birthyear: 53 (Born 142 AP)
Race:  Short-Lived (Landen)
Birth Territory: Touleans, Chaillot, Terreille
Home Territory: Rennes, Chaillot, Terreille

Role: Artois Representative
Faction: Landen Council


Play By: Patrick Dempsey
Distinguishing Features:

Daniel’s dark hair and beard are streaked with gray in his later years. His eyes are still pale blue, sharp and clear as they were when he was young. He is always well put-together, even when he’s out for a bit of exercise or just working in the yard. Daniel appears to be ready to speak to a group or gathering at any given time, so he wants to look the part.



Daniel Claremonte presents himself as a charming and kind man, full of the grace and gentility that comes with being a member of Landen upper class. His constituents know that he can be relied upon to listen to all sides of a debate and find a reasonable course of action. He’s not beholden to one faction over another and he’s even charming to the Blood who also serve on the Landen Council. He will tell them when they're wrong or out of line, but he won’t antagonize them for amusement or to prove to others that he’s not afraid of the Blood. Wherever their power comes from, it is very real. He warns his fellow Landen regularly to show the Blood the respect that they think they are due, for it really is the difference between life and death.

Daniel’s fellow representatives on the Landen Council know him as a stable and steady man, always refining the ideas and goals they put forth in order to secure the maximum advantages for their people in relation to the Blood. He and his wife, Charlotte, host dinners and cocktail parties each month, opening their home to the other Councils and other members of the Landen government where they encourage their people to air grievances, settle differences, and affirm their commitment to the lives of the Landen in Chaillot. Daniel is often quiet and thoughtful during these meetings, speaking only when others have had their say and only after he’s fully considered the information at hand.

Daniel Claremonte sells himself as an elder statesman mediator between the factions of the Landen Council because, as long as everyone is focused on that, they aren’t paying attention to other facets of his personality. They dismiss the charm and kindness he shows their wives and husbands as northern charm, rather than sexual interest and aggression. His pointed comments about how things ought to be going are considered the trademarks of his blunt honesty rather than roadmaps to the future he sees for the Landen when they are united behind a single Landen leader and not a Council of three heads spoiled by the Blood. 

His bias toward action are rarely seen for the ruthless pragmatism fuels his drive to take everything that life has denied even while he has more than most men will ever know.

Daniel Claremonte left Chaillot twenty years ago as a man filled with lofty ideals and dreams, but little practical understanding of how the world really worked. He returned as a tempered, more experienced man who revels in living the good life, his best life, because it’s what he deserves. He’s destroyed people who opposed him. He’s ruined lives and reputations to claim the position of power he resides in. He even befriended a good man, murdered him in cold blood, and then used their striking physical similarities to steal the life that man left behind just so that he didn’t have to exist one more day as a loser whose only options were drinking himself to death like his father or drowning himself in the ocean.

His wife, Charlotte, is the only one who sees the scars that imprisonment and paranoia have left in him. She understands his fear of enclosed spaces, his love of sex and power, and understands them for what they are. Daniel knows that Charlotte could destroy him better and more thoroughly than anyone else who knows his darkest secret, solely because he loves her enough to be honest with her at all times when he’s lying to everyone else.

Until that day comes, the man calling himself Daniel Claremonte is going to enjoy every moment of the life he’s taken for his own, including the beautiful wife that comes with it. Gabriel Ipille died in an unmarked grave with no one to mourn him.

When Daniel Claremonte dies, all of Chailot will pay their respects.


  • 1. Power: Daniel Claremonte has been powerless. He’s had so-called better men decide his fate and try to take his freedom. He’s been told that he’ll never amount to anything, that he’d die in the gutter, penniless and alone. The days of his misspent youth drive him accumulate all of the temporal power that he can. Be it monetary, political, or social, Daniel wants to be on top and have his fingers in every possible pie. He will never, ever let someone else shape his world again, but demands to shape the lives of people around him.

  • 2. Charlotte: Daniel’s wife is his best friend, his closest adviser, and the woman who knows his secrets. She alone knows that the Daniel Claremonte that she married isn’t the man who left Chaillot twenty years ago. Rather than destroy him, she advised him on the best ways to preserve his secret. Twenty years of marriage has proven them great allies and partners, each reaching for their own ambitions to serve the greater whole.

  • 3. Large Dinner Gatherings: Daniel loves playing the host, opening his home to other people and bringing large groups of people to his home for dinner and dancing. He loves dressing up and showing off his beautiful wife to other people.  He loves sitting in the parlor after dinner for drinks, cigars, and all the scintillating conversation (and blackmail material) he can find.


  • 1. Religion: Daniel is contemptuous of religion and its trappings, seeing it as just another way to tax people for their stupidity. Religion is a crutch used by the ignorant to explain their world and something to blame when things don’t turn out the way they like. He finds it especially funny that the Blood consider themselves the favored children of a Mother that only gives a damn about them twice in their lives, if at all.
  • 2. The Blood: They are a dying race. Why else would their vaunted Mother Night institute a Purge to cull their numbers? For all of their power and beauty, these people are rotten to the core with their hot tempers and deep passions. If the Blood were ever meant to protect and guide the Landen, they have failed. The Landen can, and will, govern themselves. It infuriates him that there are even Half-Blood or Jewelless Blood on the Landen Council, for how can these people understand the issues of the Landen or truly represent them when they hold power that a Landen will never touch?

  • 3. Children: Putrid little machines that generate filth and illness wherever they dwell and whenever they are bred. In public, Daniel is all smiles when he travels to schools to talk about the responsibilities of Landen as a people. He reads stories to them and generally appears to care love kids. But every time someone asks him when he and Charlotte are having children, he wants to drive a pen through their eyeball for their presumption.


  • 1. Imprisonment: Daniel spent five years unable to walk free and control his own destiny. He hated every second of it and, though he’ll never admit it, freedom was the first thing he ever prayed for. Imprisonment is a loss of power, a loss of status that he refuses to endure ever again. Now that he’s free, married to the woman of his dreams, and rich beyond imagination, Daniel refuses to be chained up ever again.

  • 2. Exposure: Most of the men who were imprisoned with Gabriel (including the real Daniel Claremonte) are dead, either due to time or his  own actions. Yet two of those men are still alive, somewhere in Terreille. When they escaped prison, they all vowed to go their separate ways and never call upon each other ever again. Daniel is happy to keep his part of the bargain, but now and again he thinks he sees his old cellmates in the crowd and his heart stops. His paranoia has increased over the years to the point that he now imagines that he sees the real Daniel Claremonte lurking outside his home or at meetings with his constituents, ready to expose the secret that could destroy the life he's built for himself and Charlotte. 

  • 3. Losing Charlotte: She’s the sweetest drug, the love of his life, and the dagger clutched at his breast. Daniel loves Charlotte because she’s a ruthless woman, because she can discern someone’s value with a single glance. She supports him and helps him check his baser impulses. She has all of the power necessary to utterly destroy him and Daniel knows it. If she dies, Daniel will burn the world to ashes to see her avenged.

    Life Story


    Birth Parents:

    Mother: Coralie Ipille 68  (b. 118- d. 186)
    Father:   Ruben Ipille 65   ( b. 115 - d. 180)

    Daniel Claremont's Family

    Wife: Charlotte Rose Claremonte, 47 (b. 148 AP)

    Mother: Sidonie Claremonte 78 (b. 114- d. 192)
    Father: Gaspard Claremonte 78  (b. 112 AP -d. 190 AP)
    Sibling: Remy Claremonte 48 (b. 147 AP)


    Gabriel Ipille was a nobody from the day he was born until the day he died. Growing up in poverty in Southwestern Touleans Province, Gabriel lived with resentful raging bitch of a mother and a spineless father who drank away their money to escape the shame and pain of a failed writing career after he insulted a Aristo in a newspaper article. His father’s disgrace was Gabriel’s first display of the power that the rich and privileged held over the poor. The people who controlled the marks made the rules and it was even worse when considering the power that the Blood held over the Landen. He watched these strange creatures worship their goddess, Mother Night. He listened while some of the more ignorant Landen blathered about the powers of the spirits and their love for the Landen.

    Gabriel reasoned that the gods, Mother Night, and other deity never cared about anyone. Especially him.

    Gabriel turned to crime at ten, picking pockets, breaking into homes and stealing whatever food and valuables he could carry. In addition, he learned how to count, conduct inventory, and read at the hands of people with kind hearts who took pity on the young scrapper who eventually vanished from their lives without a goodbye.  At twenty, he was sleeping with married men and women who were unhappy in their marriages or simply bored with their lives. His uncanny ability to impersonate others might have earned him solid work and good money as a character actor, but Gabriel didn’t want to play the fool. Other people could do it better.

    His skills were meant to benefit him.

    An affair with a shipping magnate lead to locating the ledgers for a shipload of natural resources bound for mainland Terreille. Thinking to hijack the ship and ransom the goods back to his lover for a major pay-day, Gabriel was surprised when the Guard captured him and his crew at the docks just before they could take the ship. Gabriel’s lover had him followed regularly, and grew suspicious of his meetings with known criminals. Knowing that he’d be humiliated publicly if the news got out, Gabriel’s lover called on his own contacts of ill repute.

    At 20, Gabriel Ipille was placed on a ship and sold into slavery. He lost track of time during his imprisonment, alternating between bouts of desire to escape and resignation to his fate. He suffered brutal beatings while earning the trust of his comrades through small acts of kindness meant to make others see him as an asset and an ally, even as he plotted for the day he’d escape and leave them all behind. During his fifth year in captivity, Gabriel was imprisoned with a Chaillotian man named Daniel Claremonte who’d been shipwrecked en route to Raej to make a business deal for his father’s trading company.. Gabriel and Daniel were stunned at their uncanny resemblance, forging the first links in a strong bond between the men. Spending two years working and living together, both men came to know each other’s lives intimately.

    Gabriel was enchanted by the stories of Daniel’s fiancee, a woman named Charlotte Roche, and the lavish life he lived. Daniel felt deep pity and sadness for Gabriel’s life and offered, when they got out, to hire his friend as his head of security. Daniel’s kindness shamed Gabriel and his acceptance of Gabriel’s past crimes humbled him. Daniel Claremonte was a truly good man surrounded by terrible people.

    Terrible people like Gabriel Ipille.

    When Daniel suggested rebellion and escape from their captors, Gabriel latched onto the plan as a Daniel’s loyal ally. The plan was successful and Daniel, Gabriel, and three of their fellow captives escaped. Gabriel struck immediately, murdering his good friend and making pact with the other former slaves that they would never, ever call upon each other again. On that day, Gabriel Ipille died, buried in an unmarked grave with no one to mourn his loss.

    Daniel Claremonte returned to Chaillot in 171 AP to the surprise and delight of his family, who’d nearly given him up for dead. He also rekindled his romance with his fiancee, Charlotte, and settled into the life that he felt always should have been his.

    Charlotte was the first person to realize that an imposter had claimed the life of her betrothed. Rather than expose Gabriel or blackmail him, however, Charlotte aided him. The old Daniel was a boring man, both personally and sexually. His doppelganger's will to power and intensity mirrored her own. The pair married the following year and spent the next twenty years enjoying their marriage, other lovers, dinner parties, and quietly maneuvering Daniel into position to become a political leader among the Landen of Rennes Province.

    One year ago, he won the election to the Landen Council as the Artois Representative after a hard-fought campaign full of personal attacks, blackmail, and nasty tricks on both sides. Now that he’s on the Council, Daniel seeks to make the Landen the rulers of Chaillot, to decrease the Blood’s influence on the island, and to keep his seat of power for years to come. Charlotte is a strange combination of his closest advisor, best friend, and secret weapon against his enemies. Daniel would have it no other way.

    He will kill to keep his secrets and to keep the life that should always have been his. He'll kill to keep Charlotte at his side and in his bed. He'll kill to keep his seat on the Landen Council until he's good and ready to give it up.

    Daniel Claremonte will be buried a hero among the Landen of Chaillot.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Daniel Claremonte’s life was better than he ever dreamed. He’d been married to the same woman for twenty years, a woman who respected him enough to let him have the occasional dalliance now and again. Charlotte got along with his parents. She handled the planning for all of his social dinners and community outreach programs, often approaching donors and allies on his behalf because people enjoyed spending time in her company. She provided sound advice whenever a policy issue arose that he couldn’t immediately decide upon. She kept him focused on the present while reminding him to plan for the long-term.

    And twenty years later, they still fucked like it was their wedding night.

    Daniel wondered what he’d done to earn such good fortune. Then he remembered.

    He walked the last few steps up stone walkway to front door where he was met by their butler, Bontemps. The older man took his coat even as he shrugged his way out of it, glad to be home for the night.

    Good evening, sir.

    Good evening, Bontemps. Is Charlotte home?” he asked, looking down the hall to his study. He had a ton of correspondence to address. He’d be up all night trying to answer it, but he didn’t want to start without seeing his wife, if she was home.

    She’s upstairs, sir. She asked that you see her immediately upon your arrival.” she said.

    Daniel looked back to the butler, raising a brow in query, but the older man gave nothing away. Daniel nodded and then headed up the stairs to their bedroom, mind racing. Was this it? Had she finally decided that she was done? Daniel forced himself to calm down, stopping at the top of the steps to get his thoughts in order. Don’t assume anything. Do not jump to conclusions. If she wanted to speak to him as soon as he arrived, she had news.

    Do not be pregnant. Do not be pregnant.

    He knocked twice, softly, and then pushed the door. She was sitting in her favorite spot at the window, cigarette in hand. She wouldn’t smoke if she was pregnant. Charlotte never let herself get riled in public. If she was going to lose her composure, she did so when no one else was around. If she was this calm right now, it was because she’d taken action already and was about to tell him what she’d done to solve the problem. Sometimes, he thought she’d make a better member of the Landen Council than he. She was cool, but not cold. Intelligent and beautiful in ways that most women only pretended to.

    He loved her more than he’d ever say and more than she’d ever know.

    He sat down beside her, grasping her neck and threading his fingers into her dark hair. He pulled it often enough that she knew the difference between his greetings and his demands. Hefelt the subtle shift, the loosening of her posture as she relaxed in his grip.

    ”I killed your mother today,”

    It was Daniel’s turn to visibly relax. He sighed, a sound of immense relief escaping his lips.

    You scared me. I thought you were going to say you were pregnant.” Daniel said, his heart rate slowing to a manageable level. Still, the death of Sidonie Claremonte was going to be an issue. People still weren’t done grieving Gaspard Claremonte, his late father. Of course, the love story that was Sidonie’s and Gaspard’s marriage was known to most of Rennes. People would likely think she died of a broken heart after her husband’s untimely passing from heart failure. Sad times, indeed.

    Where is she?” he asked, as though he’d asked after an article of clothing or a book.

    Tell me how it happened.

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    Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Daniel Claremonte
« Reply #1 on: Oct 28, 17, 04:54:01 AM »
Ready for review.

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Re: Daniel Claremonte
« Reply #2 on: Oct 28, 17, 09:27:24 AM »
Stamp of approval from my camp. He looks great.

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Re: Daniel Claremonte
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Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Daniel Claremonte
« Reply #4 on: Oct 31, 17, 02:47:23 AM »
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159