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Author Topic: Charlotte Claremonte  (Read 12544 times)

Description: Landen Female. Played by Phedre

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Charlotte Claremonte
« on: Oct 28, 17, 04:54:31 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Charlotte Rose Claremonte
Nicknames: Rose, but only by Daniel. Everyone else calls her Charlotte.
Age and Birth Year: 45 (148 AP)
Race: Short lived Landen
Caste:  None
Birth Territory: Chaillot, Terreille
Home Territory: Chaillot, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Damn your Jewels
Offering Jewel: straight to Hell

Role: Artois Representative’s Wife
Faction: Landen Council


Play By: Emmanuelle Vaugier
Distinguishing Features:

Charlotte’s hair seems to shift shade depending on the lighting and whether she is outdoors. Sometimes a soft brown, others a deep brunette, and others still streaked with sun kissed strands of dark honey. Her eyes are dark, darker than most of the women in Chaillot, which makes her stand out in a sea of blues and greens. She always appears to be in control and have everything at hand, with the exception of during sex, the one time she allows her guard down.



Charlotte’s ambition is outstripped possibly only by her love of power and her love for her husband, two things that are inextricably linked together. She knows what she wants and she will do what is needed to obtain it. More than that, she will do it gracefully, flawlessly, and with a smile on her face. The public image that she projects for both she and Daniel is essential to their rise in status within the Landen community and now, the Landen Council. Nothing is beyond reach for them if they work together, something that Charlotte has internalized to not be a simple saying but to be the absolute truth of her reality.

Her loyalty is absolute. While many people would name her family, friend, or even a pleasant acquaintance, none realize that she would discard them without another thought if that was what was required to further her and Daniel toward their goals. He is the only person she holds loyalty to, the only person who is safe from her harsh practicality to reach her ends as he is a part of everything she does. What she desires she desires for them.

While this is at the core of her, and her marriage, she is uncompromising in her demand for autonomy over both her own body and her sexuality. While she is loyal to the life that she and Daniel have built, and while they continue to enjoy a very fulfilling sex life, she seeks sexual partners elsewhere as well. She is incredibly discreet, often ensuring with blackmail that nothing of her sexual exploits will ever be revealed. It is not her husband she keeps these from, on the contrary, she tells him about them in explicit detail, but rather the rest of the world. She has a reputation to maintain, and will not allow anything to compromise her image.

Daniel is the only bond she feels any emotional attachment for and they are extremely co-dependent on the other. Of course both would say this is a positive thing that helps strengthen their marriage, but in reality, if they were separated or if one of them were to die, it is unlikely the other would be able to function in any kind of positive manner.

In public, Charlotte is warm and giving, forever the support behind her husband and his brilliance. In private, she is cool, practical, and half of the brilliance her husband portrays. It is common for them to work as a team and he often seeks her advice when he needs another point of view, or just her reassurance that what he is doing is the correct choice. She thinks quickly and is extremely well read, keeping herself at all times informed of the most recent events. Her advice tends to be wise and keeps the long game in mind. She offers solutions with a view to the future, always with the goal of reaching her ultimate desire: A Chaillot ruled by Landen and not by Blood. 

  • 1 Being Mrs. Daniel Claremonte. Charlottte loves her husband, her marriage, and the status that both offer her. She has helped Daniel rise to where he is politically, and takes both joy and pride standing at his side as his wife. They have reached a solid step that they have been working toward with his being elected, and Charlotter is proud of both her husband and her place as his wife.
  • 2 Power. Charlotte has always hungered for power. Money is useful, but power, now that is what she truly seeks. Together, she and Daniel have secured the beginnings of power, but they intend to go much further. All the way to ruling Chaillot, if Charlotte has her way. 
  • 3 Appearances. Charlotte cares very much about how things appear. It doesn’t matter how they are. It matters how they appear. If Remy is lusting after his brother’s wife and Sidonie is deeply grieving the loss of her husband, she will still pull off an event where they look like a perfectly happy family, never allowing anyone outside of Daniel to see the truth of things.

  • 1 Pity. Charlotte and Daniel do not have children. The pity that she receives for this, the looks from family and strangers alike, anger her. They do not know her and do not know her choices. She is not less of a woman for not being a mother and is quick to correct anyone who might imply as much. It is perhaps one of the few times she will be seen to lose her temper in public. 
  • 2 Weak will. They are Landen. They do not have the ability to fall back on Jewels and magic. But what they do have is their will. They have the ability to make a better Chaillot with their own hands, not with unknown power. Any Landen who shows her a weak will is likely to ignite her irritation and possibly receive a firm lecture from the sharper side of her tongue. 
  • 3 Boring sex. Life is too short for boring sex. If Charlotte takes a lover who bores her, she will not only never see that lover again, she may even walk out during the encounter. She doesn’t care if this might emotionally impact the other person. Their emotions are not her responsibility.  Luckily, Daniel’s skill has ensured this has never been an issue with her husband.
  • 1 Dark Jeweled Blood. The Blood deserved a wide berth. They also deserved to go somewhere else and allow the Landen to govern themselves. Her position at Daniel’s side has allowed her certain secrets that others would not possess, like knowledge of what the residents of Dark Haven are capable of. While she was taught a respect and fear for the Blood from an early age, she did not truly understand how dangerous Dark Jeweled Blood could be. She has a near phobia of them, and would likely be completely paralyzed if faced with one.   
  • 2 That Daniel's past will be discovered. Charlotte will go to any lengths to ensure this is not revealed. She supported him absolutely when he killed his father, Gaspard, two years ago after the man had found out. Gaspard attacked him, but even if that had not been the case, killing for their lives is not too great a price to protect their secret. If they were to revealed, their lives and reputations would be ruined, and everything they have worked towards would simply be gone. 
  • 3 Getting pregnant. It's unlikely to occur at her age, but she has managed this long without it occurring and she just needs to make it through a few more years and it will no longer be an issue. Instead of easing her mind, the older she gets, the more certain she is that she is going to find herself with child, anxiously waiting for her cycle every month and feeling intense relief when it comes. 
Life Story

Mother: Chantal Roche 70 (122 AP)
Father: Robin Roche 74 (118 AP)
Siblings: none
Husband: Daniel Claremonte, 50 (142 AP), married 172 AP
Father-in-law Gaspard Claremonte, 78 deceased 190 AP
Mother-in-law Sidonie Claremonte 78 deceased 192 AP
Brother-in-Law: Remy Claremonte 45 (147 AP)

Charlotte Rose Roche was an only child. This fact has informed her personality far more than one might think. She did not grow up being expected to share what was hers and only on rare occasion did she interact with other children near her in age. This left her very capable of communicating with adults from an early age. Some of her earliest memories are sitting at the dinner table listening to her parents speak about politics and issues that impacted the Landen in their home of Chaillot. She learned to fear and respect the Blood, for they had powers that were neither well understood nor well controlled.

But she also learned that the Landen had a great deal on their side. They had numbers, and passion. They had brilliant people among them who were actively working on changing the way the land was cultivated. She learned that the tithes were outrageous, and grew to be part of the movement that caused the Landen to rebel against paying these tithes. Why should the Landen need to pay for the Blood to live in luxury and while they went without themselves? They were more than capable of building and sailing ships and reaping a solid crop. The Purge had been one of the best things to happen for the Landen, liberating them from their overlords’ incessant control.

Time had passed, and the Blood were gaining in strength again. That was the opposite of what a young Charlotte had wanted. Her parents cared little for that though, instead securing a proper marriage for her with a young man six years her elder named Daniel Claremonte. He was perfectly appropriate, from a perfectly respectful family, and perfectly boring. The most exciting thing he ever did was get kidnapped. While Charlotte did not openly hope for his death, his disappearance gave her the freedom to pursue her own interests. Other men were held at bay by her deep commitment to her missing betrothed, while his absence allowed her the lack of wifely duties to attend meetings and study the politics of the Landen’s rights and responsibilities.

She grew more convinced than ever that the Landen had not only the right, but the ability to govern themselves. She wrote several pamphlets on the fact, using a pen name so that her work could not be traced back to her. She was finally starting to have a voice when something wretched happened: Daniel Claremonte returned from the dead.

His family gave him a rather short time to rest before throwing him a lavish welcome home party, as if he were returning from a trip across the Realm and not from being imprisoned for several years. His mother, Sidonie, had warned her that he was different after having been imprisoned for so long, but that if she could just look beyond that, she was sure she would recognize her Danny…

And she did. She recognized the way he looked, the way he walked, even the sound of his voice. But the things that were different, things that no one else seemed to notice, but she certainly did, she recognized those to be signs that he was certainly a different man. Entirely.

Instead of expose him, she agreed to give this relationship with the new and improved Daniel Claremonte a shot. A year later they were wed, and both families were thrilled. Privately, Daniel and Charlotte found their way with each other, keeping up appearances at all times while working toward their own heart’s desires without anyone outside the two of them being the wiser.   

Their marriage was like any other in that sometimes they fought, and sometimes they didn’t leave bed for days. Sometimes they hurt each other deeply, and forgiveness had to be earned. But in many ways, it was a very different arrangement than anyone knew. Charlotte had an appetite and desire for freedom that led to her sleeping with other people on a steady basis. They renewed their vows every year, rededicating themselves to their chosen path. Every year, she offered him the words, I will walk through fire for you and what we strive to achieve. I will guard your back no matter how much you fuck me over, and we both know you will. I will trust you to guard my back no matter how much I fuck you over, and we both know I will. We are stronger together. I have never left you, and I will never leave you.

Now he is the Atrois Representative, and she is the perfect political wife, in every way. At least, that is how things appear.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Charlotte Claremonte was an excellent daughter-in-law. She always remembered birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. She hosted the family holidays so that her husband’s parents would not have to carry the burden. She remembered how her mother-in-law preferred the Winsol decorations and her father-in-law liked his meat cooked. She was beautiful, charming, well spoken, and a delight to have in the family. She even worked hard to ensure that Daniel and his brother Remy continued to have a good relationship. The only failing that could ever have been stated in her was that she had not provided them with grandchildren, but then, that was something they had all come to terms with some time ago.

She had held Sidonie’s hand after Gaspard’s death, offering her gentle reassurance and being a soft shoulder to cry on. They had her over for dinner more frequently in the two years since Gaspard’s passing and it was not uncommon for she and Charlotte to meet during the day for tea or to go shopping. In this as in all things, Charlotte held the appearance of being the daughter-in-law every woman would be lucky to have.

And she was. Until today. 

Charlotte had already showered and redressed herself, after scrubbing the scarlet drops from their beautiful wooden table. The chair would need to be refurbished, there was nothing to do for it, but she had spilled red wine over it to ensure there would be no question as for the need. It had required some creativity in order to move Sidonie’s rapidly cooling body, but she had managed. Everything looked perfectly proper, with the exception of one less extra chair against the wall in the dining room, something unlikely to be noticed by anyone but her and the explanation prepared if it was.

She sat at the window in the living room and blew smoke out into darkening evening. When she heard Daniel at the front door, she stretched her neck, knowing there would be a long night ahead of them. He came to where she sat and joined her, sitting down with her at the small table set near the window for exactly this reason. She offered him the cigarette and he accepted, taking it with one hand while the other slid to the back of her neck, grasping her possessively. It relaxed her.

”I killed your mother today,” she stated without emotion or preamble.

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Re: Charlotte Claremonte
« Reply #1 on: Oct 28, 17, 04:56:00 AM »
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Re: Charlotte Claremonte
« Reply #2 on: Oct 28, 17, 10:38:12 AM »
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Re: Charlotte Claremonte
« Reply #3 on: Oct 31, 17, 02:46:44 AM »
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