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Points of Protocol III: Respectfully Bossing a Queen

xx Points of Protocol III: Respectfully Bossing a Queen
Feb 19, 15, 10:43:07 AM by Nicole
Protocol is a system of checks and balances. As the natural order of the Blood gives ruling power to females -- as only females can be Queens -- Protocol serves to give men some equal partnership. It also balances out the drive many Queens have to work themselves and their courts to exhaustion.

There's a good example of this when Gray is training to be a First Escort, and he's exhausted by the end of the first day.

"You didn't rememeber the part about the First Escort being able to insist on rest breaks, but I figure you'll learn that Protocol fast enough for self-preservation if for nothing else."
-- Daemon to Gray in Shalador's Lady.

The First Escort and, indeed, the First Circle seems to have considerable latitude to boss their Queens. This privilege seems to be particularly common between Warlord Princes and Queens they serve.

"When Protocol is being observed and a Warlord Prince makes a request of his Queen, she graciously yields to his request unless she's no longer willing to have him serve."
-- Saetan in Daughter of the Blood.

Reasonable requests like stopping for a meal, resting, handling certain tasks are all within the purview of a male serving a queen. A functional court uses Protocol to make sure a Queen gets what she needs. The Queen, in turn, is bound to hear and consider these requests -- and for the most part, comply with them, or at least explain herself.

While there are more formalized aspects of the relationships between the Queen and her court, you can take many of these interactions as a model for most male and female interactions.

For example, Escort's Privilege is something any male acting as an escort to a female may claim. (Check out The Invisible Ring for several examples of this -- both pertaining to a queen and not.) This allows the male some latitude to do what he deems necessary to keep a woman in his charge -- even if temporarily -- safe. This includes everything from insisting she eat breakfast to staying nearby while she's sleeping.

This is an example of where we can adapt our play in our AU -- Anne Bishop doesn't list every single perk of Escort's Privilege, but it can be interpreted fairly broadly. A good little detail to have in your back pocket the next time you're dealing with a surly female in character.

What other instances might Escort's Privilege come into play? What other examples can you think of using Protocol to help keep a court running smoothly?

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xx Re: Points of Protocol III: Respectfully Bossing a Queen (Reply 1)
Feb 19, 15, 11:28:24 AM by Dany
Kudos. This is one of the aspects of the world that I love most about the BJT universe. Protocol evens so many playing fields and keeps everyone in check
xx Re: Points of Protocol III: Respectfully Bossing a Queen (Reply 2)
Feb 19, 15, 03:03:23 PM by Jamie
Which can too often be overlooked, but it is fundamentally the back bone of this society which is also what I adore!
xx Re: Points of Protocol III: Respectfully Bossing a Queen (Reply 3)
Feb 19, 15, 03:10:35 PM by Nicole
nd coming from the perspective of someone who comes to the board not having read the books first...

Our traditional idea of a Queen is someone who rules and who must be obeyed. But, when you think of the castes as people who are driven to act in certain ways -- sometimes even to their own detriment -- these rules make sense. A healer needs an escort because she might drain her jewels helping someone else, not because she's dopey -- but because of what she is. She has a compulsion.

Queens have a compulsion to rule and to tend to the land and tend to people, and they will do it to exhaustion if their courts don't step in and talk some sense.

And while I'm sure no one character is driven by their caste to the point they are out of control ALL THE TIME, it is a common enough thing that the Blood have compensated for this through Protocol. In the case of Queens, the court has to boss her back.
xx Re: Points of Protocol III: Respectfully Bossing a Queen (Reply 4)
Feb 20, 15, 03:42:41 PM by phinneas
I love the balance that this brings. You have these characters - Warlord Princes, for instance - who can be so powerful and so dangerous. Sometimes it's weird to think of them being 'controlled' by a woman for any reason. But it's important to remember that the bond runs both ways. It's a choice for the male to submit to his Queen. Just as it's a choice for the Queen to respect the rights of her males.
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