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The Queen's Bond

xx The Queen's Bond
Feb 19, 15, 10:25:37 AM by Nicole
One of the more interesting original relationship concepts in the Black Jewels books is the idea of the Queen's Bond.

This happens when a male (and in much more rare cases, a female) and a Queen are drawn to each other to serve and protect. The bond forms instantly, and from descriptions in the books, seems to be felt more acutely by the men than by the queens -- though, I imagine that might vary.

One of the best descriptions and explanations of how this happens is in The Shadow Queen, when Jaenelle (a very experienced queen) is coaching Cassidy (a fairly new queen to ruling) on how to choose a court.

"It's simple," Jaenelle said. "You stand in front of them and let them all get a look at you. Say something so they can hear your voice. Then you wait. Many are going to feel disappointed -- and some will feel bitter about it because they don't realize it's part of forming a court. For most of them, you won't be the right Queen to serve -- at least not in the First Circle. They'll need to look at the other Queens. But the ones who do belong to you -- you may not recognize it immediately, since you've never felt it, but they'll know. Some will approach you and look relaxed or relieved because they've finally found something they've needed. Others will be wary when they approach because they aren't sure if they can trust the instincts that are pushing them to hand over their lives and surrender to your rule. As each man approaches, look him in the eyes. If something inside you says, 'This one belongs to me,' then he does."
-- The Shadow Queen.

Jaenelle then adds that the Warlord Princes who belong to her will want to sniff her neck -- and not to make a fuss about it. It's later explained it's not sexual -- and that the bond isn't necessarily sexual. In fact, most of the time, it's not.

However, it is viewed as a kind of love, and as such, it's not infallible. It can sour, it can break, it can die if not properly nourished.

"I served a Queen before I turned rogue. She was the reason I turned rogue. I never felt the pull with her that I feel with Cassie. I don't think I could turn away from Cassie, no matter what she did at this point."

"That bond can wane or break, like any other kind of love," Saetan said. Having faced the possibility of killing a son in order to save his Queen, he knew what Talon was feeling, but there wasn't much comfort he, or anyone else, could give this man."

- Talon and Saetan talking in Shalador's Lady.

I love that passage, because it shows how the Queen's bond can tear a man's loyalties. It also indicates that if a Queen abuses her males, over time she can destroy and corrupt the bond between them -- something that we don't often see play out.

What's your favorite queen's bond dynamic? What kind of relationship would you like to see play out related to the queen's bond?

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xx Re: The Queen's Bond (Reply 1)
Feb 19, 15, 03:14:23 PM by Nicole
Since I wrote this ages ago, there have been some great examples on the board of how the bond plays out. I really love how Maarika explains it to Severin, a guy who has spent his life in fear of being bound to some scary Glacian queen:

"Selfish and short-sighted people come in all castes, Queens included," she agreed, gently, while she stroked his cheek. "I cannot even claim to have never been selfish or shortsighted, myself. But I try very hard to be otherwise. And even if I did not, I am at least wise enough to know that hurting you would only bring harm upon myself. The Bond runs two ways, after all." She smirked a little at the last, as though she thought he'd enjoy that reminder. "People outside of the Bond often paint it too coarsely. Master and Slave. Queen and Servant. It's never that straightforward. At least, it shouldn’t be. We are meant to be partners, Prince. We're meant to help each other. To strengthen each other. When you prosper, I prosper. When you hurt, I will hurt. As a Queen I must divide my time between several people, whereas you will only bond with one. But do not think for a moment that that means I will not feel it keenly every time you go away from me."
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