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For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: The Runs of Askavi, Terreille  (Read 4342 times)


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The Runs of Askavi, Terreille
« on: Mar 30, 14, 12:22:17 PM »
The Runs

There are six Runs in Askavi, Terreille. These are places where the mountain regions of Askavi form canyons that are ideal training or testing grounds for Eyrien warriors. They all require intensive flight skill and are completely off limits to adolescents and children. Women, as a general rule, are prohibited from these areas since they are training grounds and women are not warriors.  Most of the Runs have Healer's Eyries stationed either at the beginning or end of the Run for warriors who have gotten hurt but, as a general rule, areas near Runs are often uninhabited.

Khaldharon Run
Located in the North Snow Cliff District, Khaldaron Run is the most dangerous of all the Runs in Askavi Terreille. It runs for only eight miles, but the shape of the canyon, created by the steepest mountains provides the most dangerous challenge. The Run itself requires change of altitude and flight maneuvering where the mountains sometimes come so close together it is nearly impossible to fly through at full speed. The Run at one point doubles back and unskilled warriors find a quick hard end at this unexpected turn.  Many an Eyrien has broken his wings or worse in an attempt to fly the Khaldharon Run.

Blood Run
Located in the Fell Valley West District, the Blood Run is the second most dangerous Run in all of Askavi.  Although this particular Run boasts Wind threads for the lighter jewels, Wind traffic through it is notably absent. Physical winds cut through the mountains, creating gusts of upwards of thirty miles an hour on average that die down or rise up abruptly. Too little control over flight inertia during a spontaneous wind gust has caused the death or serious injury to many an Eyrien warrior.

Hush Run
Located in the Fell Valley East District, Hush Run is known for the silence of its canyons.  Far below the mountain spikes that create this thirty-one mile Run flows a river that is known by the same name.  Elders tell the youngsters that Hush Run is so named because of the silence of the canyons. There are no herds or villages in the entire thirty-one mile area and the cliffs are so high on either side of the Run that it creates a deafening kind of silence. Anyone old enough to remember the Battles of Fell Valley know that Hush Run is so called because of the silence of death that comes so soon after the battle cries of thousands of Eyrien warriors.

Sanirian Run
Located in the North Living Lake District, Sanirian Run is named after an Eyrien witch who had to fly this moderately dangerous Run after an attack of her Blood village by Jhinkas. With their coming onslaught, Sanirian carried a wounded child across this pass in the mountains, in order to warn a neighboring village. Because that village had enough warning, they were able to squash the Jhinka uprising. Whatever the Run had been named before her momentous flight, it was afterwards renamed colloquially after Sanirian and at this point no one remembers what it had been called initially.

Shadows Run
Located in the Black Forest West District, Shadows Run is so named because of the strange stone structures that overshadow the Run.  Many Eyrien  say that stone does not cleave this way naturally and that Shadows Run was made by Eyrien craftsmen to create a kind of Run which would test an Eyrien warrior’s Craft as well as flight skill. Indeed Shadows Run creates a different kind of challenge because even during the brightest day, the overhanging rock formations create a deep gloom and shadow.  Those who train for the Shadows Run specifically learn to create balls of witchlight and keep them suspended before them in the distance in order to avoid any hidden obstacles in the darkness. It should go without saying that during the night this Run becomes incredibly dangerous, perhaps as much as the Blood Run itself.

Loop Run, also known as Border Run
Located in the South Snow Cliffs District, Loop Run is also known as Border Run, both colloquial names for a Run which long ago lost its officially known name. The Run, at two hundred and seventy-three miles is the longest Run in all of Askavi. It is also the only Run that leads out of Askavi and into Shalador for those who dare to cross it. Despite being notoriously long,  the Loop Run can be escaped at many spots and does boast Wind threads in a few places ranging all the way to Sapphire.