Blood Rites

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Title: Provinces and Districts
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Fell Valley

Ruler of Fell Valley: Open

Ruler of East Fell Valley: Open
Ruler of West Fell Valley: Open

Fell Valley was once a fertile land, but it now stands as a barren mountain range. It was once called Klaren Ebne. That was before thousands of Eyrien warriors fell to their deaths here. It is said nothing has been able to properly grow since. This Province has experienced the greatest hardships and has fought the fiercest to expand their borders, pitting them against the rulers of Snow Cliff, Great Meadow, and Living Lake.

Living Lake

Ruler of Living Lake: Rhaegar Kree (; Opal to Red Warlord Prince

Ruler of North Living Lake: Open
Ruler of South Living Lake: Open

Living Lake has been a source of both food and water for the surrounding land for generations. This portion of Askavi is highly guarded. The neighboring Territories of both Raej and Pruul lack sufficient water and the Eyriens do not want their neighbors coming over to take what is theirs. The jhinka often attempt to strike here as well. To protect this essential resource, several War Camps have been established in the mountains surrounding Living Lake. Small fishing communities are commonly found along the lake itself. 

Black Forest

Ruler of Black Forest: Open

Ruler of East Black Forest: Open
Ruler of West Black Forest: Belar Kajaran  ( Eye to Summer Sky Warlord Prince

The Black Forest rests in the immense shadows of the northern most mountain range of Askavi. The trees there grow so thick, you can’t see the sky from the ground, creating the sense that it is always dark in the forest. This is where the majority of the logging in Askavi occurs, one of the only remaining industries that still brings in money to the Territory. As such, Black Forest has more financial resources than the other Provinces and the borders surrounding the the Province and the Districts within are under fierce debate by the surrounding areas. The most highly financially supported Hunting Camp also exists within the mountains of Black Forest.

Snow Cliff

Ruler of Snow Cliff: Damirian Volaric Yellow to Rose Queen (adoptable NPC)

Ruler of North Snow Cliff: Nevenar Rajic Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord Prince (adoptable NPC)
Ruler of South Snow Cliff: Radanar Skender Tiger Eye to Rose Warlord Prince (adoptable NPC)

Much of Snow Cliff remains covered in snow six to eight months out of the year. The land in North Snow Cliff has managed to thrive better than anywhere else in Askavi, in large part due to the Kriat family’s magic coursing through part of the area. As with much of Askavi, Snow Cliff is an area that is largely navigated by flight. Those without wings would have difficulty living here. 

Great Meadow

Ruler of Great Meadow: Milenar Konstantinov; Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince

Ruler of North Great Meadow: Open
Ruler of South Great Meadow: Open

Great Meadow is the lowlands in Central Askavi. What farming is done in Askavi mainly occurs here, as does much of the raising of livestock. Weaving is also a common profession. The land has suffered with the lack of the Queen’s Gift and does not yield enough crops for either the people or the animals. 

The Capital

High in the snow covered mountains is where Illyrian’s land lies. Gravesend has been ruled by the Kriat line for millennia. Once part of North Snow Cliff, it now stands as the Capital of Askavi  as the Territory Seat has moved to the Queen’s Eyrie in Illyrian’s home forest. The land surrounding Gravesend is flourishing, nourished throughout the centuries by the old rites of the Blood. It is one of the only places in all of Askavi where the land is healthy and strong.