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Title: Hunting Camps
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The Hunting Camps

It is common and accepted practice for Eyrien males to be removed from their homes closely after their Birthright Ceremony and sent to an Eyrien Hunting Camp to hone their skills as warriors. The adolescence of a Blood child is often tumultuous and the temper of Eyrien males makes this an even more violent and dangerous time. It is seen in the best interest for both the boy and the family for them to be separated. As painful as it is for Eyrien mothers to hand over their sons, they know this is their duty and their responsibility as the mother of a future Eyrien warrior. This education is distinctly unique to Eyrien males and their training in Craft differs significantly from the females as a result of it. While other Territories allow their adolescents to mingle and explore their new found relationships with each other, Eyrien males are kept away from Eyrien females until they have completed their training.

The Dark Altars near the Hunting Camps have Priestesses specially trained in assisting warriors on the edge of manhood to prepare for their Offerings. Each Spring, the new crop of young and virile warriors returns to Eyrien society fresh from their Offerings and prepared mentally and physically to cross onto any battlefield. This is marked by large celebrations throughout Askavi. The boys  are now considered men and are granted the rights and responsibilities that entails.

There are Hunting Camps scattered through out Askavi and they are known for different strengths. It is common for those who have successfully completed their training to return to teach future generations of Eyrien males. It is also common for those with the financial capacity to support the Hunting Camp they came up through. Boys who show early promise are often recruited to one of the more well known and prosperous camps, while boys without station or clear early ability are relegated to the camps with less sterling reputations. This pushes Eyrien parents to focus on the need for their boys to show the signs of a warrior early on, continuing the cycle. The Hunting Camps are a place where young males attempt to prove themselves and older males train, school, and harshly discipline the younger ones. This training ties into the training for the Runs, also located throughout Askavi. Annual competitions occur to see who is the fastest, the deadliest, and the best.