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For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: History of Gravesend  (Read 9205 times)


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History of Gravesend
« on: May 18, 12, 02:23:53 PM »
Gravesend’s Timeline

973 BP: After seeing the horrible death toll that was sustained by the Eyriens in attempting to attack Shalador, Illyrian Kriat quietly approaches the Black Widows about the possibility of withdrawing or “hiding” Gravesend

970 BP: Illyrian goes to the Warriors of Gravesend with her proposal to isolate Gravesend from the rest of Askavi and remove themselves from the war being forced on by Savian Dakane-Ranosi. The Warriors agree.

970-670 BP: Slowly Gravesend fades from the map as the Black Widows build their webs. Gravesend offers protection to the surrounding areas. The Warriors train to protect their home.

653 BP: The Provinces are ordered to reorganize their Districts. The only remaining references to Gravesend are stripped from the remaining maps.

600 BP: Gravesend has completely faded from the area around it.

600 BP–Purge: The webs surrounding Gravesend make it difficult to find unless the intention is pure and not based in a desire to harm or control. Occasionally seekers find their way through.

0: Gravesend is hit hard by the Purge as is all of Askavi. Numerous people are killed or broken, including many of Illyrian's family and Court.

Purge till the Present: There is an influx in population after the Purge. Survivors whose families have been destroyed hear whispers of a Queen who is healing a small piece of Askavi and head toward the mountains in search of her. The Black Widows webs allow many to find her, but many more, fixed on destruction or domination, find themselves lost in the dark forests.
Gravesend's History

Three years had passed since the border raids had ceased, since Gravesend had lost some of its strongest Warriors to the Red Queen’s greed. It was not enough time to mourn their dead. The war continued. There was no time for mourning.

Illyrian looked out over the room full of Warriors. Each and every man returned her stare. Each of them bore their own scars. They looked their Queen in the eye despite what she had proposed.


She had not used that word when she had asked them what they would fight for, but they knew what it meant. Seal off Gravesend and no longer send Warriors to die at the Red Queen’s behest. It had taken three years for the Black Widows to devise the plan. Illyrian had presented it to the men who would have to live or die by the decision that was made. It was their lives, their honor, that was at stake. Illyrian ruled by the old ways. She would not force this choice on her men. They needed to choose so that they could feel pride in the choice that was made. She would not take their pride away from them. That Red bitch had already done that for her.

She waited until she was sure all of the Warriors had come. Finally she asked, “Who will you fight for? Will you fight for the Red Queen? Or will you fight for Gravesend?”

The roar that answered her was deafening. In one voice, the answer came. “We fight for Gravesend!”

And so it was done. The Widows began to weave. The Warriors began to train in a new manner. The surrounding areas were quietly pulled in under Gravesend’s protection. The war waged on outside of Askavi’s borders as Askavi invaded more and more of their neighbors. More than three hundred years passed as the District that was Gravesend slowly faded from maps and memories. The chaos of the war allowed the cover needed to drift into nothing but a vague memory. In 653 BP, each Province was ordered to simplify its district structure into a North and South or East and West. It was then that Gravesend slipped from the map entirely. By 600 BP, there was no trace of it at all.

Gravesend has existed isolated ever since. Those who had great need and a pure heart could find their way in. Those who did not would find themselves trapped in the webs that surrounded her borders. Illyrian has nourished the land while the Black Widows and Warriors have worked together to defend it. The old ways have continued to be practiced in this small piece of Askavi, set apart from the whole.