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* Plot Information for Askavi Terreille

For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: History of Askavi, Terreille  (Read 13088 times)


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History of Askavi, Terreille
« on: May 18, 12, 02:25:37 PM »
Great War Timeline can be found here
Timeline for Askavi Post Purge

1 AP: Askavi stands in ruins. Savian Dakane-Ranosi, the Red Jeweled Eyrien Queen who has caused so much destruction, has a change of heart and tries to make things right.

3 AP: The Terreille nations demand reparations from Askavi for the Great War. Fearing invasion by Terreille forces, Askavi agrees and begins payments to each Territory of Terreille. Conquered Territories receive more but all Territories in Terreille receive reparations.

123 AP: Savian Dakane-Ranosi, Queen of Askavi, is slain. Her brother, Tasiar Dakane, a Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince takes over rule of Askavi.

185 AP: Endevar Ranosi, the Black Jeweled son of the late Queen, returns to Askavi, murders his uncle, and seizes control of Askavi

186 AP: The Black Jeweled Ruler of Askavi leaves his rule under mysterious circumstances

History of Askavi, Terreille

Pre-Purge History
It is said there was blood on the moon the night Savian Dakane-Ranosi was born. Her lust for land and territory was nearly insatiable, a hunger so fierce that even her own people, the warrior bred Eyriens, fled from her battles to seek sanity and safe harbor elsewhere in the Realm. The Red Jeweled Eyrien Queen waged war on Terreille and parts of Kaeleer for 1,000 years. Only the destruction waged forth by Witch herself was enough to stop her and make her consider the ramifications of her actions. By then, it was too late.   

Purge Era
The Purge hit Askavi particularly hard. Being the epicenter of Witch’s power as it struck out over the land, the Eyriens were brutally cut down. Jewels were shattered. Lives were lost. Entire armies stood in ruins. The Red Jeweled Queen looked out over what had once been the heart of her empire and could only grieve. Askavi’s Queens lay dead, only a handful survived the Purge. The beautiful land of Askavi would not survive without its Queens. Savian took the Purge as a personal admonishment of what she had done and carried the blood of her sister Queens on her hands for the rest of her life.     

Post Purge History
After the Purge and the consequent fall of the Askavi empire, in whose shadow nearly all the Realm stood, many Eyriens sought the comfort of the cold mountains of home. Others longed to escape the stigma and poverty they finally found forced upon Askavi by drifting off into neighboring territories. After the death of Savian, her brother Tasiar Dakane took over rule of Askvi. Those who remained were scrambling for the strength of a Dark Jeweled Eyrien Queen to restore their faith in the territory, in their very nature.  What they got instead was a young wingless Warlord Prince who wore nothing short of the Black.

Witch had worn the Black and their entire realm had struggled against subjugation by a Queen who wore the Red. How could they trust a man who had been raised as a Hayllian to lead their territory, to restore their people and their lands? And so the reign of Endevar Ranosi was over before it had even begun. The Court was besieged by underhandedness, spying, and controversy, even in the face of the Black’s power.  And in the end, no one won, as Endevar Ranosi resigned under duress in the midst of strange circumstances and rumors of paternity.   

Modern History
Askavi is the Dark Mountain. The mountain still stands, dark and glorious as it ever was, but the land surrounding it is suffering. The winged Eyriens, once the defenders and protectors of Askavi, have been forced to ravage the land even further, stripping Askavi of her minerals and gems in an effort to repay the restitution they owe the rest of the Realm. The land has offered up all she can and still the other Territories demand more. Askavi stands on the brink of complete desolation. The land has nothing left to give.

The people are angry. They have carried the burden of paying for past sins for far too long. There are too few Queens among the Eyriens. Their pride and focus on pure blood means they will accept no other Queens to rule over them. That pride is what has allowed them to survive in a Territory that is only a sliver of its former self, but that pride is also leading directly to their imminent downfall. Without Queens to heal the land, the earth cannot recover. Without Queens to rule, the Courts of the Territory are in chaos. Still a warrior race, they have turned on each other, desperately seeking what little resources still exist. Province rulers argue continuously over where the Province and District boundaries are, claiming as much land as they can in an effort to support their failing economy. The Districts cannot afford to pay taxes to more than one Province. In response to these demands from multiple Provinces, they have stopped paying the taxes that would normally be passed up to the Provinces and to the Territory.   
Askavi was once again left to its own devices, a patchwork court made up of Ranosi’s most dedicated supporters doing their best to hold together what they could so that a new Queen could rise and take her place among the people. Renvar Yatskaya, Endevar’s Master of the Guard, has ruled the Territory in absence of a Queen, but he knows Askavi cannot survive if things continue as they have. A new Queen must be found to rule the Eyrien people and to heal the scarred land.