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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Askavi Terreille

For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
Culture of Askavi
Castes of Askavi
Eyrien Warriors
Hunting Camps
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Author Topic: Culture of Askavi, Terreille  (Read 4496 times)


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Culture of Askavi, Terreille
« on: Mar 30, 14, 11:30:01 AM »
Askavi, Terreille

Capital City: Gravesend (Located in the Snow Cliff Province)
Notable City: Ebon Muil  (Located in the Great Meadow Province. Previous capitol, current main war camp)
Population: 1.7 million, combined of Blood & landen (not including jhinka)
Population Breakdown: 83% native to Askavi
Caste Breakdown: 80% Landen to 20% Blood

  • There is a distinct deficit of Queens in Askavi. Eyrien Queens tend to run in family lines, complicating the issue. While it is always preferred for a Queen to rule when possible, there are simply not enough available.  The land of Askavi has  suffered from both over mining and the lack of the Queens’ Gift to the land. It should be noted that no dark Jeweled native Eyrien Queens are known to exist in Askavi at present and there are no current plans for there to be any discovered. Please speak with Tal and Phedre before plotting a dark Jeweled Eyrien Queen.

  • Warlords and Warlord Princes are the most common castes found in the males, while Eyrien Princes are much more rare. The Territory was previously ruled by a Warlord Prince. Many Districts and Provinces are ruled by Warlord Princes as well.

  • Askavi was the epicenter of the Purge and was hit particularly hard. Many Eyriens were killed or Broken during the Purge. Dark Jewels are extremely rare. Please take this into consideration when creating a character for Askavi. Eyrien males are judged much more heavily on their skill on the battlefield than on their Jewel of rank.

Major Exports:
In the past, Askavi has had a surplus of mineral and gems mined from deep within the mountains. At this point in time, however, the mining has essentially ceased as the minerals have been mined to depletion in order to afford paying restitution to the rest of the Realm. The remaining major resource is lumber and the Eyrien lumber industry still flourishes, with new trees constantly being planted to replace the ones cut down.   

There is also a heavy trade in livestock, including goats, sheep, and cattle, which thrive in the Great Meadow Province of Central Askavi.

Major Imports:
As the land has yielded less and less fertile crops with each passing year, grains and produce have become the primary import into the struggling Territory. Much of Eyrien clothing is made from leather and wool, but those who want richer fabrics, or even something basic like cotton, have to have them imported from other Territories.

The climate of Askavi varies dramatically from the lowlands to the tops of the mountains, all of which is considered inhabitable by the Eyriens but would not be by those of other races. The lowlands  are protected from the harsher weather. They have a mild climate and are sprinkled with light snows in the winter. The midland mountain areas have four distinct seasons and experience snow all throughout the winter. The highest towns and villages remain in snow nearly all year long.   


{Fell Valley} (Districts: East & West)
{Living Lake} (Districts: North & South)
{Black Forest} (Districts: East & West)
{Snow Cliff} (Districts: North & South)
{Great Meadow} (Districts: North & South)

It should be noted that the Province and District boundaries have but recently been redrawn.

Eyrien males are fierce warriors trained from an early age. It is common and accepted practice for Eyrien males to be removed from their homes closely after their Birthright Ceremony and sent to an Eyrien Hunting Camp to hone their skills as warriors, where they will remain until they make their Offerings. This education is distinctly unique to Eyrien males and their training in Craft differs significantly from Eyrien females as a result of it. While other Territories allow their adolescents to mingle and explore their new found relationships with each other, Eyrien males are kept separate from Eyrien females until they have completed their training.

There are clear gender lines of what is accepted and what is not for Eyrien women. Females are not taught to fight and they do not wield weapons. It is considered a distinctly masculine activity. However, this means that the females are expected to be able to run their lives, households, businesses, and districts independently as it is never known when the men would be called to battle. Eyrien females are expected to maintain a level of independence and self sufficiency. They are the wives, daughters, and mothers of warriors and should never forget the role that they play.

Eyriens are renowned for their arrogance and there is good reason for it. Eyriens are a proud race and exhibit a great deal of prejudice toward those who do not have a pure Eyrien blood line. This arrogance often extends to the belief that they are better, stronger, and fiercer fighters than other races, regardless of Jewels worn.

Eyriens are beings of land and sky. As such, they view the world in a more three dimensional way than other races. This helps them excel at geometrical and spatial thinking. There is also a very different emphasis on safety as falling is not a frightening or threatening happening. Eyrien children are allowed a great amount of freedom to climb and explore. Eyrien towns and cities are built at all different heights, so their maps are three dimensional.

Eyrien’s homes are called eyries. Eyries are often built directly into the side of the mountain out of the stone itself. As such, an Eyrien who was born without wings or suffered an extensive injury that required their wings to be removed suffers a huge disadvantage in Askavi. They must rely on others for nearly everything or relocate to one of the villages built in the valleys between the mountains. An Eyrien who lost their wings in battle is treated with respect, but others are often shunned. Accommodations are not made for those who are mixed blood and wingless. 
Being able to defend the home is an essential aspect of Eyrien life. It is customary for the darkest Jeweled family member to create protective shields that surround the eyrie. These shields have a key that allows them to be activated by other members of the household. For those without families or who prefer communal living, the Priestesses of Askavi are in charge of running the communal eyries throughout the Territory, having reclaimed them and made them safe havens after the Purge. With attacks from the Jhinka always a threat, the Black Widows of Askavi have crafted ways to help hide the family and communal eyries with webs and illusion spells, keeping the women and children safe while the warriors leave to fight off attacks.

Instability, Poverty and War
It takes money to fund wars and thanks to the Purge which happened in most living Eyriens’ lifetimes and the restitution payments necessary to the other territories, money is in short supply in Askavi.  Power is in short supply too and when power and money are gone, a territory becomes weak and vulnerable.  Provinces are in a constant search for more land or unclaimed land and because of problems between districts and provinces over borders, tithes are either not being collected in some places or collected too much in others.  In most cases these tithes never see their way up the chain towards the Territory seat, leaving the Territory Court nearly bankrupt.  The individuals of Askavi are floundering between the need for protection and the need for stability. Jhinka uprisings are fairly common and the threat of war from a spurned Territory is a legitimate fear to the Eyriens. Lack of Queens in Askavi have led to a starving, cracked land that has seen too much raw bloodshed. Crops hardly grow and much needs to be imported from nearby territories in order to supplement the meager amount that does grow within Askavi.

Physical Appearance
Eyriens have the brown skin, straight black hair, and gold eyes of all long lived races, but also have large, dark membranous wings. The males do not have facial hair and generally wear their hair long. Flight is a natural and consistent form of movement for Eyriens. Being born without wings in considered an extreme disability, much in the way we would view being born without legs. Please see the age range guide for information on aging. As with other long lived races, Eyriens reproduce less often than short lived races.

Eyrien Naming Conventions
Male names end in ar and female names end in ian. Eyrien nicknames are rarely used, generally only between close family and friends if at all. When they are used, they are shortened to the beginning of the name as the endings are all the same.