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* Plot Information for Askavi Terreille

For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: Castes of Askavi, Terreille  (Read 8928 times)


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Castes of Askavi, Terreille
« on: Mar 30, 14, 09:41:12 AM »
Castes of Askavi

Blood, Warlord, Prince or Warlord Prince does not signify amongst Eyrien males what it does in other Territories. Regardless of caste or Jewel rank, an Eyrien male, if whole and healthy, is brought up into a warrior lifestyle.  The boy begins his training at a young age, directly following his Birthright Ceremony by being sent to one of the numerous Hunting Camps throughout the Territory.   Males remain at the Hunting camps, separated from females, until after their Offering. Once past their Offering ceremonies, most Eyriens continue on the same Warrior’s path, learning to protect and defend, some joining War Camps or becoming Warrior Guards.   The men of Askavi seldom retain positions that require their presence at home or at a sedate position. Often these males also become alumns of the Hunting Camps where they were taught, choosing to teach the younger generations as well. 

The Healers of Askavi are extremely skilled at mending torn flesh and broken bone. A Warrior’s wounds are often a gruesome sight and Healers are taught from the beginning of their training how to approach even the most bloody scene with a cool head and steel stomach. The Healers who handle the War Camps live in a specially designated Healer's Eyrie set apart from the Camps but close enough to reach quickly. They reside there with a journey maid Healer and a specially trained male called a Warden whose sole job is to protect and provide for the Healers in his charge. Healers are some of the only females who ever encounter the men in the Hunting Camps and the War Camps and only when they are in need of a Healer’s assistance. As such, part of their unique training is how to navigate and effectively handle the tempers and attitudes of Eyrien males. Healers in Askavi need to be able to stare down a fully trained Eyrien Warrior without blinking or flinching. They are treated with a great amount of respect as nearly every Warrior has seen with their own eyes a friend or family member who had their lives saved at a Healer’s hands. Other Healers are also often assigned a Warden as it has been found that they cannot be trusted with their own health and safety, even outside of the War Camps.   

The Coven
The Coven possesses unusual prestige in Askavi as they have been instrumental in keeping the peace of the Territory throughout the tumultuous centuries since the Purge.  With Askavi at its lowest point in  millennia and more vulnerable than ever, particularly with the diminished number of Eyrien warriors in the face of Jhinka uprisings and Province bickering, the Black Widow Sisterhood has risen to the occasion. They have been defending the vulnerable villages and districts as well as the poorly defended borders of the Territory, altering and manipulating their specialized Craft for the good of the territory. These women have perfected the arts of misguidance, illusion spells, tangled webs, confusions, and compulsion spells in the name of Askavi. Unfortunately, this work carries a terrible risk. The Black Widows of Askavi must spend extended periods of time walking dangerously close to the edges of the Twisted Kingdom in order to maintain their webs and spells. Their battlefield looks different than their warrior brethren, but it is no less treacherous and the causalities are equally high. The Coven is extremely focused on protecting the minds, bodies, Jewels, and Craft of its members and does not waste time on political bids for power. The fight to remain sane requires far too much time and energy to bother with matters better left to those not equipped with the skills to help the warriors fight. The internal Coven hierarchy is stable. A great deal of respect is afforded to those Black Widows who hold positions of power as they have consistently proven their own strength and skill through their ability to remain unerringly sane.     

At one time, the communal eyries were not protected or regulated. They were violent places where both men and women suffered at the hands of others. After the Purge, the Priestesses gathered to discuss what they could do to serve the Darkness and the people of Askavi in the wake of Witch’s destruction. There were so many dead and broken, and many more who had suffered terrible losses of family and friends. The Priestesses chose to take over the the communal eyries and return to the original intent of community and safety. They now serve as sanctuaries for those in need or for those without family who would prefer to live communally than live alone. This path of training diverges from the more traditional path of tending the Dark Altars and overseeing the Rites of the Blood. There is an extremely rare gift that has been cultivated among some of the Priestesses of Askavi: the ability to spiritually connect with a male in rut and ritually drain off the excess energy. The process is dangerous and requires trust on the side of both parties, but it has kept those in the communal eyries safe. There is currently only a handful of Priestesses capable of performing this level of Craft. There are also specially trained Priestesses who attend the Dark Altars near the Hunting Camps and oversee the young Warriors crossover into manhood.

Being capable of only extended gliding but not true flight, Eyrien Landens populate the spaces at the foot of the mountains.  While the Eyrien Blood and the winged Jhinkas tend to favor higher altitudes for their dwellings, Landens remain closer to the ground. They have tracked roads between the mountains, have created cities and temples cut into the foothills of the mountains and control many of the runoff rivers and streams that coil around the cliffs.  After restitution payments began to the other Territories, many Landens could no longer afford their lives in close proximity to the Blood.  Many Landen families have fled from official villages, taking advantage of the inter-district bickering to hide in the shadows of the disputed lands where quarrels over ownership of the land allows the Landens to raise families and build houses, using excuses and convoluted explanations to escape the burden of restitution payments and heavy tithes.

The Jhinka
The Jhinka may not be Blood, but they have two distinct advantages in the land of Askavi. They are winged and they are warriors. Although the organization of this race is nowhere near as organized as the Eyriens, Jhinkas too are raised as warriors. Theirs is a primarily patriarchal and militant society. They live in the northern mountains of the territory and inhabit more than a few villages in Fell Valley as well.  In the years since the purge, these long lived warriors have found it easy to rise up against the Eyriens, preying on unprotected villages that find themselves vulnerable in border disputes.  Little is known about them except that they are often cave dwellers and wear the masks and skins of the wild animals they hunt and eat.  They are fearsome fighters and many Eyriens have fallen to their blades and arrows. Their women are skilled with poisoned projectiles and their children are taught to set deadly traps early on in childhood. The Jhinka are always a threat these days.

Note: The description of the Jhinka is included because they are a fierce opposition and constant threat, not because they are an option to choose in character creation.