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* Plot Information for Askavi Terreille

For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: Applying a Character in Askavi T: Quick Reference  (Read 8096 times)


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Applying a Character in Askavi T: Quick Reference
« on: Apr 13, 14, 09:37:05 AM »
Applying a Character in Askavi, Terreille: Quick Reference

Please keep in mind that while this list is comprehensive of exceptions and rules in Askavi Terreille, in no way should it be considered enough reading material to successfully make a character and play a character in Askavi Terrielle.  Required readings include: Culture of Askavi, Terreille and  History of Askavi, Terreille.  Territory plot tracking can be found here.

  • Askavi T was the epicenter of the Purge.  A large majority of the Dark Jewels in Askavi were broken during the Purge.  Dark Jewels in Askavi Terreille are extremely rare.

  • Dark Jeweled characters born before the Purge will need to have a broken descent except in extenuating circumstances. Tal has final say about whether a Dark Jewel in Askavi will need to be broken.

  • Dark Jeweled characters born after the Purge are more common but might be capped at some point.

  • Light Jewels should have a broken descent as well, but there is more leniency with them.

  • There are currently no known Dark Jeweled Queens in Askavi T.  Any idea for a Dark Jeweled Queen will be considered an advanced concept and will require extensive plotting with the territory leader.

  • Light Jeweled Queens are allowed, but again, they are special circumstance characters.

  • In terms of male castes, Warlords and Warlord Princes are common, Princes are less common.

  • Eyrien Males are removed from their homes shortly after their Birthright Ceremony and sent to Hunting Camps to hone their skills. They remain there until their Offering Ceremonies.

  • There are clear gender lines of what is accepted for males and what is accepted for females. Females are not taught to fight.

  • All characters born before the Purge in Askavi have some history of being part of a War. Please keep this in mind.

  • Eyriens are the Blood race that enhabit Askavi, Terreille. They are a long lived race.  They have golden/brown skin and gold eyes. They have straight black hair (although some fashion it differently) and no hair below their eyebrows.

  • Eyrien names end in "ar" for males and "ian" for women.