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Author Topic: The Exchange  (Read 1504 times)

Description: criminal underground of Askavi, Kaeleer

Offline Kirian Svetlana

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The Exchange
« on: Oct 24, 12, 07:39:28 PM »

Location: Markoth

Leader: Jolon Wauna

Threats: Eyriens, Each Other

Driven By: Greed, Power, Defiance

In the heart of Markoth, Rihlanders remember what they were before the Eyriens came. They remember, too, what it was like to work hand in hand with them, playing off of each others’ strengths and weaknesses to a mutually beneficial end. Some believe that they need to rip off the yoke and push the Eyriens from their land, while others – the growing, secretive majority – seek to profit off of the very regulations that would strangle them into submission.

The underground of Askavi, Kaeleer, has been growing for decades, but it’s only been in the past few years that it has really gained ground. When Jolon Wauna took the reins, he set out to ensure that they would be a force to be reckoned with. He defies the laws of the Eyriens on a daily basis, encouraging others to do so by his example of profitability and lack of consequences – thus far. Most of them do not realize that the ruling court primarily leaves them alone out of sheer calculation rather than ignorance, and this tempts more and more into this group.

Practicing the very things the Prohibitions are meant to keep them from doing, they have built up an element that earns a considerable amount of coin. Those who engage in it find themselves able to build up fortunes on a quick basis rather than over a lifetime, and it is extremely intoxicating and tempting to those who want to earn a fortune as well as actively defy the Eyriens in a way that does not – often – put them into extreme danger.

Unfortunately, those who are not actively involved are at risk. While most of their activities are controlled by Jolon, this does not mean that everyone is safe. Those who default on debts or anger the wrong person find that there are consequences, and some streets and halls are not safe to linger in. It is a truly dangerous lifestyle, and many find that no matter the profit, it’s wise to stay out of it at any cost before it overtakes them.

There is a different sort of parlance for those involved; no official names are given. Rather, they are referred to by the type of endeavor and the location – i.e., a Red Moon House would be a House on Ulica Areat while a Gambling Hall would be a Hall on Ulica Pokrovka. Fetching contraband would be “getting something on Presnja” and so on. (Refer to Jolon’s post.)

Not everyone is involved in this lifestyle, and not everyone sees it as beneficial, either. In fact, many see this as disastrous, a step back, and while they do not actively fight against the Exchange, this doesn’t mean that they won’t. In fact, there have been whispers that this must be fought, and there are those who oppose it – either because they think the Prohibitions keep them safe, or because they believe the Eyriens should be dealt with in a direct confrontation. Until those sides agree, though, it’s likely that they will not pose too much of a risk. The risk comes from the Exchange itself, and the Eyriens when they choose to police them.