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Author Topic: Our Lady of Summer Skies and Succor  (Read 42 times)


Offline Signe Drachlan

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Our Lady of Summer Skies and Succor
« on: Nov 08, 18, 03:54:37 PM »
Signe had wasted very little time in gathering what she needed.

She prided herself on being a resourceful Queen and her people rallied around her for her willingness to roll up her sleeves and work in the dirt alongside them. It took a few days to organize the logistics but there came a morning where a small army of Glacians appeared at the door of Ebon Varos, hauling with them aid and supplies, their Queen front and center, dressed not to impress but to get dirty with the rest of them.

At her left was her Master of the Guard and little Petra held a tight grip on her hand. Signe had debated whether or not to bring the young Queen into a situation like this but she eventually went with her gut and decided that Evony would need to see her niece. And because rumors said that Eyriens had been behind the slaughter, Khiar had volunteered to stay behind so that his presence did not arouse painful memories. Two Healers and a Black Widow who specialized in chalices were right behind Signe, ready to offering counseling and vitality to those in need. And arrayed behind that spearheading group were over two dozen Glacians, ready to clean, move, arrange -- whatever was needed of them. Even if it meant digging graves. In the carts they had brought were linens, herbs, wooden chairs, and kegs of beer. Most of the items brought were for practicality -- the last item was brought because Signe understood that some people dealt with pain in other ways.

Signe herself wasn’t sure what sort of welcome she would receive from the Black Prince. He seemed like the type to close the doors to his palace and send away help, but he could also surprise her and welcome help. That was the problem with Kalvar. Just when she thought she understood him, he twisted just a little and she was once again wrong.

“Perhaps we should bother Odinar first,” she remarked to her Master of the Guard. “I’d hate to put Kalvar in an even worse mood by showing up so unannounced.” Plus, she wanted to see the Red Jeweled Warlord Prince to check on him. Even if she didn’t see him first, she would make certain to find him during their stay.

Yet, even as she made that remark to her escort, she made up her mind otherwise. Hiding behind Odinar because of Kalvar’s bad moods was silly. With a purposeful lift to her chin, Signe strode forward, pausing only to speak with the servant that opened the door. “Tell Prince Elbremov that Avorla sends its aid,” Signe said, somewhere between imperious and sympathetic. Kalvar Elbremov outranked her in the Abyss but she was still a Queen and Queens were the heart of Blood society. “We’re here to help.” The servant scurried off to alert someone probably higher up on the command chain, someone who could either start directing able bodied people towards tasks or someone who had the authority to send that same group home.