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Author Topic: gather up your courage and knock on the door  (Read 139 times)

Description: Attn: Evony

Offline Wolf Riemann

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gather up your courage and knock on the door
« on: Mar 06, 19, 11:51:16 PM »
Occurs a few days after the Moot.

Wolf Riemann didn’t consider himself a brave man. He did not shirk his duties or run from danger, but he believed in a world where keeping to one’s self didn’t invite trouble. He didn’t live in that world, but he believed in it. If he acted the right away and did the right things at the right times, he would prosper. He did not go looking for trouble or attempt to make himself part of a world that had no place for him. The Blood were dangerous creatures and prone to overreacting to everything with extreme prejudice. He knew this. He’d seen evidence of it a thousand times over the years, between the Eyriens who oppressed them in the past and the Blood who killed each other because they could. Maybe if he was a smarter man, he’d heed the his brothers’ warnings and wash his hands of them altogether.

Today, he didn’t want to be a smarter man. He just wanted to be someone that she could count on.

Wolf closed the shop that day and cleaned everything from top to bottom. Then he gathered the Ebon Varos order in the various coldboxes prepared just for its transport and loaded them into his cart. He left that day for the dark mountain, reminding himself that he had nothing to fear. Kalvar had never said that he couldn’t come to Ebon Varos. Prince Odinar had never forbade him to do so. So long as both men hadn’t changed their minds, Wolf could make his delivery and return home in one piece. He could make sure that they were all right.

He could make sure that Evony was all right.

When he finally arrived at the base of the mountain, the sun was getting lower to the horizon. An Eyrien warrior, a tall and broad-shouldered, landed and pointed a spear at him. “State your business.

I’m here to deliver the meat shipment. I...I’m the Prince’s Butcher.

Golden eyes stared into him, through him, and Wolf wondered if he’d miscalculated his invitation.

Then the warrior smiled. “Prince Odinar says that you should come up. He’ll...have someone come to greet you.

Offline Evony Bos

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Re: gather up your courage and knock on the door
« Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 19, 11:23:30 AM »
Lady Bos, there is a guest coming in.  See to them.

Evony's eyes rolled out of sheer habit.  Odinar could be such a bossy male. Ok, it was fair to acknowledge that he was always a bossy male. Normally it didn't bother her, but... but things bothered her right now.  Between scrubbing at the walls - trying to remove the stains of bodies and other things - and the sheer exhaustion running in her veins, she just wasn't feeling as tolerant today.

Not that she'd tell him that.  As you wish, Prince Elbremov.  Formal.  Polite.  Careful.  That was the trick to getting through this nightmare.  That was the trick to keeping from putting her foot in it, or from pulling her hair out of her head and screaming like an insane woman.

She'd rather not resemble the insanity in her head right now.

So she stripped away the gloves, rolled her sleeves up, and worked at rebinding her hair up atop her head.  It was still a frizzy mess by the time she reached the front doors, but at least it wasn't the mess it had been when she first received word from Odinar that she had a guest to deal with.

The rest of the cleaning staff had learned to get out of her way when she was moving through the halls.  If she wasn't actively cleaning something right now she was downright grumpy - and that was the nicest way she'd heard her behavior described.  Oh, she'd heard some of the whispers.  People thought she needed to slow down, to breathe, to process.

No, she did not.  She couldn't.  Wouldn't.  She needed to push herself hard, needed to drive herself into an exhaustion so thick that sleep would be dreamless.  She didn't want this event and the farmhouse to blend together in her dreams.  Bad enough that it happened while she was awake.

Even just walking through the hall like this, she could feel her brother's eyes lurking in the back of her thoughts.  Empty.  Blue.  Dead.

The doors opened to the foyer, and she swept in while frustratedly brushing hair back from her face.  It just wouldn't stay up in the bun, and the frustration there almost had her growling.  "What sort of... oh.  Mr. Wolf."  She paused, her breath catching as she swallowed back the frustration.

She hadn't expected him.  She truly hadn't.  Why would a Landen be willing to risk coming up here after what had happened?  Her eyes watered, and she furiously blinked to force those tears back.  Wolf was likely here to deliver meat.  Kalvar and Odinar were probably busy. 

Normally she would know what they were busy doing, but to be honest, she had been too self-absorbed in her cleaning to try to snoop out what everyone was doing of late.  And now Wolf was here.  "Ah... hi.  Here, let me help you get these things to the kitchen."