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A Black Jewel has obliterated the longstanding Eyrien rulership of the Territory. As the Rihlanders begin to reclaim their homeland they do so under the stern gaze of their "savior". Three separate peoples struggle to both claim their own identities and become a unified nation, but old hatreds are difficult to shed.
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Author Topic: A Network Of Thorns  (Read 147 times)


Offline Andrei Elbremov

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A Network Of Thorns
« on: Dec 03, 18, 03:12:39 PM »
His farms supplied many of the ingredients used to create the most basic alcohols. Brewmasters from all over came for the barley he grew -- the hops, the honey -- and Andrei was glad to provide it, for a price of course. He had contracts on the imports for fruits and other accouterments used in brewing, creating a vast network of food producers and consumers. Most of these connections had been established when his father ran the farms. But there were some that had grown in the years that Andrei had taken over.

In the Belaya Province, there was a man who brewed a very potent alcohol, one that was highly sought after by those blessed with Dark Jewels, who were cursed with the inability to get drunk off regular alcohols. Not only was he a brewer and connoisseur of more...exotic tastes, he was also part of the Reclaimer network. In those, he was a kindred spirit to Andrei, who enjoyed thwarting his father’s stringent regulations whenever possible.

But it didn’t necessarily mean that Andrei liked Killian.

At least he served a Rihland Queen and not an Eyrien or a Glacian one. As he strode up the walk with his hands in his pockets, Andrei’s suit, modified from a style not quite Tacean and definitely not Rihland, did little to protect him from the sudden gust of wind that tore at his long hair. It was unbound and whipped about his face angrily, eventually settling once again into a windblown perfect mess curling around his shoulders.

He knocked on the door briskly. Waited with his hands hidden in his pockets. The servant that answered the door fell under that dark, critical gaze. “I’m here to see Prince Killian,” Andrei purred. “I believe he’s expecting me.” Or should have been. Andrei tended to pick up this sort of thing from Killian monthly, though he rarely made an appointment to do so. He enjoyed the chaos caused by dropping in on others. It gave him perverse pleasure to see how it flustered others.

Usually, it didn’t fluster Killian at all, but still, Andrei tried.

He was seen into a small sitting parlor, where he sat with one leg crossed over the other at the ankle. He called in a small book on philosophical musings to read, to kill time, while he waited. He looked like a model posed for a painting, with his pressed suit and graceful posture, but should anyone besides Killian interrupt him, they would discover the glacial cold lurking beneath the surface.

Andrei conversed at his convenience, and usually, everyone else was just...inconvenient.

Offline Killian Ibsen

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Re: A Network Of Thorns
« Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 19, 11:30:47 PM »
The thing about returning to Belaya, to being part of the life there, meant that Killian was more or less involved with his parents on some level. His parents that were Eyrien sympathizers. That had not really understood Eyrien naming conventions when they named their son Killian. There had been one too many interactions when he had been younger - and not necessarily in Rihland - because someone had come expecting a Green-Jeweled female and found a male instead.

Regardless, associating with his parents meant that he had access once more to a few more buildings to use to store things. Killian was particular about the servants he used - as even if alcohol was no longer so illegal, there was still that concern - and most were actually other Reclaimer agents that worked with the business he ran. It was one of them that alerted him that Andrei had arrived, one of the few that could claim Reclaimer from the Reclamation had even started.

Closing the crate up, after double checking its contents, Killian moved through the building until he came to the sitting room where Andrei was waiting. There was very little that ever ruffled the Green-Jeweled Prince, though he knew that Andrei did enjoy trying. The issue was that to keep pushing often resulted in Killian pushing back or simply not participating until such time that a meeting necessitated it.

He still had not quite decided on whether or not Andrei was useful or not, regardless of the farm that he now ran and the stock that he procured from it.

"Prince Andrei," greeted Kil, sliding into to sit across from him after a perfectly polite bow was given. "You're a few days earlier than usual." His head tilted, glasses sliding down his nose and a few curls fell into his forehead. Usually that implied that Andrei particularly enjoyed something and went through it faster but ...

Well, there could be something new. Killian could never simply assume with the Prince sitting before him.