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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Rihland

A Black Jewel has obliterated the longstanding Eyrien rulership of the Territory. As the Rihlanders begin to reclaim their homeland they do so under the stern gaze of their "savior". Three separate peoples struggle to both claim their own identities and become a unified nation, but old hatreds are difficult to shed.
Culture of Rihland
Ebon Varos
Rihlander Religion
The Reclaimers
The Exchange

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  1. But You Don't Really Care For Sinners, Do You?
  2. Wellness Check
  3. Girls Like You
  4. The Price We Pay
  5. It's Complicated...
  6. Back At The Start Of It All, Starting Incomplete
  7. nobody said it was easy
  8. darkness in the valley
  9. I Knew The Moment I Looked Into Your Eyes I'd Have To Swallow All Your Lies
  10. Get Off The Island And Swim Back To Shore
  11. The Space Between The Tears We Cry
  12. use all your time to paint yourself the victim
  13. False Starts and New Beginnings
  14. Books Worth Fathomless Words Unspoken
  15. The Hard Sell
  16. a boy named sue
  17. The World Looks Better When You're Falling
  18. The Secrets That You Hold Close
  19. A Network Of Thorns
  20. from the land of ice and snow
  21. Crawling Back to You
  22. tell me, what am i contributing?
  23. only the trees keep us in line
  24. need no advice, i got a plan
  25. contemplating contradiction
  26. a lot of money for a little effort
  27. Missed me, missed me, now you wanna kiss me
  28. Meet me in this broken place
  29. gather up your courage and knock on the door
  30. Sleep Tight Little Atlas
  31. The Road And The Damned
  32. All Dreams Were Ours For The Taking
  33. In The Forest Burning Bright
  34. Skin to starving bone
  35. We Scrub and Still The Walls Bleed
  36. What goes around
  37. Among your own kind
  38. The silence so loud
  39. hear the whispering of the wind
  40. Our Lady of Summer Skies and Succor
  41. Drapa, For Twelve Ounces Of Silver
  42. feel it now, deep beneath the light
  43. one ember feeds a flame
  44. Sow The Seeds Of Discord, Reap The Risks And Rewards
  45. with torn and bleeding hearts we smile
  46. different persons
  47. I Got Demons Inside Me
  48. Fire Walk With Me
  49. I will find a center in you
  50. know the direction, the lay of the land
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