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A Black Jewel has obliterated the longstanding Eyrien rulership of the Territory. As the Rihlanders begin to reclaim their homeland they do so under the stern gaze of their "savior". Three separate peoples struggle to both claim their own identities and become a unified nation, but old hatreds are difficult to shed.
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Author Topic: Wolf Riemann  (Read 1420 times)

Description: Landen Male. Played by Gavin

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Wolf Riemann
« on: Feb 12, 17, 01:51:30 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Wolf Riemann
Nicknames: The Prince’s Butcher (usually ironically)
Age & Birthyear: 37  (Born 157 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Landen)
Birth Territory: Altai, Markoth, Rihland, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Altai, Markoth, Rihland, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel:  N/A
Offering Jewel: N/A

Role: Owner of Wolf’s Den
Faction: None


Play By: Max Riemelt
Distinguishing Features:

Wolf always sports a few days stubble if not a close-cropped beard with spiky brown hair. Blue eyes along with a mouth always set in a perpetual smirk, like he’s laughing at something you don’t know about. Muscular form gained from years of slaying animals and preparing the finest cuts of meat for his customers.



Wolf Riemann is very a much a “what you see is what you get” kind of man. His family has lived simply within Rihland for centuries and, with any luck, they’ll be living there long, long after the current troubles and madness have settled down. He is a creature of habit who believes that, in most cases, tradition and the old ways are the best. His family celebrates holidays and major life events in the same way that his ancestors did thousands of years ago: with stories, alcohol, and a couple of thrown punches from time to time. Much of the change within Rihland unsettles him, but he knows better than to voice his concerns out loud. One never knows who is listening.

At work, Wolf is friendly but professional. He takes great pains to learn his customers’ preferences and favorite cuts so that his shop, Wolf's Den, is always well-stocked when they arrive. If he’d been born a member of the Blood, his organizational skill would have made him an excellent Steward or Master of the Guard in any Court. He also tests new recipe ideas on a regular basis so that he's prepared helpful hints and preparation advice to fit any customer’s needs.

Off the clock, Wolf can be found at the local tavern three nights a week enjoying his favorite beer, singing bawdy songs with his friends and listening to the some of the old-timers from the mountains recite old tales of Rihland from centuries ago, immediately before and after the event known as the Purge. These stories fascinate him and, sometimes, he regrets not going to school to be a historian or a something other than a meat-cutter. Then he puts those ideas aside and realizes that he’s got control of his own life and that said life is still pretty damned good.

If Wolf has a real flaw, it’s his fascination with the women of the enigmatic Blood. His shop is frequented by no less than Prince Kalvar Elbremov, Prince of Rihland, and several members of his Court. The shop was owned by the father of Lady Alyona, wife to Prince Kalvar, before Wolf's family purchased it seven years ago. When Alyona was murdered by members of the former Territory Court two years ago, Wolf's family honored her with a bench and several flowers on the spot where she was left, and it remains there today.

Prince Kalvar arrived several months later and indicated that he wished to purchase goods for Ebon Varos directly from Wolf’s Den for the Territory Court. Despite his initial worries about fairness, Wolf soon found Kalvar to be a fair and just man who’d endured a horrible tragedy and made the perpetrators pay for it. But Kalvar seems to care for Rihland, cares for his own family, and he keeps the Exchange from fucking with Wolf’s friends and fellow business owners.

Lots of people consider Prince Elbremov no better than the Territory Court he unseated, but Wolf knows better.

The Black Prince is one of the good guys.


  • 1.His Customers: Wolf would enjoy interacting with his customers even if they didn't keep him in business. Most of them are food enthusiasts like him and they enjoy good food, good drink, and the company of family and friends around their dinner tables. Wolf hosts cooking classes, sales, and holiday cookouts in order to make his regular customers feel at home and to attract new customers to the Wolf's Den. He hopes to remain a fixture in his community for decades to come and watch this generation of customers bring in the next.

  • 2. Working: Wolf excels at his job and it gives him pride to help his customers find what they’re looking for. Even better, he likes when his customers return and tell him just how well a particular steak turned out or how good their sausage was. An honest day’s work gives Wolf satisfaction and purpose, two things that make his life worth living.

  • 3. Blood Women: The Blood are deadly, quick to anger, and slow to forgive. Getting involved with them usually ends poorly for Landen of all stripes. Wolf knows this in his mind, but it doesn’t stop him from flirting with them at every opportunity. He’s been with a Blood Females ones and they put most Landen women to shame. How much wilder is one of the Jeweled? He’d love to find out.


  • 1. Cold Weather: Given the choice between being hot and cold, Wolf will choose hot every time. You can take off clothes until you’re naked, but you can only put on so many layers before it doesn’t help. He’s been to Avorla to help with his brother Haralt’s store. He never looks forward to the trip, not even with all of the sexy Glacian women he’ll run into.
  • 2. Glacian Moose Piss Beer: Wolf is not an arrogant man. He is not given to placing one group of people over another. Beer, however, is a sacred drink and the Glacians have defiled it. If he didn't hate the cold so much, he'd ignore his dislike of travel, go to Avorla, and open his own brewery to teach them how to do it. Clearly, Glacia threw out all of the people who couldn't make booze. What a shame.

  • 3. Traveling: Wolf likes his hometown because he knows where everything is. The tavern is just one street over from his shop. Three streets over is the doctor's office and he knows where many of his customers live and work. When he goes to new towns, he doesn't know any of this stuff and trying to learn city layouts is frustrating. When he has to travel, he likes to conclude his business quickly and get back home to the familiar places and people he loves.


  • 1. Civil War: Rihland’s been a powder keg for years, what with the Exchange flouting the Prohibitions and Rihlanders chafing against Eyrien double standards for years. Back then, though, it was always a quiet thing, something you could ignore if you just focused on other things and kept your head down. Now that Kalvar Elbremov has destroyed the Territory Court, annihilated the Jhinka in Avorla, and given the Glacians their own land, it’s not hard to see the divisions in Rihland’s three-race society. In fact, it’s harder to not see them because they’re slowly increasing. Kalvar comes down from the mountain now and again, but not often enough to see or hear the people who think he’s worse than the Court he destroyed.

    Nothing was worse than those guys, but if the Territory Court doesn’t start engaging with the people soon, they might not see the spark that blows the lid off of everything.

  • 2. Deaths of his brothers: Wolf's younger brothers, Haralt and Gunther, are his best friends. He ends most long days with dinner and a beer or two at their homes or in their company at the local tavern. They also come into the shop at least twice daily, so Wolf is never starved for their presence. But in his nightmares, a stranger runs into the shop to tell him that something horrible has happened to one or both of them. Those nightmares leave Wolf in cold sweat because he's never imagined life without his brothers and he prays he never does.

  • 3. Losing Wolf’s Den: Wolf’s ancestors were hunters, tanners, and butchers. That legacy has passed down over thousand of years to culminate in Wolf’s Den,a butcher shop that he hopes to pass to his children and their children forevermore. While he can’t exactly call Kalvar Elbremov his friend, Wolf believes that he and long-lived Prince are friendly. Kalvar’s business makes up a significant portion of his margin. If the Territory Court falls or Kalvar decides it's no longer worth it to do business with him, that’s the end of his agreement with the Prince of Rihland. The end of that agreement would mean a major drop in profit and possibly the end of the business altogether. Wolf takes great pains to see that Kalvar’s requests are always available when necessary in order to keep that relationship on track.

    Personal Strengths:

  • 1. Loyal: Wolf is a good man and unshakably loyal to his friends. He doesn’t even engage in loose talk about people he doesn’t like because you never know who will repeat what you say to others. Wolf just figures it's better to keep his words to himself.

  • 2. Friendly Demeanor: Wolf always has a smile and a kind greeting ready for anyone he meets. Everyone’s a potential customer and Wolf wants their business.

    Personal Weaknesses:

  • 1. Resistant to Change: Change scares Wolf and he’s been paralyzed or hampered by indecision in the past. Change means reorganizing schedules and business practices. Despite his dislike of the old Territory Court, he’d made a couple of contacts there, hoping to build his business. Kalvar’s attack destroyed those people and put him back at square one regarding the Territory Court...minus his association with the Black Prince.

  • 2. Poor Self-Image: In Wolf’s mind, he is as uninteresting as it gets. He’s a regular man, with a regular job, trying to make his way in the world. Even the fact that the Prince of Rihland still comes to his shop, where he both met and lost his wife, is written off as a coincidence and fortune that could have happened to anyone. Wolf downplays just how close he stands to the Territory Court every time he speaks to Kalvar or one of his people. If he ever recognized it...he probably still wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of luck.

    Life Story

    Mother: Etta Riemann, Age 65 (Born 129 AP)
    Father: Arnulf Riemann, Age 70 (Born 124 AP)

    Haralt Riemann, Age 35  (Born 159 AP)
    Gunther Riemann, Age 32 (Born 162 AP)


    Wolf Riemann is the oldest of three sons born to Arnulf and Etta Riemann. Arnulf worked as a hunter and trapper while Etta worked as a seamstress. When Etta got pregnant shortly after their initial meeting, Arnulf married her and moved her to his home in Volstagg. His brother Haralt joined the family just two years later and his brother arrived last, three years after that. Arnulf took the siblings on hunting trips starting when Wolf was thirteen years old, learning quickly and helping his father on a number of hunts when school wasn’t in session. He took a summer job working for a local butcher whose daughter had married an Eyrien farmer. The farmer, Prince Kalvar, was always civil whenever he came to the shop, though many considered him overly gruff. Wolf figured that was just the kind of man that he was.

    By 28, Wolf had worked at the shop for over ten years and he loved working as a butcher more than he’d ever loved hunting. Wolf eventually became the shop manager, using the money he’d saved to purchase the shop from Lady Alyona’s father, who wanted to retire from the business. Wolf’s fascination with Blood Women began around this time, with him enjoying the company of Blood Female named Natalie Welker. Wulf and Natalie were in love (he thought) but ended the relationship when a Warlord Prince decided he liked Natalie’s look and demanded that she get to know him. Natalie consented to keep the Warlord Prince from dismembering Wolf where he stood. Wolf still doesn’t like most Blood Males and will steer clear of them as best he can. His brothers constantly try to convince him to give up his unhealthy fascination with Blood Females, afraid that their brother won’t be so lucky in the future if he gets involved with one.

    He waited a full year before changing the name shop’s name to Wolf’s Den, out of respect for Alyona’s father. Alyona still stopped in from time to time to see how things were running and pick up jerky and other treats for her children. She also made cookies for Wolf and his brothers at Winsol, keeping the connection between their families strong. While the Prohibitions were still in place, they didn’t affect Wolf’s business as he didn’t traffic in any of the vices it meant to keep out. Still, he wished that the immigration ban didn’t limit trade with other Territories. Wolf believed that new delicacies from outside Rihland would boost profits, but it would never happen as long as the Eyriens were in control.

    He couldn’t have imagined that, five years later, he’d get his wish at the cost of a family friend.

    Alyona had come to visit that day fateful day and Wolf took a break and closed the shop while they had tea. She was known for helping the less fortunate in town and she’d asked Wolf and his brothers for any surplus stock that they’d be willing to donate. They made plans to meet later in the week to discuss how and where they could do the most good. An hour later, he was back at work, cutting up a pig to fill some orders.

    Haralt burst into the store, shaking and shell-shocked beyond belief. Wolf asked him what was wrong and Haralt’s voice was a numb whisper.

    They murdered Lady Alyona. They dumped her in the street. Just...left her there.

    The earth shook less than two hours later.

    It was a full month before anyone in the taverns was willing to talk about it.

    Alyona’s farmer killed the Eyriens.

    You mean the ones responsible for what happened to her?

    I mean all of them. He dropped Ebon Rih on their heads. Then he killed everyone living in Ebon Varos. No one’s seen him since.

    Wolf understood that. Grief was a bitter pill to swallow. While he couldn’t reach the family, Wolf and his brothers created a small shrine to honor Alyona in the place where her body was left. He couldn’t let that spot be remembered as the place where they’d dumped her like garbage. Unable to do anything else, Wolf went back to work.

    Eighteen months later, Wolf was finishing up for the day when a new customer entered the shop. Wolf moved  to greet him and recognized Alyona’s farmer looking over his selections. He asked questions. He gauged Wolf’s knowledge of cooking and provided a startling number of ideas that the butcher had never considered. Finally, he asked Wolf if he was responsible for the shrine in the square. Believing that he was staring down the last seconds of his life, gathered up his courage and answered in the affirmative.

    The farmer nodded and said that Alyona had liked Wolf, calling him a good man.

    I don’t know that I’m a good man, sir. I’m just a man making my way in the world with what I’ve got.

    Aren’t we all?” he asked, a sad smile on his face.

    Prince Kalvar left and Wolf spent the next two hours thanking all of the gods and goddesses for his life.

    The contract from Ebon Varos arrived the following day.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Every third Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm, Wolf Riemann flipped the sign on the door of Wolf’s Den to “closed” and waited on the remaining customers inside the establishment. His regulars, realizing the significance of the date, quickly gathered their purchases and moved to cash out. When all was said and done, it took less than ten minutes to get everyone out of the building. That was a marked improvement from the first time he’d closed early nine months ago.

    Back then, a few people were still in the building when he arrived.

    Upon seeing him, those people had dropped their purchases where they stood and run for it.

    Wolf returned to the backroom, opened a storage case, and removed thirteen trays of steaks, fish, stew meat, and roasts from the cold storage. He wrapped the steaks, three to a package, and set them aside. He did the same for the fish and stew meat, setting everything into a number of storage devices provided to him by the Territory Court at Ebon Varos. Wolf had never been to the Dark Mountain, as many people called it, and he was fine with not receiving an invitiation. The fortress looked like the place that people entered but never left.

    It scared him.

    Once the storage devices were full, Wolf carried them out to the back, unworried by the summer heat. The cases had been enchanted with Blood Magic to keep cold anything placed within them. Wolf had no fucking clue how it worked, but it did, and he wouldn’t question it. Questions like that were above his pay-grade and he left it at that.

    Twenty-seven cases were stacked out back of Wolf’s Den and the butcher waited to see if he’d show up this time for Alyona’s Order.

    Prince Kalvar arrived thirty seconds after the last case touched the floor, wearing black slacks and a black shirt. It would have been easy to confuse him for an exotic looking Landen male if not for the massive black wings on his back. Wolf offered a polite bow (because he’d seen Blood bow to each other and somehow it kept them all from killing each other and everyone around them) before speaking up.

    All twenty-seven cases are here. Would you like to inspect them, Prince?

    Kalvar shook his head. He asked Wolf how his brothers and parents were doing and Wolf told him. He asked if there had been any troubles or issues and Wolf answered that there had not. Finally, Kalvar stepped back and Wolf looked at the cases. Twenty-seven was nearly double what he’d taken in the past. Could he truly lift them all with his mind?

    As if to answer, all twenty-seven cases rose from the floor in unison. Kalvar didn’t look uncomfortable or taxed in the least.

    Wolf narrowly avoided pissing himself in front of the Prince.

    He didn’t even use a tenth of his power to destroy Ebon Rih and Ebon Varos in the same day.

    Kalvar thanked him and said he’d see him again next month. Wolf nodded dumbly as Kalvar took fight with the cases floating behind him as if carried by a flock of invisible arms.

    I’m never getting used to that.” Wolf said to no one, before heading inside and opening a beer.

    Petitions (if any): None

    Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Wolf Riemann
« Reply #1 on: Feb 12, 17, 01:52:47 AM »
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, ready for--

The Prince's Butcher is ready for review.

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Re: Wolf Riemann
« Reply #2 on: Feb 12, 17, 04:05:10 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Re: Wolf Riemann
« Reply #3 on: Feb 12, 17, 05:00:18 PM »
Ready for Round 2.

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Re: Wolf Riemann
« Reply #4 on: Feb 12, 17, 07:27:05 PM »
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