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The Basics

Character Name: Tyraz Madsen
Nicknames: Mads
Age and Birth Year: 69 (126AP)
Race: Rihlander
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Vyrkov, Rihland
Home Territory: Vyrkov, Rihland

Birthright Jewel: uncut White
Offering Jewel: Tiger Eye

Role: Skald
Faction: The Reclaimers


Play By: Donald Sutherland
Distinguishing Features: He's old, man, so old. Also, he's only got one hand. The other one got cut off by SOME WINGED DICK!!!!


Tyr is an old, old man, as he'll tell you. He's an old man with the prime of his life behind him and the start of arthritis setting in, who enjoys the quiet solace of his own company and a good book. With the perspective of a short-lived man at the end of a long life, Tyr sees many of the problems in the world around him as the results of an awful unwillingness to understand. Living people in all their shades of gray are reduced to black-and-white caricatures for the purposes of demagogues, and that is a tragedy in and of itself. In his youth, after a great deal of personal tragedy, he made attempts to reach out and spread what he knew as a skald in order to promote understanding between the disparate pieces of the Rihlander population; now, as an old man, he fears there is no way to help his people and feels that no one will listen to him if he tries to advocate for either side. The Eyriens call him a madman, but leave him alone as they feel he is a pathetic, broken shell of a man. The Rihlanders call him a liar and a fool, and leave him alone as a relic of a bygone age.

Still, Tyr is not shaking his fist at clouds. He despises idleness and therefore keeps busy breeding sighthounds, which he sells to carefully vetted purchasers. He has a keen wit, an appreciation for epic poetry, and a warm--though melancholic--manner that means when he does have his occasional visitors, they are warmly greeted and fed well. Tyr keeps the old Rihlander traditions of sharing beer and salt with his guests. Though he lives in a small mountain cottage he's always willing to put up a guest or two and maintains a guest bedroom for the purpose.

Tyr was second-father to Melany Kriemhild and Ryder Nordskov, willing to step in to raise them should anything happen to their own parents, but he regards the Reclamation as a movement with suspicion. While he acts to support the Reclaimers in many ways, he sees in the Reclaimers the same sort of poisonous demagoguery that he saw in Drakkar Eventide and Kirian Svetlana. This isn't to say he's any ally to Kalvar Elbremov's rule; like Melany and Ryder, he would prefer to see a Rihlander Queen at the head of the Territory.

Like many skalds, he keeps up the old Rihlander traditions, including worship of the All-Mother. He no longer attends moots, however, as he has a purpose nearer and dearer to his heart: the preservation of Rihlander stories and culture. Tyr is the keeper of a small library of Black Widow crystals. He protects these with his life; in fact, before being entrusted with this duty, he permitted a Reclaimer Black Widow to weave a dead-man's switch in his head. If he ever tries to tell someone about the crystals who doesn't have a certain keyword, Tyr will die. In this way, he acts to preserve Rihlander culture, though it may seem disingenuous to his preference for tradition.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Pernille Waldemarsdottir, Descent White witch, deceased 167AP
Father: Mads Johannesen, Blood male, deceased 161AP
Brother: Johannes Gudbrandson, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Prince, born 144AP
Lover: Cenhelm Tiborcsen, Descent Yellow Warlord, deceased 156AP
Collaborator/Wife: Magdolna Mildgydd, Rose to Purple Dusk Priestess, deceased 192 at 66
Son: Asgeir Tyrsen, Rose to Purple Dusk Prince, 35, born 159AP
Daughter: Kibeth Tyrsdottir, called "Mistborn," Rose to Opal Queen, 26, born 168AP

Tyraz Madsen was born in 126AP, in Vyrkov province, to Pernille and Mads Johannesen. His mother was incredibly young, and his parents were not in a relationship. He was raised by his father (hence the surname Madsen, when Pernillsen would be more traditional as his mother would be the dominant member of the family). He obtained his Birthright White in 134AP with Mads' paternity acknowledged.

Tyr's mother hand-fasted with his uncle Gudbrand and had a son, Johannes, in 144AP. Tyr made many visits home to see his younger brother over the years, but their age gap was considerable and Tyr did not consider them to be very close. Two years later, in 146, Tyr obtained his descent Tiger Eye and started work as a field hand in an orchard, where he would remain until his stint in a prison town in 151.

At an Exchange house in 147, Tyr met Adelhild, Gust, and Ranni, a Rihlander poly-V centered on Adelhild. They became fast friends, as they shared many interests, and Adelhild and Tyr worked in the same village. Less than a year later, Tyr began training as a skald with Gust, and learned leatherworking from Ranni. Shortly after that, he committed his first infraction of the Prohibitions for consumption of alcohol. Tyr was fined.

In 151, Tyr received his second infraction of the Prohibitions for consumption of alcohol. Tyr was sent to a prison town, where he met Cenhelm. After being released, he met up with Cenhelm again and they struck up a relationship. They would be together for five years.

He moved in with Cenhelm in Scythia, Vyrkov, in 153, having quit his job as an orchard overseer. Three years later in 156, Tyr was caught and got his third infraction of the Prohibitions, this time for homosexual relations. Tyr lost a hand; Cenhelm was executed. In the attempt to save his hand, Tyr disclaimed the relationship and said it was a momentary lapse in judgement. He regrets this to this day. Tyr returned to the home he'd shared with Cenhelm and took over the dog breeding business, as being a skald openly as one's main career was fucking stupid. Less than a year later, Tyr finished training as a skald. He met Eira and Brynjar Nordskov (Ryder's parents) through the Exchange. Tyr was also introduced to Magdolna, another skald, who shared his love for epic poetry. She was rather more bloody-minded than he was and often took over composing the bits about battles of all kinds.

In 158, Adelhild became pregnant by Gust and in the autumn months, gave birth to a daughter, Melany. Tyr was named second-father with Ranni as second-mother. He was immediately taken with Melany and Magdolna proposed that they have a child, who would ideally serve as their skald apprentice. He agreed, and in 159, Tyr's son Asgeir was born. He named Gust Asgeir's second-father, which was a slight to his younger brother Johannes, and the start of a rift between them. Asgeir's second-mother was Ranni, who was really the center point and peacemaker of the whole friend group. The idea was that if anything happened to one couple in the cohort, Ranni would have first claim on any of the children, and keep the whole extended family together.

In 164, Ryder was born to Brynjar and Eira. His caste caused concern to the community, but further action was delayed due to the possibility of Ryder obtaining a Tiger Eye or lighter at his Birthright. Tyr met Ditte, a smuggler, through the Exchange. Magdolna, though his favorited collaborator, was not the love of his life. Cenhelm died almost a decade ago so Tyr decided to give dating another go. In 165, Gust had his second infraction and was sent to a prison town, which changed him greatly. He only began to recover due to the work of a friendly Black Widow who carefully unwove the webs her sisters had created, using holes left by the mother of Erwin Levisson (who was not yet born). Around the same time, Tyr and Magdolna were realizing Asgeir wasn't inclined towards skald-work.

In 167, Asgeir had his Birthright Ceremony. Magdolna acknowledged Tyr's paternity and Asgeir received a patronymic surname, though Magdolna wore the dominant Jewel. In 168, Tyr's Queen daughter Kibeth was born. Her mother Ditte died in the Kvivik massacre; Johannes had gone to check on the Exchange smuggling operation there and to bring supplies, and found the pair of them on the edge of death. Given the choice, Johannes saved Kibeth, to whom he was bonded. Tyr considered leaving Rihland to protect Kibeth, but chose to remain and take the risk. Due to Johannes's bond with Kibeth, and Tyr's gratefulness for her rescue, Johannes was named Kibeth's second-father. Her second-mother was Eira Nordskov, an honorary naming as for her own safety Kibeth would not really ever be allowed to leave her father's home--at least not until they had a security method in place to protect her.

The identity of Kibeth's second-mother soon no longer mattered. After Ryder's Summer-sky Birthright in 173, Eira and Brynjar decided to leave to protect him. A Dark-Jeweled Rihlander was always someone to watch, but at the higher castes the danger was simply too great. They went to Little Terreille to avoid the Prohibitions as they raise their son. Tyr was upset by this, but because he had Kibeth he understood, and continued to send Ryder gifts through the Exchange as a second-father ought.

His fears were only sharpened in 176, when Kibeth's Birthright Ceremony resulted in a Rose Jewel. The Rose was Dark enough to be dangerous to her. Tyr considered leaving to join Eira and Brynjar; he knew Johannes would arrange it if necessary, though his brother wouldn't like it. However, he had no desire to leave the cohort, so he chose to remain and simply be very, very careful.

Tragedy struck two years later in 178. Tyr broke his Tiger-Eye holding an aural shield at the spring moot to give others time to escape. Many people survived and escaped due to his efforts, including himself. He considers his attempt a failure, because Adelhild, Ranni, Melany, and Gust did not. Most importantly, his daughter Kibeth was with the other children, and upon scenting a Queen the Eyriens had gone straight for her. She was taken away to a Court and Tyr didn't see or even hear of her for twelve years. Adelhild and Ranni were on their fourth infraction of the Prohibitions and were executed. Gust was on his third, and was Broken from his Jewels. Melany was on her first infraction and was fined, but was made to watch her parents' murders. This changed her in ways that Tyr fears have not been fully realized as yet.

The horrors kept rolling in in 179: Gust killed himself. Tyr had tried his best to be of help, but he was in a deep depression of his own, as Adelhild and Ranni were dead and Kibeth was gone. Six months later, Melany killed an Eyrien patrol to avoid going to a prison town. Tyr, disturbed still by Gust's death, did what he could to comfort her, but was disturbed by her disavowal of any regret for what she did. Asgeir had his Descent and came away with the Purple Dusk.

In 181, the Black Widow that had saved Gust's mind and her husband were discovered as traitors. She and her husband were killed, though Asgeir saved their son, Erwin. Tyr took the boy in and raised him as his own, but chose not to train the budding skald. He had seen the blankness in Melany's eyes when she thought no one was looking, and thought that it would be kinder to the boy to simply let him be a normal Rihlander, without such a heavy weight on his shoulders.

Things finally quieted down, but in 182 Tyr became aware that Melany was pulling back from the Exchange as the younger, more radical members also pulled back. He could see that she was forming a cohort around herself, as Gust, Ranni, and Adelhild had once, and rationalized it as Melany making a new family to replace the one that was lost to her. At the same time, Asgeir was being drawn further into the Exchange, tagging along with his uncle Johannes at every opportunity. Towards the end of the year, Tyr asked Melany what she was doing, since he had noticed more interrupted shipments that seemed to align with things she had mentioned to him in passing. She told him about the Reclaimers (though it didn't have a name yet) and they had a falling-out. Tyr believed then (and believes now) that the Rihlanders are too fragmented to take Rihland back. Melany believed that they would never join together unless they started to work for it now.

In 188, Melany came to Tyr with a proposal. Over the past six years, she'd established quite a lot of sway with the other skalds, including Magdolna. Therefore, the fact that she approached him made Tyr apprehensive. The goal she presented to him was one he couldn't object to: She had found a Black Widow to help her preserve some Rihlander heritage, and needed a safe place to keep the memory crystals that resulted from the work, as well as more voices to share their traditions. He still doesn't like the Reclaimers, but he remembered how much had been lost with Gust's death and agreed that her method was both culturally appropriate and that he would secure these crystals against all else. He also agreed to allow a Reclaimer Black Widow to secure his mind against threats to protect the "library".

However, Melany had also had a secondary goal. Erwin had potential to be a strong skald, maybe as good at it as she was, though less charismatic. She convinced Erwin that it was his duty as a Rihlander to take up the mantle himself, and lured the boy away to mold him in her image. Tyr disapproved, but cannot close his door to Erwin, though he refuses to take part in Erwin's shaping as a skald.

In 190, Kalvar Elbremov purged Ebon Varos. Kibeth showed up on Tyr's doorstep in the aftermath, having run from her captors in the confusion. Tyr told no one of her presence until Melany discovered her on accident. Though Melany insisted that a Rihlander Queen should be out among the people, Kalvar's rule was too new for him to risk sending his fragile daughter out into the world. However, Kalvar almost immediately eased up on the restrictions that the Prohibitions represented, and Rihlander Queens were forming true Courts. Once Kibeth was ready, he allowed her to go to moots and other Rihlander events.

Soon after Gudrun Jollenbeck took the Court of Vyrkov for her own, Kibeth was named Queen of Scythia in defiance of Tyr's wishes and against her own stated preference to not rule. However, she agreed to take the position of her own will (though heavily influence by Melany). Tyr now has a fairly large collection of memory crystals, and maintains his dog breeding business, which the Nordskovs assist by transporting dogs across Territory lines.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
The nature of living so far from the center of Scythia's social scene was that Tyr often didn't have the latest news until much, much later than everyone else. It wasn't a bad thing, that was just how it was. Generally speaking, someone would come to check on the crazy old mountain man once a week. The boy who brought him groceries from the market would have all the news of the day, or at least the things Tyr cared to hear. By now the boy knew that Tyr cared only to hear the news of the harvest, the latest marriages and births, and--incongruously to the boy, who knew nothing of Tyr's life before he'd become a hermit in the mountains of Vyrkov--whether any Queens would be coming to the area.

Tyr listened for news of his daughter each time, tried to coax the names of the Queens from each visitor he saw. The men who came to see the dogs, the women who came to sell eggs, each of them he asked for news of Queens. His son, Asgeir, a bright boy too deep into the criminal enterprise that was the Exchange. None of them held the name that he hoped for, and so each time he smiled sadly and sent them on their way. There wasn't much news ever about those who were spirited away by the Eyrien overlords, but he should have heard at least a scrap of a whisper, like a glimpse out of the corner of his eye. The only Rose Queen he had heard of since that awful spring day was Catrien Raske... nothing at all about Kibeth Tyrsdottir.

He puttered about the house on a lonely day, one of the dreary blue days where he missed Ditte and Cenhelm and Gust the most. If he closed his eyes he could see them seated at the kitchen table with him, and Eira with little Ryder off to the side. He'd seen the young Warlord Prince of a recent time, but when he thought of Ryder he was ever a gap-toothed eight-year-old and not a grown man who'd served a Court at all. If he had only sent Kibeth out of the Territory to Eira and Brynjar, maybe she would have grown in his mind beyond a straw-haired, serious child. Maybe he would have heard her name from a mouth that said it kindly, but without pity.

After so many years, the old madman had little left to him but regrets. He opened his eyes as the kettle began to whistle and poured the hot water over a cup of whole-leaf tea. It used to be the old women of the villages and vales would tell fortunes from the dregs, but not in a long time. Superstition was as bad as gambling under Kirian Svetlana, and none were willing to risk it to teach the art. Ranni had liked to play at it, dear Ranni with her silver eyes. Gust Golden-tongued, Tyr had named his best friend, and Ranni the Fox, for her red hair and cleverness. Adelhild the Wise. He'd given them all a legend-mark in his heart, but he'd never write their stories. They were his, and the scars were too bloody.

Nothing left but regrets and the dogs and the hope that Kibeth was alive, somewhere, that Asgeir would find a life that pleased him, that Ryder and Melany would find peace someday. Tyr had regrets, yes, but he was at peace, and with every day that passed he found that more meaningful.

He startled at the knock on the door. He reached out with the White, and... a Queen stood outside his door. Stood? There was no way to know, he'd never had all that good a sense for it. Tyr crossed the wooden floors, caution driving him to step lightly. The dogs had rushed the door as well, their long and elegant faces tipped up towards the handle. They weren't baying, which they ought to have been; they were spoiled housepets, but still hunting hounds. They stood in eerie silence. Tyr shooed them away, and opened the door, and on the other side stood the Queen.

Her face was stark white, like the snow atop the mountains before the dogs had got at it. Her eyes, against that, were a brightly burning hazel, her mother's eyes beneath pale brows. Twin spots of bright red only made her eyes look greener.

"Pappa," said Kibeth, "I'm home."

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1. Rose - Purple Dusk
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