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Author Topic: Shiori Elbremov  (Read 3160 times)

Description: Black Widow. Opal to Sapphire. Played by Dani

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Shiori Elbremov
« on: Feb 11, 17, 10:38:44 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Shiori Elbremov
Nicknames: Shi, Ori, Shi-shi (Usually only used by siblings when they were young but still used by some kids from the farms near her family homestead)
Age and Birth Year: 35, Born 158 PP
Race: 1/2 Rihlander, 1/4 Tacean, 1/4 Eyrien
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Askavi, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Rihland, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: cut Opal
Offering Jewel: uncut Sapphire (Jewels from family roll on Kalvar's sheet.)

Role: First Circle
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Elodie Yung
Distinguishing Features: No visible wings. Hint of golden eyes mixed with brown. Two long scars line her shoulder blades where wings used to be.



Shiori’s scent is heavy with the Black Widow, but she is not the most typical of Black Widows. Of course, she is passionate and sensual, but she turns that hot passion into a warmth and even tenderness as well. She sees her siblings as under her protection and is fiercely protective of them. Children who are growing up near her family often found Shiori as the one who’d break up fights and tend the tears of the next generation. While she is not as forgiving and understanding of other adults, she is a caretaker at heart.

While she may on the surface come off very warm and even friendly, the cold and distant nature can flip on in a moment’s notice. She is the sort who will punch out anyone who insults her younger siblings, no smile of pleasure and only the intensity of her hot anger. Outside her family, she is the type who will not book insults and will demand those insults be taken back. Though Shiori is not lost to her anger (for even she would not take on a full contingent of Eyrien warriors), she is not immune to some level of hot-headedness.

Though sharp of mind, Shiori tends to make assumptions quickly and then make decisions based on those assumptions. She can be proven wrong but she tends to be stubborn over her decisions, especially if they are based on emotions. During her moontimes she’s been known to be ruled by emotion over logic but as she matures that has been balanced by wisdom.

Among friends and family, she laughs easily, though she has no great loves in her life. She is passionate in and out of bed but her heart is guarded, much like her father guarded his family. Shiori is devoted to her family and since her mother’s death that has taken on a new level of paranoia. Most of her present uses of Black Widow Craft is devoted to the creation of webs meant to protect her father and siblings.

In her new position of power, it's easy for Shiori to become very bossy and blunt. She was never raised for politics and among Rihlanders, she tended to favor truth over any small lies. Though she is capable of lying, Shiori does not easily find lies upon her lips. As she struggles to keep her family together and remind her father of his humanity, Shiori can almost ignore the pain of her mother’s murder. She’s thrown herself into the role of caretaker and protector for her family, and only in the comfort of her room, locked away from the world, will she let the tears of heartbreak through.

  • Storytelling. It started with stories for her youngest siblings and eventually grew to encompass even the children from nearby farms. With a natural knack for illusions, Shiori is known for her ability to create stories with pictures born from illusions and her mind’s creativity. Festivals are some of her favorite times as she sets up a tent in which children come and listen to her stories (and some parents as well).
  • Training and sparring. As a youth, she had an overflowing amount of energy. It came out in spats with the boys from nearby farms. After her father started training her in the arts of combat that energy found an outlet. Shiori still keeps her body honed and her combat prowess was honed at the feet of a Black Jeweled Prince. Though she is not the master of combat like her father or brother Odinar, Shiori is naturally talented and holds herself very well, especially when one accounts for the tricks she can exercise as a Black Widow. Shiori is very proud of her skill and it would be deadly foolish to underestimate her.
  • Family meals. The bonds of family run deep for Shiori. Her father’s cooking with her mother’s smile are some of her earliest and happiest memories. Now older and more distant, Shiori tries to plan a family meal at least once a month. Though she worries about the Territory, she worries more about the strain within her family.
  • Tardiness. Shiori can be exacting at times. Being raised in a farming community she learned the value of a day’s long hard work. Not only that, she knows that being on time for that work is at times more important. Thrust into the politics at Court she’s found herself very easily piqued to anger at those who waste her time with tardiness.
  • Prohibitions. She is a free spirit in many ways, unwilling to be grounded even though she may be wingless. Shiori has listened to Rihlanders rail against the Prohibitions and it has made her resent the rules with the ideology of a youthful girl. Though her father has continued most of them Shiori tries slowly to work through her father’s tough exterior to soften his opinions.
  • Lying (to herself or others). Shiori grew up with a strong mother, one who instilled a strong sense of right and wrong. Even as a child she’d lie about small things, and even if she wasn’t caught, the guilt was still there. Shiori is capable of lying but she finds herself balking under the weight of those lies. For Shiori, a hard truth is easier on her than a white lie.
  • The death of her siblings. Growing up the eldest sister, Shiori feels responsible for her younger siblings. She prone to bossing them around and tough love but she does care very deeply for all three of her younger siblings. Even Odinar has wormed his way into her heart, though he seems far older than her some days. Her protective streak over her siblings is born out of the fear that something bad will befall them.
  • Loss of independence. Be it through marriage or through serious injury Shiori fears a loss of her independence. Though she forms relationships outside her family she has never taken any steps that would make those relationships anything more than fun companionship. More than that, she’s also taken the time to make inroads with a well-known Healer near her family’s home, just in case. 
  • Drowning. It was a hot summer when she was barely ten. She’d been rough housing with one of the boys who’d been much smaller the summer before. He thought it’d be funny to hold her under water, to show that he wasn’t weak any longer. Shiori had panicked after a moment and opened her mouth, releasing the air and swallowing lake water. When the boy relented she’d been almost catatonic. One of her friends, a girl from another farm, pulled her to shore. There Shiori coughed up the water and felt the burning in her lungs for hours later. Since that youthful moment, she is careful of deep water. Though not scared of swimming, Shiori is quite terrified of the thought of drowning. If her mind is being particularly annoying, she’ll find herself in repeated nightmares of being drowned, sometimes even by those she cares for most.
Craft Strengths:
  • Security Webs. Raised by a myth, Shiori just thought that hiding away from the Eyriens was a natural way of life. As she grew and assumed the control over her Widow Craft she felt drawn to those webs that would keep her family safe. Now, she uses the paranoia born from the loss to weave tangled webs of detection and protection, all towards the same goal: protect her family.
  • Illusions. For Shiori, illusions were fun and carefree. She’d craft grand designs meant to entertain her siblings as she was a Journeymaid Black Widow. Her siblings spoke of her Craft and soon she was making illusions to go along with her stories. Though her life doesn’t hold the same carefree nature as before, Shiori can be caught spinning a story with small illusions for the children she encounters.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Mind Healing. Perhaps it is her sometimes rash nature or perhaps it is her discomfort at seeing people soul deep, but Shiori is not skilled with Mind Healing. Though she wishes she were, she realizes that her attempts would be more likely to hinder than help. The issue lies with her lack of talent as much as her reservations for the Craft.
  • Visions. Her visions are stilted and hard to comprehend. When she was training her Black Widow tutor, the woman herself was not particularly talented in Visions. Shiori had no interest in visions until recently and she’s realized that even with her attempts, she does not find meaning and portents of the future in her visions.
Life Story

Mother: Alyona Elbremov (White - Rose* Priestess) Deceased 190 AP
Father: Kalvar Elbremov Red to Black Prince 1560 (Born 1361 BP)


(Older Brother) Odinar Elbremov (Blood Opal - Red Warlord Prince) Born 401 BP
(Middle Brother) Andrei Elbremov (Yellow - Summer Sky Prince) Born 160 PP
(Youngest Brother) Reo Elbremov (Rose - Purple Dusk Warlord) Born 166 PP
(Youngest Sister) Valeryia Elbremov (Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Priestess) Born 168 PP


Blessed with a mother’s love and a father’s protection, Shiori had a very normal childhood. For her mother, she was not an easy birth or easy child. Born with wings, it did not take long for the problems to start. As she grew the wings did respond. Even though her mother had gone through the excruciating pain of bearing a winged child, it became clear something had gone wrong in Shiori’s young body, stunting her wings.

Her mother had finally been the one to make the choice, after watching a young Shiori, barely two, tripping and falling as she ran because she had no control over the weights on her back. Even though the girl barely cried and later was running again, her mother knew that something was wrong.

The Healer that her mother found had worked with Eyriens before and confirmed the worst: Shiori’s wings were there but she was missing the muscles that would have controlled them. They’d never work. Her father, half Eyrien with functional wings, resisted. It was her mother’s calm logic and loving assurances that Shiori would be the same child, even without her wings.   

The procedure was one that not even Shiori can recall. She expects that it pained her father at the time, but she never recalled the wings that she’d been born with. Instead, in the mirror, the young girl that was Shiori only knew that she’d once had wings, but that they’d never worked.

Though she was not to be given the gift of flight, she was given the gift of a warrior's heart. As a young girl, some parents from nearby farms complained to her mother, Shiori bigger and stronger than most boys her age and picking fights with them. She’d given out three black eyes and broken one nose before her father put her fiery spirit to work. Father and daughter began training when she was 6, just a year before Birthright. After she was gifted with the Opal, it only seemed like Kalvar pushed her hard, to prove her worth.

Shiori cried and whined but she never stopped the fighting. By the time she was fourteen and finally not fighting the boys but kissing them, she was a fierce woman. She’d been in the middle of one of those exploratory sessions when she’d cried out from pain. It had been her hand, as though it were on fire. Tears fell down her cheeks as she doubled over and clutched her hand to her body like a bird with a wounded wing. The young boy had run for her mother but Shiori’s pain was mostly completed by the time her mother arrived.

She’d held her hand up to her mother, showing off a snaketooth.

It took near three weeks to find a tutor for the young Opal Black Widow. Shiori was anxious but excited about the change. She’d never expected the Caste but the way her father had reacted to the news made her consider that he’d perhaps known, or at least expected. When she started her training she was gone for days at a time, spending four days with the Black Widow and then three days back at home. Though she missed her family Shiori relished the new learning opportunity.

Until her Offering, she split her time between home and her tutor from the local Coven. Though the Widow had completed her training, she was not particularly talented. In turn, Shiori learned Widow Craft that was decent but not like that of some of the more talented Widows in the Territory. After her Offering, her Virgin Night performed by one of the fathers of a childhood friend, Shiori was gifted with the Hourglass pendant that assured her that she was a trained Black Widow.

Life after that time became nearly idyllic. Though there was a miasma of otherness that hung about her family, Shiori never truly realized the depth of strangeness at her father’s Jewels until that time after her Offering. She’d taken her father’s paranoia of others and turned it merely into a way of living. If they were not Rihlander she did not trust them.

Even after Shiori moved out she stayed close to her family. She ended up in the modest town nearest their farm. There she wove webs, her power and skill enough to keep her fed and happy, an apartment and social life. A couple of the more powerful folk in the area even came to her for the longer lived sort of illusion webs that the rich and powerful enjoyed.

The return of Odinar changed much of her perception of life. The Eyrien, her father’s eldest son, challenged the way she saw Eyriens. Though she loved her father dearly it took her time to trust his son who’d been away so long. Once Shiori got over her prejudice she realized that Eyriens, Glacians, they were just people as well. From her father’s admission, she would live out lifetimes while her friends grew old and died. That truth made her eager to value the time she had with her friends, to embrace life but never truly love those who would die so long before her (though she knew it was not her father’s intent with such an admission).

As always it was her mother’s bright light that brought the family together. In that, she misses her mother the most. For the day that her mother died, Shiori’s world was destroyed and remade. No longer was her life simple, for her father and elder brother wrought a terrible price for the death of a good woman.

Shiori regretted that she was unable to assist, but she stayed behind, a bastion and barrier for protection for her siblings. While the Territory Court was destroyed, Shiori had watched the lands of her childhood with tears that hung unshed. Her siblings were inside with the husk that had once been their mother, but Shiori was looking to the horizon.

The change had come to her home and steely resolution assured that she’d not allow any to hurt her siblings, not as they’d done to her mother. Her father would return (he had to) and she’d plan how to protect the rest of them.

She’d not expected to hear the news that her father had decided to assume control of the Territory. The man had been a warrior but the father she’d known was a farmer, a cook, a good man. The man who returned from the Territory Court with the deaths of hundreds on his shoulders, Shiori had to look to see her father.

Nevertheless, Shiori has followed her father’s plan. She is a faithful daughter and, though they may not see eye to eye, she knows that her father’s cares for her, deeply. She is at his side, either with her opinion or with a new web to protect him almost daily. Her siblings tired of her incessant need for them to check in, for now in Ebon Varos it is not simple to keep track of each other like it was on the homestead. Though she has bouts of homesickness, Shiori would never leave her family in a time of need.

Determined and deadly, Shiori stands at her father’s side, a testament to the power and pride of his bloodline.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The wind pushed against her hair, covering her face as it blew at her back. It carried with it the cries of her youngest sister, the mirror of her mother. Though Odinar had flown after her father over an hour ago, Shiori hadn’t returned indoors. Instead, she stood sentinel, her gaze reached to the edge of their land. Her Sapphire blazed at her throat, her Craft seeking.

She needed the task, to put herself to work. If not, the pain within threatened to consume her. Already her brother Reo had left, unable to withstand the pain. Shiori had wrapped a thread around the Warlord if only so she could find him later if needed.

’Take care of your brothers Ori,’ spoke a phantom voice in her head. It had been her mother, speaking to a young teen before her youngest sister had been born. Her mother had always bidden her to guide and protect her siblings. Nothing had made her mother happier than when Shiori helped to take care of the younger children. She’d been like a second mother to her siblings, even though she’d never been able to measure up to her mother’s kindness and friendliness.

I hope those bastards burn, Shiori thought to herself. A cold anger simmered in her breast, one she’d seen in her father before he’d left to avenge her mother. She finally understood the purpose of the Black Jewel she’d seen so infrequently during her childhood: it gave her father the ability to reclaim justice for their family.

“Shi-shi?” The childhood name made her turn as her hair wrapped again around her face. The wind was biting and a part of her wished she could soar above it, to watch her family from above. It was not to be, Shiori thought as she gazed towards her brother, Andrei. His eyes were puffy and red and it broke a part of her to see her brother so nearly broken. Even the use of her childhood nickname couldn’t bring a smile to her lips, though it softened something within her.

“Come here Andrei, help me keep watch.” Shiori waved him forward and the Prince only hesitated a moment before he came and stood beside her. Her gaze skipped back to the horizon as she let her Sapphire reach further, able to sense the families nearest her’s.

“Do you think father will be home soon?” Asked Andrei.

Shiori heard the real question, though: Is father dead?

Gently she took her hand and wrapped it around Andrei’s, her voice gentler even if her heart held a cold and brutal anger. “Soon Rei, he’ll be home soon.”

Shiori prayed to the Darkness Odinar brought their father home soon.

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Player Name: Dani

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Re: Shiori Elbremov
« Reply #1 on: Feb 11, 17, 10:39:58 AM »
As per her family Jewels, I'd like to get cut & uncut rolls for her Opal - Sapphire. Thank you.
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Re: Shiori Elbremov
« Reply #2 on: Feb 11, 17, 11:02:54 AM »
Per the Jewels on Kalvar's sheet...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Sapphire Jewel at your offering.


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Re: Shiori Elbremov
« Reply #3 on: Feb 24, 17, 08:08:01 PM »
Ready for review. Needs Dash's approval first!
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Re: Shiori Elbremov
« Reply #4 on: Feb 24, 17, 10:29:13 PM »

...But not yet.

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Re: Shiori Elbremov
« Reply #5 on: Feb 24, 17, 10:49:44 PM »
Fixed. Ready for an even deeper review. :p
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Re: Shiori Elbremov
« Reply #6 on: Feb 24, 17, 11:27:18 PM »

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