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Author Topic: Odinar Elbremov  (Read 3322 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Blood Opal to Red. Played by Gavin

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Odinar Elbremov
« on: Jan 31, 17, 12:20:40 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Odinar Elbremov
Nicknames: Prince NO-dinar(by his siblings), The Red Inferno
Age & Birthyear: 596 (401 BP)
Race: ¾ Eyrien, ¼ Tacean
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Rihland, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Rihland, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal ( per Kalvar's sheet)
Offering Jewel:  uncut Red ( per Kalvar's sheet)

Role: Master of the Guard
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Daniel Henney
Distinguishing Features: Odinar is an exotic-looking individual. He has the golden skin and eyes of an Eyrien, along with powerful, black wings. His Tacean heritage is very easily apparent, but his features blend together into an appealing whole, rather than clashing. There are often comments made on his resemblance to his father.

Odinar is powerfully built and has a number of combat scars, though not as many as some would expect for an Eyrien of his age.



Odinar Elbremov is a Warlord Prince and expects to be treated with all of the respect and fear that entails at all times. He respects Protocol and obeys it to the letter, but it is not above harming someone for perceived infractions. He regrets exactly one thing in his life; the argument with his father that estranged them for nearly a century. Otherwise, he doesn’t regret his ability to intimidate people, the violence and injury he inflicts upon those that disrespect him or during his Ruts, or the number of people he’s killed in his short lifetime to enforce the order and will of his superiors. These are parts of himself that he has come to accept and refuses to be shamed for.

He is no hedonist and strives to maintain the discipline that his father enforced in his life from a young age, but he is a Warlord Prince. Lapses  occur and it is easier to forgive himself for a lapse than to forgive the person who lead him to it.

Odinar’s relationship with Kalvar has seen difficult times, but he truly believes that his father did not only the right thing, but took the only action he could possibly take. When he was young, Odinar believed that his father not only hung the moon, but shaped it with his own hands and chose its place in the sky. Growing older, he found it difficult to move out of his father’s shadow, forcing him to adopt new and different ways to use his craft. Odinar exudes a constant drive to succeed and improve instead of resting on his laurels. Despite the rift that grew between them for a time, Odinar deeply respects the older warrior and strives to follow his example. He doesn't succeed as often as he wishes, but that pushes him to redouble his efforts rather than surrender.

Odinar is fiercely protective of his siblings. It doesn’t matter that they have different mothers; they share the same father and that is enough for him. Though he doesn’t coddle them or allow them to wallow in self-pity, Odinar tries to hear their concerns and offer advice. Their father’s standing in the Abyss and recent actions have made him distant and sometimes difficult to approach. Odinar acts as a bridge between his father and his siblings when necessary, if only because both sides needs it. 

This makes him a deeply private man who strives to keep control of the world around him. Odinar will not admit it, but he is also lonely, caged between his responsibility to his siblings and his duty to his father. As such, restraint and moderation permeate his life and chafe him nearly to his limit. Freedom exists in his manipulation of Witchflame that has been a part of his life since he started learning advanced Craft. Odinar feels that he is a living flame and flame consumes and gorges itself until its spent as he does in his Ruts.

Odinar does not grant his trust or friendship lightly, but to those he does, he is the staunchest friend or ally one can find. Even after seeing the destruction his father wrought at Ebon Varos and Ebon Rih, Odinar is dedicated to helping him make Rihland a better place, a place where sons don’t have to bury their mothers or carry them home to a grieving family. He despises the Exchange and the corruption that permeated Rihland prior to his father’s rule. Their land was sick and Kalvar’s actions were the medicine necessary. As Rihland’s Master of the Guard, Odinar is his father’s staunchest supporter and among his primary advisors. His father’s word is law and Odinar is the enforcer of that law.

May the Darkness be merciful to those who break the Prince’s Peace, for Odinar Elbremov is not. 

  • 1. Decisive Action:  Kalvar’s attack against the Territory Court earned Odinar’s respect. His acceptance of the mantle of leadership of Rhiland has earned Odinar’s loyalty. Rather than allow Alyona’s death to go unanswered or retire to his farm and turn the other cheek, Kalvar punished the guilty and reformed the Territory. Odinar’s feelings on actions and a swift Price mirror his father’s own.

  • 2. Dinners with his father: Growing up with an excellent cook for a father, Odinar is happiest (or as happy as he gets) when meals are served. Eating with his parents was the highlight of much of his childhood and something he sorely missed when he and Kalvar were estranged. Now that they are on good terms again, Odinar makes it a point to conclude his business by dinner as often as possible and becomes deeply annoyed when he misses dinner with his father.

  • 3. Meditation: One of the few things he’s learned to help control his anger, Odinar enjoys attempting to master his rage and his thoughts through meditation and deep thought. He spends the first two hours of his day upon waking, and the the final hour of his evening before bed attempting to contemplate the day's’ actions, his achievements and his shortcomings.


  • 1. Eyrien Bigotry: He is three-quarters Eyrien, but Odinar has learned that, to Eyriens and Rihlanders, that one-quarter matters. Bravos have questioned his strength, his prowess, and even his manhood due to his Tacean blood only to receive a sharp lesson (full of future scars) on why mere Eyrien blood doesn’t make a true warrior.

    To Odinar’s credit, he’s only killed two of the worst offenders.

  • 2. Restraint: Odinar is a Red Jeweled Warlord Prince and the anger pulsing through his body, the current of rage beneath his skin makes him a conduit for Mother Night’s ferocity every moment of his life. So it galls him when his father counsels him to stay his hand, especially when someone disrespects Kalvar, himself, or their family. Killing someone means that said person learns nothing.

    But sometimes, you have to kill someone so that everyone else learns something.

  • 3. Glacians: Glacians are too quiet and too reserved for Odinar's liking. They alternate between looking at him with barely concealed resentment or they're scraping and kowtowing to him because of the jewels that he wears. They should respect and fear him based on his caste and his position within the Territory. It irks him that they care more about the one thing he had no control over.


  • 1. Kalvar: Despite his agreement with his father’s actions and the love he bears for the patriarch of their family, Odinar is deeply afraid of his father’s rage. He arrived at Ebon Varos in the moments after Kalvar’s attack on the Territory Court began and found a charnel house inside. Moving from room to room, the death and destruction wrought upon the place looked like the work of a team of dark jeweled assassins. But the Territory Court held a good number of Dark Jewels known for their combat prowess and ability to stay calm under pressure.

    Those men were among the very first dead that Odinar found that day.

    Odinar counseled his father to make the people responsible for Alyona’s death pay for it...but Kalvar’s attack went beyond the scope of anything he could have imagined. Odinar respects his father’s rule and the order it brings, but the images of the dead still wake him from his sleep and haunt his meditations at times. Odinar recognizes that, without the timely reconciliation brokered by Alyona, he would have been at Ebon Varos on the day his father attacked and expected to defend the Keep from him.

  • 2. Rihland united against his family: Odinar understands that his father’s actions were meant to cleanse Rihland and remove the corruption infesting it. It seems no one else understood this lesson. The Rihlanders and Eyriens are revolting. Glacians and the remnants of the Exchange flout Kalvar's laws yet have the audacity to paint Kalvar as the villain in all of this. Odinar's position as Master of the Guard is fueled by the idea of these factions uniting to oppose his father and their family. While the Black Prince is a force of nature unto himself, cohesive cooperation would severely hamper their efforts. Odinar’s larger fear is that seeing Rihland united against him will break Kalvar’s spirit and drive him to step down, plunging Rihland into chaos as each side scrambles to put forth a new ruler and slaughter any other claimants.

  • 3. Losing his wings: Losing his jewels would limit his power but Odinar fears the loss of his wings even more. Flying is freedom. Flying is power. His wings let him venture to places that few have seen and few can imagine. It's also another weapon in his arsenal to crush his enemies. Odinar can’t imagine a worse life than being unable to fly when he wishes, for as long as he wishes.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1. Witchflame : Odinar's control over his Witchflame is so complete that he can shape the paths it travels with his mind rather than somatic gestures. He can make it split to engage multiple targets or force it to go around corners or avoid one person while igniting another. This talent began as a small thing in his youth, working on his father's farm, but is now Odinar's favored method of combat against his enemies.

  • 2. Jewel Management: His father’s instruction, along with centuries of trial and error, has granted Odinar deep insight into the strength of jewels at each descent in the Abyss. Odinar can tailor the strength of his Craft to the exact amount of power needed to overcome an obstacle while casting. If an enemy is protected by a Summer Sky shield, Odinar can instinctively adjust the strength of his attack to the Purple Dusk level, rather than resorting to his Blood Opal or even his Red strength. This conservation of energy lets him avoid revealing his complete strength to those who equal his descent or light.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Telekinetic Craft: Odinar cannot move objects with his mind at all. What his father does without thinking, Odinar cannot manage with all of his will and training. It's one of his few sources of shame and one that he diligently seeks a workaround to avoid being caught unawares.

  • 2. Defensive Shielding: Odinar's shields do not last as long as they should for a male of his jewel strength and prowess. His shields, no matter the strength, can survive a maximum of three attacks before collapsing. He may create further shields, but he can never be sure how long each will last before he is once more exposed.

    Life Story

    Yelivan Elbremov (Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk* Black Widow) Deceased at Purge

    Kalvar Elbremov Red to Black Prince 1556 (Born 1361 BP)

    Alyona Elbremov (White - Rose* Priestess) Deceased on 190 AP


    Shiori Elbremov (Opal - Sapphire Black Widow) Born 158 PP
    Andrei Elbremov (Yellow - Summer Sky Prince) Born 160 PP
    Reo Elbremov (Rose - Purple Dusk Warlord) Born 167 PP
    Valeryia Elbremov (Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Priestess) Born 168 PP

    Allies and Informants

    Sharian Wintrov - Purple Dusk to Green Priestess (deceased at Purge)

    Yelena Belova - White to Yellow Witch - Rilander Informant (Adoptable)
    Yrsi Dalian - Rose to Purple Dusk Black Widow - Glacian Informant (Adoptable)
    Wolf Haardestat - Landen Informant
    Andar Kurenov - Yellow to Rose Warlord Prince - Second-in-Command (Adoptable)
    Kira Rantala - White to Tiger Eye Witch - Glacian Informant


    Odinar Elbremov is the first and only son born to Kalvar and Yelivan Elbremov after their arrival in Kaeleer from Askavi Terreille. Odinar was marked by the fierceness of his caste from his birth, staring down his father at every opportunity when the elder man held him. As grew older, however, he believed that his father truly was the most powerful man in all the world. Often, he would ask Kalvar why he did not stop people from dying or why he did not use his power to make people do the things he wanted.

    Having the power to do something does not grant the right to do it.

    The impurity of his lineage was made apparent in his Tacean features, but Kalvar’s example and encouragement taught Odinar not to focus on his mixed-blood heritage. Growing older, he fought (and viciously beat) a number of boys who spoke ill of his mother and father. He came away from his Birthright Ceremony with the Blood Opal and went to the Hunting Camps immediately thereafter. Odinar's instructors often singled him out, downplaying his accomplishments by indicating that he'd done well "...for a mixed blood".

    Soon enough, his unyielding rage singled him out to instructors for more positive reasons. Rather than allow him to lead full-blooded Eyrien warriors in the field and court their refusal to follow, Odinar was often placed on escort duties with Healers and Priestesses. He keeps in contact with a few of these women today, as they’ve been the focus of his Ruts or women he simply enjoys spending time with when he isn’t busy. His longest-reigning lover, Sharian Wintrov, was also the Priestess who performed his Offering Ceremony, something that his mother did not appreciate as she and Sharian were friends prior to her learning of their relationship.

    Odinar received the Red at his Offering and the young man felt fortunate to share a jewel with his father, even if the edge of his power was merely the start of Kalvar’s. He considered it a great honor when he was contacted by his great-aunt, Tylvian Ranosi, and asked to serve her Court as an escort to the High Healer. He believed that his parents would be happy before him despite their status as outcasts. Kalvar did not speak of his time in service or the Territory Court, but when Odinar came home, overly proud at being selected to serve in the Territory Court, Kalvar explained to his son that his new Queen was not worthy of his devotion or respect.

    The argument that resulted in centuries of stony silence between father and son ranks as the second worst day of Odinar’s life.

    Life in Tylvian’s Court was not easy, but Odinar believed that enduring the taunts and whispers of the Eyrien warriors of Ebon Rih would eventually lead him to greater glory. Someday, he reasoned, they would have no choice but to recognize his strength without regard to the purity of his blood. Decades of the same tasks became two centuries stuck in a rut. Yelivan still visited from time to time and urged him to reconcile with his father, but Odinar was too proud to admit that he was wrong. If he went home now, Kalvar would never let him hear the end of it. Yelivan then explained that Kalvar had had a falling out with his own father in his youth, but that Kalvar had not reconciled with him before his death. That regret walked with Kalvar even now.

    Choose the path your father did not, my son, before a day comes when you no longer have the chance.

    In the meantime, Odinar spent his time with Sharian and looked for ways to remove the black mark against his name stemming from his father's actions.

    He was in the throne room with Sharian on the day that the Purge struck. She shielded the two of them out of reflex, but the fury passed before Odinar could bring his own shield to bear. He learned shortly after that his mother had also died. He took the fastest wind to his father’s farm to check upon him, but once he reached the edge of the property, Odinar was too afraid to walk up to his father’s door and offer comfort. He and Kalvar hadn’t spoken in centuries. Would he even accept him home?

    He returned to Ebon Rih and his work, sending his father a letter of condolence. Odinar has never forgiven himself for his cowardice. Instead, Odinar’s demeanor hardened and he became less tolerant of his the jokes and slights aimed at him by his full-blooded Eyrien peers. With Lady Tylvian and Sharian both gone, the people who motivated him to restrain himself and turn the other cheek, Odinar felt no need to accept the barrage of overt and covert insults thrown his way.

    The next man who joked about his heritage was immolated. General Draekar saw the young warrior's fury and recruited him to his side of the mounting conflict between himself and Lokevar Xurandyr. Recognizing that his power was the only thing that made people see him as something other than "mixed-breed", Odinar relished any situation when he didn't have to restrain himself. If he could not earn respect, he would court fear.

    During a patrol in the city ten years ago, a Rihlander woman approached Odinar and asked if he was Prince Elbremov’s son. Answering in the affirmative, Odinar made the acquaintance of Alyona, his father’s Rihlander wife. Alyona was patient with him despite his initial distrust of her motives and her eagerness to reunite him with his father.. After several weeks of bringing him lunch and speaking with him, she finally suggested that he come to their home and speak with his father. This time, Odinar did not hesitate. He’d denied his mother’s request out of pride and she died with her fondest wish unfulfilled.

    He would not make that mistake again.

    It was hard for the two men to speak at first, but over the course of several hours, father and son found their way back to each other. Odinar began making the journey from Ebon Rih to the house several times a week to have dinner with his new family once more. He learned of his new siblings and embraced them as best he could, though he envied the closeness of his father’s new family.

    Just after the Offering of his younger brother, Reo, Odinar found his brother in the barn with his lover Falen in what is best described as a compromising position. Shocked and disgusted at his brother’s behavior, Odinar turned his rage upon Falen, who had clearly coerced his younger brother into deviant behavior. Two Red Warlord Princes rose to the Killing Edge quickly and the barn didn’t survive long.

    To this day Odinar swears that Falen only lives because of a promise that Odinar made to Alyona to be there for his brother. But he doesn't support the relationship and constantly suggests that Reo abandon the man. This has put him at odds with their sister, Shiori, who believes that her brother should be free to love whoever he chooses. Odinar cannot tolerate Falen, however, and will not engage with him when they are in the same room. He rebuilt his father's barn himself and apologized for destroying his property.

    When he received word that a Rihlander woman had been brutally “questioned” by members of the Territory Court, Odinar knew exactly who had done the “questioning”. That particular group of warriors was known for their vicious streak and believing that the rules did not apply to them. But when he learned the identity of the Rihlander woman, Odinar was overcome with grief and rage. Alyona was like a mother to him and the Red Warlord Prince debated, briefly, finding and slaying the ones responsible for the act. But they were just a symptom of the problem.

    The real issue was the Territory Court that let them rape and murder with impunity. No one would stand up to them. He was one man and he couldn’t get justice for her without sacrificing his own life in the process.

    But he knew someone who could.

    When arrived at Kalvar’s farm, his father sent his siblings from the room. Once they were gone, Kalvar asked Odinar what he should do.

    Odinar’s response was swift.

    Do nothing and this will happen to the mother or wife of someone who can’t strike back.

    Kalvar nodded once and then rose from his chair. Odinar offered to join him, but Kalvar refused and took flight.

    He waited thirty minutes before he told Shiori to watch the others. Disobeying his father, Odinar flew to Ebon Varos, knowing the number of Dark Jeweled warriors that would stand in defense of the mountain fortress. He couldn’t let his father be overwhelmed by attackers. But when he arrived, he realized that he’d been worried about the wrong side of the fight.

    Kalvar had slaughtered everyone.

    And Odinar found that he had no issue with it. It was only what they’d earned for murdering his father’s wife and Odinar’s step-mother. His only regret was that he couldn’t bring them back to kill them again. But when his father looked upon what he’d done, he realized that he’d just decapitated the Territory Court and left Rihland without leadership. Rather than return home to his farm and abdicate responsibility, Kalvar Elbremov set about making Rihland safer so that no one else ever suffered the way their family now suffered. He set down his laws and charged Odinar with enforcing them.

    Odinar accepted without question. That was two years ago.

    Odinar has settled into his role as Master of the Guard but the threats to Rihland and his family are ever-present. He will not see them harmed as long as he can avoid it. People are right to fear Kalvar's power, as he holds the darkest jewel possible and is a titan among the Blood.

    But Kalvar still possesses the compassion to entertain mercy for his enemies.

    Odinar does not.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Odinar streaked toward Ebon Varos as fast as his wings and the winds would carry him, heart gripped by fear. He wore the Red but, no matter how fast he flew, it seemed as if time itself were slowing, keeping him away from the mountain fortress until the world had been made right through the actions of a man he respected and loved beyond reason. Yet Odinar worried for his father, Kalvar, who’d gone to Ebon Varos seeking justice for the death of his Rihlander wife, Alyona. Ebon Varos was highly defended and even the darkest of jewels might be hard-pressed to make headway against trained warriors who’d lived for centuries. He could not allow his siblings to lose another parent today.

    He flew on, knowing down deep that he wasn't fast enough to stop what was coming.

    Never fast enough.

    Ebon Varos loomed in the distance but Odinar sharpened his sight with Craft and noticed the flares of Red Energy, so much like his own, along with flashes of so many other colors. He could see in his head, nearly to the second, how the fight would go.

    Sentry patrols would pick up the intruder six miles out from the mountain and engage. Four males, all strong warriors, would beset the intruder and bring him to the ground, batter him unconscious and then drag him to Ebon Varos for judgment.

    Six miles from Ebon Varos, Odinar saw blackened lumps of flesh and broken bodies littering the ground.

    There were at least two War Camps staged at the base of Ebon Varos. If the sentries somehow failed to contain the intruder, the War Camps would leap into action and bring the full force of their jewels against that intruder. Between the War Camps, even a full complement of Dark Jeweled intruders would lose several men to strong group defense and some of the keenest fighters in Ebon Varos.

    The remains of the War Camps lay at the foot of Ebon Varos, most of them little more than ashes. One man had been impaled with a spear and then burned to a husk. Odinar recognized him:


    He’d lead the men that killed father’s wife, Alyona.

    May you find no solace in Hell, you dishonorable bastard.

    Odinar landed on the war room balcony and stepped inside. Operating procedure was clear: if an intruder breached the fortress, all warriors were to make their way to the war room as quickly as possible to offer resistance. The number of trap spells and webs littered along the way would reduce enemy numbers to a manageable level.

    When Odinar arrived in the war room, he found husks.

    Dismembered bodies.

    The warriors of Ebon Varos were among the deadliest in the Hunting Camps. Even the War Camps showed respect to those called to serve inside the refuge, for they worked closest to their leaders.

    And those men were dead now, along with the women they served.

    The scene repeated itself in every single room that Odinar found as he made his way through Ebon Varos In room after room after room, the casualties mounted. Odinar stopped at one point and leaned against the wall to collect himself. He’d wanted revenge for his father. He’d wanted revenge for Alyona and his siblings. The Territory Court deserved this fate. They’d allowed corruption to permeate their ranks until they were little more than civilized beasts. This was just.

    So why did he feel such terror?

    This could have been you.

    Yes. It was just.

    This was deserved.

    Odinar stood and straightened himself, continuing his inspection from room to room.

    This was not merely just.

    This was justice.

    Odinar found Kalvar in the kitchen, of all places. Kalvar said nothing for nearly an hour and Odinar waited in silence for his father to speak.

    Kalvar pointed out that the Territory Court was dead. Odinar agreed.

    He pointed out that the people would need leadership. Odinar agreed once more.

    Finally, he suggested that Odinar stand as the enforcer of new laws, laws that would protect everyone and keep what happened today from happening ever again.

    Odinar agreed.

    Petitions (if any): N/A

    Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): N/A

    Player Name: Gavin

Offline Gavin

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #1 on: Jan 31, 17, 12:21:46 PM »
May I please have the cut/uncut rolls for Odinar's jewels and 5 Family Rolls, please?

Thank you!

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #2 on: Jan 31, 17, 12:26:59 PM »
Per Kalvar's Family Rolls...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Red Jewel at your offering.



and your extra five Family Rolls...

1. Purple Dusk - Green
2. White - Yellow
3. Tiger Eye - Rose
4. Tiger Eye - Rose
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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #3 on: Jan 31, 17, 12:37:37 PM »
As a slight note, Odinar will be the Master of the Guard at the Territory Court.
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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #4 on: Jan 31, 17, 02:38:38 PM »
As per the usage of a +50 Power Ranking to Birthright.
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Red Jewel at your offering.


character tracker

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #5 on: Feb 10, 17, 12:59:12 AM »
History added.

-CIP remaining.

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #6 on: Feb 11, 17, 12:04:24 AM »
Ready for Review.

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #7 on: Feb 11, 17, 12:56:06 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #8 on: Feb 11, 17, 03:31:45 PM »
Ready for Round 2.

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Re: Odinar Elbremov
« Reply #9 on: Feb 11, 17, 03:42:43 PM »

...but not accepted. You must first do the following to balance your ratio in order to allow for Odinar:

-Have two Light Jeweled characters approved.
-Have a Landen approved.
-Have a Jeweless Blood approved.

-You cannot buy a Dark Jewel balancer for this character due to already having a shop item attached.

Hit one of us up when you have your ratios balanced.
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159