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Author Topic: Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen  (Read 722 times)

Description: Witch. Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by Leann.

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Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen
« on: Jan 20, 19, 02:32:36 PM »
    The Basics
    Character Name: Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen
    Nicknames: Scribe
    Age & Birth Year: 33 (Born 161 AP)
    Race: Short-Lived
    Caste: Witch
    Birth Territory: Glacia
    Home Territory: Avorla, Rihland

    Birthright Jewel: Cut Tiger Eye
    Offering Jewel: Uncut Summer Sky

    Role: Stringer
    Faction: The Underground


    Play By: Adrianne Palicki
    Distinguishing Features:

    Kirsi-Marja is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. She has a toned hourglass figure with a trim waist and ample curves. She pampers her skin to create a smooth complexion and velvety soft skin. Her icy blonde hair is short and styled with curls to draw attention to her striking eyes. Framed with long sooty lashes, Kirsi-Marja’s eyes are mismatched – the right a bright blue and her left a vibrant violet. While the rest of her face is carved beautifully, her lips are plump and deliciously sculpted.



    There are three sides to Kirsi-Marja’s personality, all of which were honed in childhood. The first is her public face: as a light jeweled witch in Glacia Kirsi-Marja has learned to be completely deferential and submissive to the Dark Jeweled. Her neighbors would claim that she lives quietly, is completely respectful, and is always pleasant when they cross paths. This mask allows her to live her life with relatively little interference from her Dark Jeweled neighbors as she seemingly knows her place and doesn’t try to rise above it.

    The private Kirsi-Marja is quite different. Behind closed doors, and in the company of those she trusts, Kirsi-Marja is a playfully sarcastic, fun-loving, sexual being. Sitting tranquilly and reading books is not for her unless the pages are full of mystery, romance, drama, or sex, and still she’d much rather be playing games – in bed or out. This private Kirsi-Marja understands that those in power think she should live her life quietly, be sorry for her very existence, serve the dark jeweled, and breed many (hopefully dark jeweled) babies. So she revels in her life - indulging in food, clothes, wine, and sex.

    The third Kirsi-Marja is the professional. While dealing with either of her two callings, Kirsi-Marja is incredibly strict with her time and efforts. The jewels she lovingly cuts will be cherished for lifetimes and deserve nothing less than her absolute respect and every drop of skill and expertise. The same goes for the papers she forges – the documents need to be able to withstand the strictest of scrutiny to keep those who utilize them safe.

    • 1.) Jewels. Every jewel is precious and beautiful. Each rank is a vibrant, pulsing, living color. Each jewel echoes the very soul of its owner. Kirsi-Marja absolutely adores the chance to hold and examine every jewel that she gets to cut. Even cut jewels are a fascination to her – who owned the jewel before and why did they choose the setting that they did?
    • 2.) Running. From the first moment that Kirsi-Marja first realized the power she could gain by using her physical appearance to manipulate others she knew that she would need to put some work and effort into maintaining her body. She didn’t want a merely slim body – most Jeweled Blood had an advanced metabolism, she wanted a strong body. A toned body. So she began running. Soon the running became more than a chore to tick off a list, but a joy. While running Kirsi-Marja is able to tune everyone and everything out, she can focus on herself, her breathing, the rhythmic pounding of her feet.
    • 3.) Sex. Despite her rather disastrous initiation in the bed, Kirsi-Marja has developed a craving for sex. It’s not just the physical pleasure of relief, but the intimacy and connection with another person – even if the connection is fleeting. She’d been a lonely child and held everyone at a distance. She’s able to make and keep friends as an adult, but the seclusion in childhood has left its mark on the woman.

    • 1.) Taking Liberties with her Name. She will introduce herself as Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen. Nothing irks the witch as much as a casual acquaintance shortening her name to Kirsi. Kirsi is only part of her name and is therefore a nickname. Pet names and nicknames are for use by close friends, by people dear to her. So unless she gives leave, please refer to her as Kirsi-Marja, or even better: Lady Karjalainen
    • 2.) Priestesses. Kirsi-Marja doesn’t dislike every single Priestess. She’s sure that there are some very nice ones out there somewhere. But the bulk of her experiences with the caste are the Priestesses from the Children of the Light. Strict, dour women that spent years drumming it into her head that she had been judged and found wanting. That, because of the beautiful jewel the Darkness blessed her with; she is somehow worth less as a person. The history has left a bitter after taste in her mouth concerning the women who preach the tenets of the Dark Religion.
    • 3.) Disorder in her Workshop. There is nothing more annoying to Kirsi-Marja than to not have her tools where they’re supposed to be while she’s working. Well, except for strangers becoming too familiar with her name. She’s typically the only one able to get through all of the widow’s webs into her workshop – but sometimes those same webs need to be respelled or strengthened or a client wishes to see how she works before trusting their Jewel to her. After these visits is typically when she finds her pliers or carving wax out of place. Or, even more horrifying, the quill set she uses for forging documents messed with.

    • 1. Being Trapped with a Male.  Her Virgin Night was a horror that’s scared Kirsi-Marja. It wasn’t the sex that was terrifying, even if the man had been a sadistic monster that made the act nothing but searing pain. It was how powerless she was – she’d been trapped in a room with a man that had the power to do whatever he chose to do to her.
    • 2. Being Unable to Cut and Set Jewels..She’s an abandoned child – one that had everything, besides her jewels, given or taken away at someone else’s whims. The notoriety and prestige she’s earned as a Jeweler has given her independence and the ability to earn her own things. Even beyond the comfort of knowing that she can provide for herself she loves every Jewel she holds in her hand. The mere thought of losing the ability to care for the treasures is beyond crippling.
    • 3. Being Betrayed.She’s signed up for the Underground. She needs to help. And while every smuggler knows of the risks, Kirsi-Marja has done her best to make sure that she is as safe as possible. But she isn’t a Black Widow to change her face whenever she meets another smuggler. It also doesn’t help that her face is known and makes a lasting impression. Should someone betray her affiliation with the Underground there are any number of nasty things that could happen. Any of them would mean that she’d lose everything she’s worked so hard to obtain.

    Craft Strengths:
    • 1. Manipulating Psychic Scents.Kirsi-Marja is incredibly gifted in manipulating psychic scents. As a child she used the gift to mask her emotional state to read a bland or noncommittal. As she aged and developed better control over her craft she’s discovered an extraordinary talent for mimicking psychic scents, especially those belonging to Jewels that she handles. This gives her the ability to manufacture counterfeit documents that make it easier to get Light Jewels out of Glacia.
    • 2. Jewel Cutting/Setting. While the trade is typically rather mundane, Kirsi-Marja has learned to thread her craft into the process of cutting Jewels and creating the jewelry on which the cut Jewels will be set. This gives her tremendous control over intricate details that result in beautiful pieces that last.

    Craft Weaknesses:
    • 1. Seduction Craft. Kirsi-Marja has never needed to utilize craft based seduction as mundane attempts work well enough to suit her needs. As she’s never felt the need to use it, she never made any attempt to learn it.
    • 2. Vanishing Craft. Kirsi-Marja is abysmal at vanishing items. Whenever she tries to vanish something it takes minutes for her and drains her jewels at alarmingly high rates. Something simply that seems to be second nature to most of the Blood is a ridiculous waste of time and resources. The amusing part of this, is when she does manage to expend the time and Jewel strength necessary, it’s a very simple matter to call the item back.

    Life Story

    Daughter: Eliisabet Karjalainen;; 4 (Born 190 AP);; Healer(Though Kirsi-Marja tends to manipulate her Scent to that of a witch)


    Kirsi-Marja’s memory from before she was left with the Children of the Light is fuzzy. She can remember all of the lessons she had before her birthright, she can remember her name, and she can remember the name of objects and having toys and playing outside in the snow. What she can’t remember are the people that were in her life before she became a ward of the Children of the Light. With all of the knowledge that she possessed it wasn’t difficult to realize that walking away from her Birthright Ceremony with a Tiger Eye jewel caused her parents to walk away; and not just walk away – but erase every detail that connected a light jeweled child to whoever they were.
    It wasn’t difficult to get used to living at the orphanage. The priestesses are rather used to taking care of the unwanted children of Glacia after all. Unfortunately she stood out, even among the children who also possessed jewels that could never reach the blessed depths of the abyss. She was a beautiful child, and even more, she had been born with a genetic abnormality that left her with one bright blue eye, and one vibrant violet eye. Standing out in such a way guaranteed Kirsi-Marja would become the target of bullying and teasing. She discovered early on that playing submissive, being absolutely agreeable and noncommittal made life easier – no one wanted to tease or bully a child that didn’t cry or defend themselves against the abuse. Especially since her greatest strength in craft is the ability to manipulate psychic scent. No one would ever know how she truly felt. Her survival mechanism meant that she would be a lonely child, though.
    To cope with her loneliness Kirsi-Marja looked to her cut Tiger Eye. She wasn’t the first to hold her jewel, someone else held it before her, and perhaps someone before them too. These people became her friends. She imagined their lives – perhaps they lived in a far away territory where the Tiger Eye was cherished. Someone cut her jewel with such love and skill after all.
    As the years passed, Kirsi-Marja started to become friendly with other little girls – girls that carried the White or Yellow or Tiger Eye. She never actually became close enough to them to call them friends, though. A couple more years would pass before puberty hit and her body started to bloom. Her features as a child paled in comparison to the way her face began to sharpen and her body began to curve. Her eyes, features that always invited ridicule and teasing, suddenly became intriguing and hypnotic. She still stood out but there was a subtle shift in the energy and intent – it was no longer completely terrible to stand out. Girls that had the potential for dark descent became more jealous, but couldn’t do anything about it anymore because there was always at least one boy that wanted to protect her – wanted the chance to act on their fantasies and attraction.
    Ever the survivor, Kirsi-Marja learned to use her appearance to manipulate those around her. The Priestesses still saw the meek and deferential child that obeyed all rules and regulations, but her sexuality became just as useful a tool to hone and use to keep herself safe.
    While her age group became slaves to their changing hormones, Kirsi-Marja’s focus on her cut jewel shifted. She no longer needed the phantom friends that once held her jewel, she wanted to learn everything there was to know about jewel cutting and setting. She read every book she could get her hands on and made a request to the Priestesses to allow her an apprenticeship to learn the profession.
    Learning how to handle, shape, and manipulate precious metals, and how to cut and utilize jewels, and their chips gave Kirsi-Marja pleasure and satisfaction like she’s never known. Every jewel she handled was beautiful and precious and she made sure to respect the jewel and put every ounce of love and care into her work as possible. The effort she put in was reflected in the exquisite results.
    With the knowledge that she knew what she wanted to do with her life, that she was talented enough to make a career of it, enticed Kirsi-Marja to leave the care of the Children of Light as soon as possible. At the first moment the Priestesses would allow it, Kirsi-Marja had her Virgin Night. She left the bed an emotional wreck. The dark jeweled warlord was charming and gentle as he coaxed her into the bed and under her barriers. He was sensitive as he stroked her body and wove his dark psychic strength through her inner web. Then he was vicious. She wove a second web just inside of her own web and drove her ruthlessly to the brink of madness while keeping her fully aware and intact. He was positively gleeful as he turned pleasure into pain and made the pain so huge and unbearable that it was incomprehensible to the young girl. When he was done he rolled off her abused body, cleaned himself with the sheets and whispered that no one would ever believe the words of a light jeweled cunt. She slowly tended to her body, noting that she walked away from the bed with her jewel intact and her mind in one piece. And a new goal to work for – the man that raped her mind and body was right. Not one priestess would trust her word over the word of a well respected and well vetted dark jeweled warlord.
    With the horror of her Virgin Night gnawing on her psyche, Kirsi-Marja knew that she wouldn’t be able to go through with her Offering until she was able to calm her emotional state – not if she wanted the jewel she was meant to have. So she threw herself into her work. She learned how to weave her craft into her work, wanting to do her best not only for her current clients, but for the children that may one day hold the same jewel in their hands. Kirsi-Marja allowed herself two years to weep and rage out her pain, to exhaust herself in her work until she feel into fitful sleep, and to shy away from strangers coming too close to her body. At twenty Kirsi-Marja made her Offering to the Darkness and came away with a gorgeous uncut Summer Sky.
    She walked away from the orphanage without a backwards glance, with the pittance they give to every ward that ages out and the funds she squirreled away from her apprenticeship. She moved from Imatra in Virratt to Forssa in Tornio – figuring that moving to the center of the territory gives her the best chance to make a name for herself in the profession she chose. Craving a place of her own – a house she could build to her specifications that would have the room for a storefront and a workshop – Kirsi saved nearly every mark she made. She wasn’t yet making enough, and she wasn’t doing anything to help the need she developed to help the Light Jeweled that felt as powerless as she did in that locked room.
    Kirsi-Marja realized that she had only been utilizing one of her talents. She could be useful to the Underground – it would give her a way to help others and still supplement her own income. So Kirsi-Marja began the slow and carefully process of finding her entrance into the Underground. She would leave short, cryptic messages in public places. Each note would carry a different psychic signature and each note would be signed Scribe.
    A side-effect of leaving her messages in public places, and needing to go back to check for responses, Kirsi-Marja also began dating. Still unrecovered from her past trauma Kirsi-Marja found herself drawn to women. She learned of the pleasures that could be found in the bed. Months passed by with the Scribe vetting, responding, and being drawn further into the dangerous business of smuggling, all while Kirsi-Marja discovered that as long as she made sure there’d be an escape hatch, men could provide a different flavor of pleasure.
    All of her careful probes resulted in a meeting at a local Tavern. As the young witch had no clue as to who her contact would be, the prospect of heading into a trap was beyond terrifying. But she needed to help, and despite how guilty she felt for the selfishness, she wanted the money that could come from her talent.
    With great luck Kirsi-Marja found Indaara Ericksson. The Black Widow helped her get settled as a Stringer for the Underground, became a personal friend, and an occasional bed partner.
    The witch settled into a satisfying routine of shaping jewels and crafting forged documents and developed good reputations doing both. It didn’t take her long to put aside enough marks to purchase a house that would not only be her home, but a store front for her legitimate business and a workshop for both occupations. As she worked with precious metals and stones, held onto the Jewels of the Blood, and was absolutely appalling at vanishing anything at all, no one questioned her using multiple widow’s webs to guard her workshop.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Holding Hilppa’s Jewel, a jewel which carried the scent of a Priestess, Kirsi-Marja smiled as she remembered the promise she made to not hurt the Jewel and to take very good care of it. “You don’t have to worry Hilppa, your Jewel is safe with me.” Though the little Priestess’s scent was committed to memory and may not be all that safe. It will be years before the scent will be of any use – but Kirsi-Marja figured she could never have too many psychic scents in her repertoire.
    Little Hilppa Louma had been nervous about leaving her new Purple Dusk Jewel with a stranger. It didn’t help that her parents tried to explain that the stranger cut Jewels for a living. Any eight year old would be horrified by the thought of someone cutting into their prized treasure.
    Kirsi-Marja agreed with Hilppa’s parents that the little girl was too young to keep track of and take care of a ring. Making child-sized rings was actually a smart way to gain repeat business, as Kirsi-Marja will have to resize the ring each time the child outgrows it. Instead of a ring, Kirsi-Marja will be focused on a pendant for the small priestess. 
    After studying the parents’ settings, Kirsi-Marja asked if either side of the family had distinct markings, and from the answers sketched out a design that suited all three individuals. The briolette cut that Kirsi-Marja suggested was uniquely feminine for the little girl while still resembling the trilliant cut her father sported and the pear cut the mother wore.
    Using a lapidary wheel and her own craft Kirsi-Marja spent hours carefully shaping the jewel with exacting care. The dazzling purple gem would gleam darkly – a reminder that Hilppa would likely wear an even darker jewel later on.
    Kirsi-Marja attached the Jewel to a delicate and craft enhanced silver chain before setting it into the prepared velvet lined jewelry box. Then she carefully gathered the unused portions of the Jewel, making sure to collect every sliver, and enclosed them in an envelope before placing that in another box lined with cotton.
    She set the two boxes to the side and called out a small jewelry chest. Opening the top, Kirsi-Marja pulls out a small, smooth, silver disk and engraved it with Hilppa’s name. Focusing briefly on the little girl’s psychic scent, she imbued it onto her silver coin. With that accomplished, she pulled the top section of the box out and deposited the coin with identical coins all labeled with different names and organized by caste.
    Kirsi-Marja placed her hands on either side of the chest, closed her eyes, and concentrated solely on vanishing the box until there was nothing but air between her hands and a marked drain on her jeweled strength.

    Petitions (if any):

    Why did this character became inactive? Because I'm an awful person that tends to ghost when RL overwhelms me.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Try not to be an awful person?

    What are your plans for this character? Murder, Mayhem, and Drama

    Number of previous Reactivations: Twice for KM I believe.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : I updated Kirsi-Marja’s age?

    Player Name: Leann

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    Re: Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen
    « Reply #1 on: Jan 20, 19, 02:44:08 PM »
    Ready for re-re-review.

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    Re: Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen
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    Re: Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen
    « Reply #3 on: Oct 22, 19, 03:28:18 PM »
    As Kirsi-Marja has never had them rolled previously, could I get her five ally rolls?

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    Re: Kirsi-Marja Karjalainen
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