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The Basics
Character Name: Linnea Eklund
Age & Birth Year: 36, born 158 post Purge
Race: Short Lived
Caste: Healer
Birth Territory: Rihland
Home Territory: Rihland
Birthright Jewel: Uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: Cut Purple Dusk
Role: Healer
Faction: Scythia

Play By: Carey Mulligan
Distinguishing Features:
Tree tattoo along her spine. Also Linnea is tiny. She’s just barely five feet and fine boned and can give off the appearance of being overly delicate.

Linnea tends to be a quietly introverted individual. She’s more comfortable sitting back and listening to other people, absorbing the content of conversation. Not that she isn’t witty and charming in her own right, she’s just better with one-on-one conversations and small intimate gatherings than with crowds. Growing up being seen as a tool, rather than as a person, left the Healer with a shyness she continues to battle and a social awkwardness she’s largely overcome. Large groups tend to leave her flustered and scattered unless she can focus on a specific task to complete or a specific person. When her social energy bottoms out she’s best able to recharge herself with a walk through the woods.

If Linnea’s psychic scent didn’t so strongly identify her as the Healer she is, she’d probably be mistaken for a Hearthwitch instead. She’s a homebody that finds joy and contentment in domestic tasks. It’s common to find her cooking, baking bread, gardening, or creating her soaps and candles. It constantly vexes the Healer that she’s so competent in the kitchen while following recipes or experimenting with food, fragrances, and waxes while her attempts at Healing potions tend to blow up in her face. (Sometimes quite literally.)

With the discovery of her culture’s ancient rites and rituals at her Birthright Ceremony, a piece of Linnea settled into place. A bone-deep need to learn and practice the faith of her people was sparked within her. Knowledge of the All-Mother and the Tree of Life comfort Linnea in the same way being in nature does. Learning the stories of her ancestors from the Skalds at the moots she snuck into excite her and deepen the curiosity she has to know even more. To absorb more of what makes Rihlanders Rihlanders.

Linnea is a true idealist led by her heart, though she tempers it with a healthy dose of common sense and self-preservation. She tries to look for the goodness inside each individual, whether they have wings or not. (Though she remains a bit leery of those with wings and will question their intentions and motivations a bit deeper than she would a person without wings.)

As a Healer she often finds herself compelled to ease aches and pains that are better left to heal on their own. Linnea is able to temper her natural instincts, though she finds it more difficult to practice self-restraint with the people she’s familiar with.




Craft Strengths:

Craft Weaknesses:

Life Story

Mother: Reinhilde Vinke :: White - Yellow :: Healer :: Born 136
Father: Eindride Eklundsen :: Rose - Purple Dusk :: Warlord Prince :: Born 132
Aunt: Alfhild Eklundsdottir :: Tiger Eye - Summer Sky :: Priestess :: 56, Born 138


It wasn’t until her eighth birthday that Linnea realized that there was something wrong with her life. It had always been her and her mother in a Court of Eyriens. There were enough fair-skinned wingless Rihlanders in view to counterbalance the golden-skinned winged people for her to recognize that there were different types of people. She just didn’t know what that meant until her dead father’s sister came well before sunset the day before she turned eight.

The woman took her from her distraught and crying mother. Her aunt took her on her first flight amongst the winds and deep into a secluded woods. It was in the center of pristine nature that her aunt, a priestess, told her the stories of her people. Not just of the people of Rih, but also of her father and mother. Tales of the All-Mother tailored for a child to learn, and the harder tale of rebellion and the death of her father from before she was even born. All while the Priestess, her aunt, prepared an Altar to take her through her Birthright Ceremony.

It was a night of revelations. She’d known she and her mother were different from the Eyrien’s that told her mother who to Heal and when, but didn’t know how. She’d known that she was also a Healer and would follow the same path as her mother when she was old enough. And that path would start the moment she returned with her bright and pretty Summer Sky Jewel.

Her aunt returned her to her furious mother and her Caste training started in earnest. So too did her lessons on the history of her people. Her mother refused to acknowledge it, it’s what led to the death of her greatest love, but her aunt would sneak her out and back in before anyone was the wiser.

It was a lonely life. The Eyrien’s who had control of her life saw her as an asset rather than a person with thoughts and feelings. Her mother, while affectionate and loving, would do nothing that would anger or upset the Eyrien’s in control. She’d been broken of any need to rebel or discuss Rihlander history or culture, depriving Linnea of her heritage. Her aunt visited when she could, and imparted as much as she could, but it was impossible to distill centuries of beliefs and customs with the short time they had together. Especially not when her mother was so terrified that the fate of her beloved husband would become the fate of her only daughter.

Still, her Offering was carried out by her aunt in the same way as her Birthright - in a Rihlander rite deep within an untouched woods. Shortly after receiving her Purple Dusk, her mom passed away during a Healing “mishap” after she broke herself of her Jewels. Linnea understood that her mom felt she’d accomplished the final task needed before returning her soul to the All-Mother to avoid becoming a draugr.

Her life remained largely unchanged until 190AP when Kalvar Elbremov slaughtered the Eyriens, including the bulk of those that held her ‘captive’. She left the area and found a group of Rihlanders with the sole purpose of returning their territory to what it was before the Eyrien Occupation. She made friends and connections within the Reclaimers and ended up settled in Scythia where she began working as a Healer for herself, and her cause. 

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
It may be the eve of the spring solstice, but there was still a chill to the air in the mountainous region of Scythia Linnea had made her home. The Healer barely noticed it, bundled up as she was, as she hiked farther into the woods as the light faded around her. The ebbing birdsong relaxed her while the discovery of new blooms delighted her.

This would be the first Solstice she’d celebrate properly since Kalvar Elbremov “liberated” the Rihlanders. Celebrated the way her mother and aunt taught her so very long ago. The shadows lengthened around her before simply blurring into night. There was no fear in her - no alarm that she’d be unable to find her footing upon the uneven ground. No need to call Witchlight or Witchfire to light her path.

Besides, she was nearly at her destination.

She’d never forget the giddy joy that had bubbled through her when she had first discovered the natural clearing that encircled the massive ash tree. How could she forget it when flooded through her every time she returned? Linnea pressed her hands to her cheeks and breathed deep. This was a natural vé, her vé. Perhaps she’d share it next solstice with someone, or perhaps she’ll keep it to herself. It still felt dangerous to practice her faith. Rih’s faith.

Linnea crossed the clearing and stood before the large tree. She pressed her hand to it for a long moment before touching her forehead to it. “Hello Mother,” the Healer murmured. The All-Mother, her mother. Mother Night, even. Maybe. Separately and together.

She took a couple steps back and kneeled as she Called in a large stone slab that served as her Altar. Next Linnea called in a tied bundle of lavender, juniper, and white sage. With just a touch of Witchfire, the herbs began to smoke and smolder. Leaving it upon the Altar, she Called in and lit the fat white candles containing primroses and lilacs she’d prepared specifically for this night. This rite. The small wooden Idols quickly joined the rest of her offerings. They’d belonged to her aunt, wherever she was currently, and were a matched set to the ones her father had owned. The ones that had been destroyed when he’d been killed.

Tears pricked at her eyes as the few memories she had of setting up an Altar with her mother crowded her. She paused her preparations and sat back, allowing the flickering candlelight to hypnotize her slightly. Once she felt steady she finished up with the offerings: a still steaming mug of mulled cider, an apple-nut cake, and a small vial of honey with small wildflowers floating inside.

Linnea sat at the Altar as the smouldering herbs turned to ash. The candles were half burned and the cider had long since stopped steaming. Feeling more relaxed, more balanced, more together than she had in quite awhile, Linnea stood and made her way home through the darkness - leaving her Altar Shielded for the first day of spring.

She’d be back the next night to retrieve her Altar stone and Idols.

Petitions (if any):
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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Summer Sky Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.

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1. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
2. White - Yellow
3. Rose - Purple Dusk
4. Rose - Purple Dusk
5. White - Yellow
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