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Title: Janne Hyugge
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The Basics
Character Name: Janne Hyugge
Age and Birth Year: 41 (b. 153 AP)
Race: Short-lived Glacian
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Glacia, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Rihland, Kaeleer
Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: cut Purple Dusk
Role: First Circle/teacher
Faction: Avorla District Court
Play By: Ty Olsson
Distinguishing Features: A shaved head and sturdy build are generally the first thing people would notice about him. A second glance would likely reveal the heavy, long healed burns on the back of his neck that stretch across his throat and past his chin to the lump of his right ear (he is hard of hearing on that side) and that continue past his collar down his back and front on his right side. His torso is the worst scarred, but there are lighter burns on his legs as well. His right arm is missing entirely, having been amputated at the shoulder.

Although he’s softened and learned how to relax over the years, Janne is very much a tightly coiled spring. He carries himself with a tense set to his shoulders and while it’s not half the minefield of a Warlord Prince’s temper, there’s an edge in his mind that he can never quite set down completely. Half wariness and half remnant resentment, he can’t express it easily, the usual explosion of anger or violence, even just speaking up a little forcefully, only makes the tension grow in his expectation of unpleasant consequences and he keeps a very firm restraint on himself out of fear of what might happen if he snaps. Honestly, he couldn’t say if he’s more afraid of himself or of any retaliation. He never had any training in how to safely release his temper, his father only focused on how to hold everything in, and without Aaryne to ground him, he’s reverted to a milder state of his old repressed anxiety.
He's an attentive guardian, possibly a little smothering in his need to ensure his daughters don’t come to harm, but he is far more open and responsive to their chatter and questions or demands than he is with anyone else. Anyone who qualifies as a student is given similar patient, attentive treatment to a lesser extent, barring the excess concern for their health, and though he tends to draw a line between work and home, he will put in more effort when teaching than with any managerial tasks Signe might have for him, but no matter what he’s doing, he puts his all into it with an intensity that can be a little jarring and exhausting to keep up with. It’s the only way he can vent the coiled energy in him, and how he’s always done things.
Where he is gentle and anxious with his children, and generally forcefully calm around acquaintances and friends, he shows a wholly different side when his husband is around. In a casual setting, at least. He smiles more and relaxes easier, trusting Aaryne’s judgement to tell himself that everything’s fine. He talks more and expresses his emotions more readily, not that it's generally difficult to tell what he’s feeling, but he’ll more often clam up on the subject than say anything of what might be troubling him or making him happy. While it may be an exaggeration to lay everything about his positive social manners at Aaryne’s feet, there’s no denying that his husband’s patience and encouragement and presence is what lets him feel more comfortable interacting with others on an equal footing.
His family situation left him with many small ­­­­insecurities and some bad habits of judgement, as he lives with constant doubts about his rights and worth and unconsciously sets Dark Jewels above Light Jewels in his priorities. But he will never agree that Light Jeweled individuals should be collared or judged based on a gift from the Darkness, and he tries to change his behaviour whenever he catches himself at it.
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Inka Hyugge, Opal to Green Priestess | b. 130 AP
Father: Olavi Hyugge, Yellow to Summer Sky Prince | b. 126 AP (deceased)
Brother: Anselm Hyugge, Purple Dusk to Opal Warlord | b. 157
Friend/Surrogate for Children: Inessa Johanssen, descent White witch | b. 158 AP
Husband: Aaryne Haugen, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord | b. 154 AP
Daughter: Nadia Inessa Hyugge, Birthright Tiger Eye Queen | b. 181 AP
Daughter: Isana Nessia Hyugge, Birthright Rose Priestess | b. 183 AP
Born the first child of a minor noble family, the first years of Janne’s life were peaceful and, if not entirely pleasant, were at least lacking an awareness of the growing tension in the Falun district and beyond. His parents were attentive, if eager to put all their hopes for the future on their children, and even before he underwent his Birthright Ceremony, Janne felt that pressure building. His father’s hope and his mother’s expectant manner were heavy burdens for an eight-year old, but what made it all worse was the social pressure pushing them to it. His Summer Sky was a compromise between being Light Jeweled and having the chance to descend far enough into the abyss to gain Mother Night’s (and everyone else’s) approval.
Unfortunately, the building division between Light and Dark Jewels played itself out in miniature in their family, where an arranged marriage and full ambitions left little love to be lost between his parents. His mother immediately set her expectations on his younger brother, while his father occasionally took him aside to remind him to be careful, and to mind his mother and anyone else favoured by the Darkness. A few years of everyone holding their breath turned into his brother supplanting him as the heir and future of the family when the boy received a Purple Dusk for his birthright.
Janne would have been fine with it, honestly speaking, believing himself less worthy and loyal enough to want what was best for his family and his younger brother. The trouble was mostly of his brother’s devising, as the boy was insecure in his newfound authority, and too ambitious and arrogant for his own ability. He was too easily swayed and influenced by the words of other people, and afraid that the brother he’d previously looked up to might somehow overtake him or steal his new worth. Every effort that Janne put in to better himself and his ability to support his brother (who was obviously in need of it), stung the young man into jealousy and suspicion, seeing ambition and superiority. He gave himself and Janne no peace over the preceding years, escalating arguments and exaggerating mistakes until nothing Janne did was right. And he learned to look over his own shoulder and second guess himself constantly.
Their mother, herself influenced in her Priestess work by others who shared Isyviel’s divisive views and by the strict laws of the district, was too busy to see the full extent of it and never reined in Anselm’s behavior. She took it poorly if ever her husband tried to intervene instead. She was the darkest Jewel in the family, and she had more important things to deal with than brotherly spats, and she thought it was simply competitive spirit and liked to praise Anselm for pushing his brother to greater efforts. Frustrated, but having nothing to tell him that this wasn’t reasonable behaviour, Janne persevered. He wasn’t the only one with troubles in their neighbourhood, and there was always tense talk about some trouble or other just walking down the street or amongst his brother’s friends or his mother’s acquaintances, so he honestly thought it was normal that he be the one blamed for everything. His mother was a Priestess, and understood better than he did how he might redeem himself in the eyes of everyone and Mother Night, so, he just tried harder. Which, unfortunately, only increased Anselm’s paranoia.
He only discovered a line when Anselm crossed it, harming their father simply because the man spoke up one too many times against the excessive mistreatment. It was not the first time the two brothers came to blows, but it was the first time Janne’s words reached past all the support Anselm was surrounded with. He blamed Anselm for their father’s death, although the accidental injury and illness weren’t related, it was the only outlet he had for his anger and grief and frustration. Anselm heard the words, and believed them. His own guilt ate at him, and he suddenly had yet another reason to dislike Janne’s existence.
They became the antagonists of each other’s lives from that point on, actively trying to sabotage the other. Anselm, of course, had the advantage of their mother’s favour, but Janne gave as good as he got right back until Inka was fed up with their antics and Anselm took it upon himself to finish things once and for all. Janne’s descent to Purple Dusk secured his position as second best, but Anselm saw it as an opportunity to get rid of him, and while he was planning, Janne found a chance to catch his breath and let his guard down. That nearly cost him his life, when Anselm set fire to their summer lodge while he was in it. While everyone was in it, actually…
That reckless act finally forced their negligent mother to lay down the law, though she was slow to respond due to the simple shock she felt staring at the burning building as some staff tried to put out the fire and others struggled to make sure no one was caught inside. She managed to save Janne’s life discreetly, but not before the fire burned him badly. Once it was doused, she sent most of the household home with Anselm since they had no more lodge to stay in. And as soon as he was out of the way, she rushed to get Janne to a Healer, but her delay was costly. He lost his arm and spent quite a long time recovering. Part of it was shock, part of it was the injury itself, and part of it was that as soon as she knew he was out of danger, his mother had left him in the rural clinic. She’d packed a bag of what the servants had salvaged from his closet (precious little), left some money, and a note. He and Anselm in the same household was clearly only asking for trouble, and she was sorry she hadn’t seen it sooner, but he should have enough money and ability to pay the Healers and find a new life and she’d tell his brother he’d died in the fire.
After everything that happened, after everything that she’d let happen, that numbed him into depression. He didn’t care about his missing arm or apparent death, but that his own mother didn’t seem to care about the why or the how… Hanging onto the few vague memories he had of her before his Birthright Ceremony, he’d always thought she just wasn’t around enough to see it, and if only she did, she’d fix everything. His father’s faith in the same thing had been sorely misplaced.
Once he was well enough, he was kicked out of the clinic and wandered with no particular goal in mind. Away, and not towards Falun were his only thoughts.
Eventually, lack of funds forced him to pay a little more attention to himself and his choices, and he slowly recovered some sense of equilibrium, but he never settled and never took on any big jobs. He acted as a scribe, a bookkeeper, a laborer, a forger, a courier, and an escort, moving on whenever he felt like it and gaining further proficiency in telekinesis when his lack of familiarity in writing left-handed frustrated him too much for patience. Two years later, he was still wandering, but found his feet continuously turning him towards one particularly quiet little town. Again and again, until the strangers became recognizable faces, and he surprised himself by waving back when someone acknowledged him by name. One woman in particular seemed ever eager for his help, always somehow having a job for him, big or small, so that he was guaranteed at least small change if he passed by.
He only learned later that Inessa Johanssen wasn’t as scatterbrained as she seemed then, and purposely looked out for the poor Prince down on his luck until she managed to convince him to help her with taxes and stay for longer than two days. He wasn’t the only stray she’d ever picked up and set to rights, and most of the town’s residents looked on with small smiles and varying degrees of willingness to join in her efforts. She got him paying more attention to his appearance and caring about his future again. It was her that first introduced him to his husband. For everything she gave him, he owes her a debt he’ll never manage to repay.
When Aaryne Haugen stepped into his life—and then continued to show up through ‘happenstance and coincidence’—Janne didn’t immediately know what to do with his initial attraction. He readily came to like the man, but he didn’t know how to show that, or how to express a building interest in seeing where that liking might go. Luckily, Aaryne had no such troubles. One date turned into courtship and marriage just felt like the right next step. The first time Aaryne admitted to love, Janne was so stunned by the relief washing over him that he only then realised he’d never hesitated to fall in love himself.
From then on, he swore to himself, he’d start anew, give his everything for Aaryne and his family, and forget his old life. He couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming reception or a more devoted and patient husband. He couldn’t have asked for anything.
But try though he might, forgetting the atmosphere and ingrained beliefs he’d grown up with was impossible as the religious movement grew and spread, reaching even their sleepy town. He cautioned his husband and mother-in-law but didn’t want to think of this idyllic life being turned upside down, so he tried to ignore the growing tension. Given how slowly the movement affected town life, he succeeded quite well, and although the birth of his daughter (through Inessa’s volunteering as a surrogate) stirred some concern when she turned out to be a Queen, he focused instead on cherishing the present rather than worrying about the future. And he spent a blissful two years sharing time with Aaryne, Inessa, and little Nadia.
Unfortunately, as much as he welcomed the birth of their second daughter, and loved her just the same, her own important Priestess Caste broke the dam he’d been using to secure all his anxious thoughts and what-ifs and he could no longer embrace the moment. He wasn’t the only one.
It was half a relief when Aaryne broke his own silence, and half painful to hear his husband thinking the same thoughts he’d been dismissing as paranoid for the last two years. He agreed that there might be trouble, and they needed to be careful. He’d seen the things that Aaryne was worried about in the abstract, and he should have known better than to try continuing on as though everything was just fine.
He still blames himself for the disappearance of their friend and the mother of their children. When Inessa didn’t come home, he waited up all night, he looked everywhere for her. The rumours of why she’d vanished didn’t faze him so much as anger him, even if she had been a smuggler, they were no traitors to their territory. And the next time Aaryne broached the subject of their future, he opened up, sharing everything he’d held onto and spilling out his fear and shame and experience until he was empty. Paranoid or not, if he’d spoken up earlier, maybe Inessa would have been with them when they crossed into Rihland (then Askavi). It took them a month to prepare, and they had to wait for the best season with young children in tow. But despite the danger and their growing dread, they made it across the mountains and somehow won an audience with the district Queen of Avorla.
Janne couldn’t really believe their success, or the new life they shaped for themselves. And although he was imminently grateful and relieved to find a safe haven with likeminded people and refugees, it took him a long time to adapt to needing to hide the true relationship between himself and Aaryne. Out of the frying pan into the fire… Though at least the risk was only to them and not their daughters now. He’s not sure how they ended up on their cover story, simple and full of half-truths though it is, and will occasionally still apologise to Aaryne for stealing his chance to publicly be a father.
They joined Queen Drachlan’s Court to repay some part of the debt they incurred as refugees. At least, that’s how Janne first saw it. As he settled into his role as tutor and saw more of the woman and her methods, he came to relish working for her, eventually even swearing into her first circle, though he couldn’t say the same about the skills she unleashed in his husband. Proud though he is that Aaryne’s unexpected talents are clearly valued and put to good use, he can’t say he appreciates missing him or worrying about him. The latest mission has nearly ruined his equanimity, and he feels as though he’s hanging on by a thread between every report that tells them Aaryne’s still alive and well. The only thing keeping him steady is their hope for the future, and the chance Aaryne’s working towards that will let them go home.
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Character in Play:
The air was heavy, cold despite the season, and Janne shivered beneath the combined weight of a pack that held everything he’d need in their new life—everything practicality told him to bring and everything he’d been unable to leave behind—and his youngest daughter nestled in the crook of his arm. Their guides had offered to carry her more than once, and he’d honestly been tempted each time, though he’d have preferred that they take the luggage. His shoulders stung, his back was twisting with the unfamiliar weight on his right side, his muscles just weren’t used to it anymore. His arm ached stiffly, and he was no longer confident that he could let Isana go even if he wanted to, he’d been checking visually every few steps for the last hour just to make sure it was still doing what he told it to do, but he couldn’t let her go.
If he’d had two arms, he’d probably have insisted he carry Nadia when she was too tired to walk any farther too. No matter his own exhaustion. No matter whether or not it was necessary, with three other willing adults fully capable, two more accustomed to the mountain trek than himself or Aaryne… But he couldn’t deny his instincts clamouring to keep his daughters close, to keep his husband in front of him where he could keep track of him. The light flutter of Isana’s breath against his throat was his encouragement to keep setting one foot in front of the other, moving farther and farther away from his home.
He refused to look back, refused to give in to the fear that someone had found them, refused the tightness of his chest, and refused the sprawling chaos of his conflicting emotions as he remembered the guide’s earlier words about having crossed the border yesterday. He’d barely slept last night, terrified of Eyriens discovering them and hating the homesickness already assaulting him. Poor Nadia hadn’t understood why this adventure she’d first found so exciting just hadn’t ended yet. She was tired and hungry and sore and wanted to sleep in her bed. She wanted her gramma, and her blanket, and something else for dinner. He’d felt guilty that they could only provide one of those things. Only solve one of her problems.
Isana, thankfully, could be satisfied with candied fruits and nuts from his pocket, but she was not always quiet about wanting down, or wanting to sleep properly, or being hungry, or not liking the wind or the heights or… He was guilty, too, in being frustrated that he couldn’t always understand why she was crying.
They’d known this trek would be hard and harrowing, not just in the physical aspects, but mentally as well. Janne had thought he’d been prepared for it. And he was holding up, hanging on, gritting his teeth against his own complaints. But he was shamefully out of shape and constantly gasping for breath and couldn’t bring himself to speak to anyone other than Nadia and Isana, afraid he’d snap out something rude or ungrateful. Afraid he’d admit his weakness. The only thing letting him relax even a little bit every evening after they’d set up camp was Aaryne’s constant warmth at his back.
He was only too relieved to know this was the last leg of the trip. By tonight, there’d be a cart and flat ground, well, flatter ground, to meet them. And by tomorrow, they’d have slept in the beds Nadia was missing. He missed them too… And as he looked down to the top of Isana’s static haloed head, her cheek pressed against his shoulder, drool moistening his collar, Janne smiled for the first time in days. Soon, he thought. Soon, he was holding onto the word as a lifeline. Soon, they would be safe and sound and free to make a new home. As long as they were together, it didn’t matter where. It couldn’t matter where. All that mattered was that one word. Soon.
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