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Title: Brynja Toft
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The Basics
Character Name: Brynja Toft
Nicknames: Bryn
Age and Birth Year: 20 (born 174 AP)
Race: short-lived Rihlander
Caste: witch
Birth Territory: Rihland
Home Territory: Rihland

Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel:

Role: Queensguard
Faction: The Godar

Play By: Ida Neilsen
Distinguishing Features:



Brynja embodies the Rihland love of life. Fierce in so many things, she relishes the verdant growth of the woods, the taste of good brewed beer, the feel of her weapons in her hands as she hunts, the songs and sagas of her people. Brynja is present when she is present, rarely distracted by other things. The only future that she worries about is her sister’s, because wherever her sister goes, Brynja follows.

But her love of life does not translate to compassion or kindness. Brynja is impatient with others, often foregoing tact in favor of a directness that can be rude in certain situations. The only thing nurturing about her is a deep protective streak but once the danger has passed, so too does Brynja. If anyone confronts Brynja about this brusqueness, she will seem to regret it and be frustrated with herself but she makes no real effort to change. Brynja will say that she’s like that because time is a precious commodity for her and she has no desire to waste it on pleasantries or sugar coated words.

Her passion, her fierceness should not be translated into recklessness either. Brynja exercises caution in a great many things, more so when it involves her sister, but generally, she tries to weigh the pros and cons of a situation before a decision. She hides this careful thought process behind frequent meditations, patrolling the woods, or doing chores. Alone time is time to both reconnect with the wilds around her and balance herself.

Because of her enforced solitude, Brynja is slow to trust others or make friends. She has a few people she is gladly civil towards but, outside of her family, she does not easily connect to others. She worries that this instilled "stranger danger" might hurt in the future -- with friendships, with a mate -- but for now, she focuses on more present things, like her Offering or her sister’s course. Brynja is angered by the mistreatment of her people most of all. Everyone deserves the right to live as they please so long as it harms no else so why are so many people harming others and dictating how they should live? This anger for the Rihland people loops back into her fierce patriotism and Brynja longs for the day when Rihland is finally led by a Rihland Queen.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Revna Toft, Blood Opal to Red Priestess (age 42, born 152 AP) **
Father: Malthe Toft, Tiger Eye to Rose Warlord (age 40, born 154 AP) **
Siblings: sister Freja Toft, Summer Sky to (eventually) Opal Queen (age 18, born 176 AP) **
brother Torsten Toft, Birthright Rose Warlord (age 15, born 179 AP)
Aunts: Heythe Toft, Purple Dusk to Opal witch (age 44, born 150 AP) **
Yrsa Toft, Rose to Purple Dusk witch (age 47, born 147 AP) **
Companion: young wolf named Rune

** Jewels rolled


The Toft sisters, the elder trio of them, were wise women, blessed with a sought-after knowledge of herb lore, history, and practical advice for living. In their quiet village, they lived peaceably, providing this knowledge, escaping notice from the occupying Eyriens because they did not attract attention. What history they shared was shared quietly, and nothing they did with their herbs and advice could be construed as otherwise.

The birth of Brynja was neither unexpected nor unwelcomed. A squalling babe in a village of a dozen others did not attract unwanted attention. It was the birth of her sister, Freja, two years later, that did. Within days of little Freja’s birth, it became clear to the Toft sisters that they needed to hide the young Queen, for fear that the Eyriens would find her and press her into service. A decision was made to hide them both. As Priestess in the village, their mother, Revna, opted to remain behind, entrusting the care of her daughters to her sister Heythe.

Growing up, it was difficult to distinguish which girl was which, so alike were they and always in each other’s company. They had free reign of the forest up until certain boundaries and their small cottage in the woods was a perfect size for two small girls. Brynja still remembers the paths to it, along with the smell of woodsmoke and the sunlight dappling through the thick trees. There were plenty of visits from the rest of their family as well. But, above all, Brynja was instructed from the moment she could remember to protect her precious Queen sister.

Brynja not only learned the ways of the forest and herb lore from her aunt but also fighting from her uncle and father. By the time she was ready for her Birthright, she could handle a bow well enough to shoot a moving target.

While Freja learned what it took to be a good Rihland Queen, Brynja was on the track towards a mostly forgotten path of women warriors called the Godar. Her aunt never used that word but as Brynja grew into her later teens, she heard it from skalds and realized that was what she had been training for all of her young life -- to be a guard for a Queen with an animal companion by her side.

Except she had no animal companion. Yet. This longing, coupled with tales of Eyrien savagery exacted upon the native Rihlanders, decided Brynja’s path even further. She would find a way to reinstate this old practice, somehow, even if in secret. Little did she know that she was not alone.

When Prince Elbremov decimated the Eyrien Territory Court, the Rihlanders breathed an uneasy sigh of relief. Some, like Brynja, thought they had just traded one tyrant for another. Her sister was a bit more optimistic. Still, the sisters did not come completely out of their hiding just yet. They waited another year or two, watching what Prince Elbremov was doing, until Freja was accepted into an elderly Queen’s Court for further training.

Brynja, in the meanwhile, was able to put two more milestone notches in her belt: passing her Virgin Night (which was awkwardly uneventful and definitely not like the passionate tales the skalds told) and finding a wolf cub with a mark in his fur that gave him his name -- Rune. She decided to wait another year, letting Rune grow a little, before searching out Tanith Eirsdottir about the next chapter of her life.

Now, Brynja stands on the cusp of her Offering and her bonding, ready to take her full place as one of the Godar.

Show Us What You've Got
Character in Play:
The forest gave no warning that she passed within it. Bow strung, arrow readied, Brynja stalked closer and closer, using trees and Sight shields to conceal her path and dissipate her scent upon the breeze. A hundred yards ahead, she could see a small herd of deer browsing, unaware – a stag and his small harem. By this time of year, those does would be coming into heat within the next few weeks, if they weren’t already. If they had fawns, Brynja would have set her sights on another target but she had been taking mental inventory of the herds and a few of the does could be culled. Let the bucks have another day to grow bigger.

Eighty yards. Then seventy. Sixty. At fifty, Brynja paused for a long time, gauging the breeze, the distance, and the movements of each of the four. The stag was the most alert, both for predators and rivals, but even he dropped his head to graze periodically. The stillness in the air kept her scent from spreading.

Impatience had her risk creeping forward another five yards. And it was that impatience, shared between them, that almost cost her the kill.

From the forest to the right, there was an audible snap of a twig and all four deer froze, now on high alert. Brynja bit her lip to restrain a curse. Another snap and all four deer tensed, ready for flight. Brynja, swearing inwardly, wished that she could tell her companion to be patient but he…

With the lanky, uncoordinated grace of a stripling, Rune shot forward, sending the deer into smooth motion, fleeing. “Dammit,” Brynja now cursed aloud. She sighted along her arrow and let it fly. It hit the second doe in the hindquarters. She stumbled in her stride but kept going. “That one, Rune! That one!” Brynja shouted, hoping that her wolf companion had caught the scent of blood and knew which one had been hit. A sharp bark answered her but Rune continued chasing the wrong target. Brynja cursed again as she drew back another arrow and prepared to fire. Where was Rune in that running mess? For the second time that day, she wished that she was properly bonded to her companion, like a true Godar, because then she could use Craft to keep him safe.

Luckily, the injured doe leapt a little higher, giving Brynja a clear shot, which she took. The arrow lodged in the deer’s neck, further draining her strength. Rune barked and turned. Even from this distance, Brynja could hear the snap of bone as Rune’s jaws closed on a leg, dragging the deer down. The other three escaped, the stag pausing for just a moment to let out a frustrated huff, tossing his antlers in Brynja’s direction before he disappeared into the brush.

The doe was still alive by the time Brynja arrived but not for long. “Move,” she ordered Rune, drawing her hunting knife as she knelt by the head. He at least understood that command. With one quick slash, the throat was opened. The kicks of the doe grew weaker, then stopped. Brynja put her hand on the still warm body to whisper her gratitude for the gift of food to both the deer and the All Mother.

Then, hunt and ritual done, she exhaled sharply in frustration. “We’re going to have to work on this, Rune,” she said to her canine companion. Rune gave her a bloodied, wolfish grin as he panted. For the third time that day, Brynja thought about what it would be like when they were properly bonded. And made another mental note to see out the person who could help her with that. After her Offering.

There seemed to be a lot of things to suddenly do but the deer in front of her was the most pressing priority. Brynja exhaled softly and pushed aside her thoughts about being a true Godar once again, while Rune watched her dress the deer.

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness blessed with a cut Rose Birthright Jewel.



1. Summer Sky - Opal
2. Blood Opal - Red
3. Purple Dusk - Opal
4. Tiger Eye - Rose
5. Rose - Purple Dusk
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