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Author Topic: Azhar Sharav  (Read 929 times)

Description: Warlord. Summer Sky to Opal. Played by Slivurr

Offline Azhar Sharav

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Azhar Sharav
« on: Feb 16, 17, 03:55:18 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Azhar Sharav
Nicknames: Azz, Asha (siblings only)
Age: 1231  (b. 1039 bp)
Race:  Eryien
Caste:  Warlord
Birth Territory: Rhiland, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Rhiland, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Summer-Sky
Offering Jewel:  Opal

Azhar is not a handsome man in the traditional sense. His nose is slightly too long for his face and eyes held a little more brown than gold. Being reasonably tall at 6'2" the Eyrian is built like a proper warrior. His muscles strong and lean.

He prefers to wear his hair long and is rather vain about the substance. It was raven's wing black and fell pin straight. During practice or while on duty he wore it pinned back with a leather thong, or braided to keep it from hindering his movements. Off duty he preferred it loose.

Like most Eryien males Azhar liked fitted clothing, items that were made for him specifically and offered a freedom of movement. Leather pants and boots, and shirts made out of cotton or wool depending on the season.

His Jewels were set in a simple fashion; the settings done in iron rather than gold or precious metals- something that would hold up to the abuse that came with being a warrior. In his left ear he had silver spiral piercing that ran from the top of his ear down to the lobe. If spotted with his shirt off it could be seen that both nipples were pierced with silver bars.

He usually carried his preferred weapons physically on him. An elegant and simply designed hunting knife along with a long thin sword that worked well for both close range fighting and quick battlefield.

Play By: Michael Spears
Distinguishing Features:

His body piercings, both the spiral along his ear and the nipple piercings were rather good identifying marks.


Personality:  Intense, it was the first thing that strikes a person. His very being seems to vibrate with controlled energy and purpose. His focus was on one thing- making Askavi a better place; a safer place for his Sister and family.

Azhar was focused and had no room in his life for anything outside of his ambition to lead Askavi back to its roots- with the proper balance of blood in the territory; where new Queens didn't have to worry about being broken or destroyed- where blood females were cherished; if kept to their traditional supporting roles.

In some ways Azhar was egotistical; one had to be in leading a revolution. He believed in the truth of it, in how right he and his group were. It was that belief that made him near vibrate with the need and desire to lead and protect despite his caste. In everything he did Azhar sought perfect, seeking knowledge down to the smallest detail.

It wasn't his Jeweled strength that drew others to him, or his wit, or even charm. There was something about him. Azhar knew instinctively how to speak to people- that instinctive charisma he used to bring those he needed to his cause.

There are softer sides to Azhar. Things he displayed rarely. His easy camaraderie with fellow rebellion members. His attentive nature towards the females under his care, assisting them as he can when they needed the help. Like most Eyrien males Azhar comes out as a complex picture of perfect strength, and quiet compassion- mixing them carefully to fit his needs and that of his followers.

  • 1 Flying- like most Eryiens he savors the moments in the air; where the wind is singing to him. It was one of the few times that he could be free of his thoughts and disappointment in life.
  • 2 Sex- he is male; the rush of endorphins after battle was always best soothed between a woman's thighs. Unlike many other Eryiens he enjoys foreplay. Enjoys taunting and teasing each moan out of his intended partner; it was all about the hunt before finding his own satisfaction.
  • 3 Training- Azhar enjoys ever bettering his skills, learning how to match or defeat a stronger, darker opponent. Everything was about helping his rebels achieve success. From the straight forward weapons of the Eryien warrior to the more subtle tactics of an assassin- Azhar was willing to be flexible to achieve his goals.
  • 1 Hypocritical People- He sums this up with liars, and those who say one thing and do another. It was the root of evils as far as he was concerned; believing a true male stood up to what he believed in and did not stray from that path.
  • 2 Cowards- This was a weakness reserved primarily for non-eyriens. In a warrior it was intolerable and something to be culled from any race. In a purely Eryien way of thinking Azhar had no use for a man who was too busy wetting himself to stand up and fight for his family, land, or self.
  • 3 Ruthless Practicality- There were some lines you don't cross. You don't destroy the land you are charged to protect, you don't shatter lives to preserve a position not rightfully yours. These were things that drove him towards his ambition of freeing Askavi from its current dictatorial rule.
  • 1 Failure- He failed in saving his mother, the gentle healer and father from the corruption and dissent in the territory. His father's teachings were well ingrained- knowing that failure would potentially put loved ones in danger.
  • 2 Perceived as Weak- It was something all Eyrien warriors scoffed at; but the fear was there in the back of their minds. If another would scoff at their fighting skills and see weakness. Weakness left room for attack or betrayal. His fear of weakness is amplified with his lacking finesse in using his Opal for attack.
  • 3 Being Resented- He is afraid people will see the rebellion as an extension of his ego; rather than something that needs to be done for the good of the territory- both Eyrien and Rhilander. Azhar fears not sullying his reputation; but that of those whom he leads and the rebellion being seen in a negative light.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Shields: focusing on the attacks of subtly Azhar has studied shields in all their workings. In doing this it has allowed him to see the small cracks in each shield, offering him a slight advantage in disabling them to allow for his physical attacks to slip in.
  • 2 Triage: rebels don't typically have the advantage of always having a healer on hand. That being stated as a leader Azhar took it on himself to learn how to help his men survive injuries that could bleed out. Often wrapping up wounds in his own sort of shielding designed to clamp down on bleeding wounds and keep them from bleeding out.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Attacking: He knows the rough theory of descending to his Jeweled strength and releasing the power- but he lacks the instinct that comes with being a Warlord Prince. His out and out jewel attacks are clumsy and often easily deflected.
  • 2 Larger feats of strength: basic craft, the simple entries into healing that he is trained in, the little intrinsic things are fine for Azhar. Anything beyond the basic or his specialized shields tends to not happen so well. If it is a spell that requires a strength above his Summer-sky birthright and requires finesse- Azhar is not your man.
Life Story

Mother: Rhian -Healer- Summer Sky to Purple-Dusk (Deceased)
Father: Reidar- Warlord- Yellow to Summer-sky (deceased)
Siblings: Caelan- Healer- Rose to Summer Sky*(open to Adopt) - Eldest Sibling
                        Johndalar- Prince - Tigers Eye to Rose*(open to Adopt)- Middle Sibling


He was born before the great purge. Where the land and rules of Protocol were still twisted things. The youngest of three children- a stunning feat since he had an older brother. Typical Eryien in every way Azhar threw himself from an early age at the world.

From the moment he could toddle the young boy was taught how to defend. His father giving him toys that would resemble weapons he would one day hone. His older brother-just a touch too young to join the hunting camps- taught him how to shield. A necessity for their sibling rough housing that would often cause the younger boy to howl with outraged dignity.

It was his sister, older by 60 years - a life time to his young mind; that found a way to seperate the boys and keep them from destroying the house while their mother was suffering those three vicious days of her moon cycle.

So, it was from the early age of 5 years old that Azhar started to learn the healing craft. His sister's voice soothing and teasing in his little ear " Now stay still little Asha, you must not waste the herb" Always guiding him on the simplist of recipies.

At first it was small things helping stir ooze into an ointment during the cooking process, watching time on a mild brew for headaches. By the time he was 7 years old he had learned the basics of applying ointments and bandaging small wounds.

Finally  at 8 years old he was sent to the camps. His training became more intense. He learned how to hunt and work in a team as an Eryien. Fighting, battle stratagies. Azhar soaked it up and learned it all with a thirst for knowlege. He excelled and spent what time he had outside of his own training and duties helping those who were a bit slower than him- always trying to better those around him.

At the age of 20 Azhar made his offering to the darkness. It was a gruelling process and tested his self. His fear of failure, the determination to walk away with his full power, and the self control that shaped warrior made the descent and comunion with his inner self successful and he walked away with the Opal.

Despite his father's lack of acknowledgement- Azhar knew the male was proud of him. It was a dark jewel for their family and the promise of a bright future. The twisted nature of the blood just got worse.

When he returned from the Hunting camps after making his offering Azhar continued his battle training at home. Still learning even as he took up his duties as a male; his mother disguised lessons in healing craft under the guise of aiding her. Like most males Azhar never skipped the chance to pamper and with it his mother worked to see her son as safe as she could make him.

Each lesson was drilled into him; between both mother and father. Azhar was not given room to fail. It was beaten into him that failure was the greatest sin- that if he failed he might as well cut his cock off and become a woman.

By the age of 300 Azhar knew instinctively what it was to be Eryien. He had been trained and saw; despite his father's traditional view towards the fairer sex that there was love between the couple. Noticed that while not obviously pampering he did show care towards his mother. These subtle things did not fail his notice.

As he matured Azhar saw different things; saw the corruption of the land and the Queens that ruled. He saw the courts that did not care for the land or the people that cared for it. The Jhinka raids at this time kept the able bodied warriors busy. His skills continued to increase- learning how to fly and dive; maneuver into tight spaces to get at the smaller species.

The promise was gone and the battle became one to keep from being corrupted or purged. Instead Azhar found himself walking a thin line- staying true to himself and keeping his family safe. With stubborn Eryien pride Azhar prevailed- holding tightly to what Protocol was.

As things twisted further beneath the Red Queen Azhar left the town to join the rebellion only occassionally daring the town to visit his mother and sister. His skills were put to work on undermining that court's authority.

The defining moment for Azhar came when his mother was killed in a jhinka raid when his father died defending. Something they should have been able to defend against; if the territory had been strong as it should have been his mother should have been safe. At the age of 342 Azhar lost both of the primary touchstones in his life.

In his grief Azhar devoted himself fully to the rebellion. He was what ever they needed. A warrior, a thief, a hunter, or tracker. Azhar stepped into the roles as needed- learning what the rebellion stood for and what they hoped to accomplish.

Centuries passed until the purge happened. His battle skills honed and pressed on- sex taken on mutual consent but only as a biological need rather than a true desire or love. Then it came, the rumbling of the massive witchstorm.

There had been minor ones in the past, how could there not be with the constant displays of power, but this was on a different scale. Still Azhar knew the principals as did his sibliings. When the storm came they shielded and rode with it, letting the pyschic waves wash over them and pass them by.

When they rose, exhausted two days later, they woke to a changed and shattered world. Many of the Blood were lost. The Red Queen was destroyed and with her the majority of her court. The territory was divided between two strong males; something that seemed wrong at instinct. It was a Queen who ruled and healed the land- despite the perverted creature that had once ruled.

Between the sanctions and the power struggles between the once ruling males and the Dark Queen who would take control of the territory Azhar and his group of rebels remained outside of the laws of the territory, refusing to come down. The rebellion waged- quiet for the moment in the unrest; but there ready to defend.

Devestation hit the rebellion; the old leader- their leader for the past four centuries took a killing blow by a jhinka blade during a raid. Coming off the battlefield Azhar found himself the new leader as the former second in command.

As the new leader of the Rebellion he had the hardest task of all- saving his Territory and stopping the spread of a seemingly corrupt Queen. For almost half a decade he fought with his small band.

At his side his captains and the unassuming hearthwitch who kept them whole and healthy. Together they worked to save a land he loved until someone foolishly woke the Black.

The unleashed fury rocked even those in his mountains. Most barely clung through with their jewels whole. As the new court rose from the ashes of the old Eyriens of all walks fled to the mountains joining the Rebellion for reasons of their own.

Now his true fight has begun. The fight to preserve the Eyrien culture and way of life while allowing the Rhilanders their own cultures and traditions.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:

Blood dripped from his brow, breath coming in short gasping sounds as he focused in on his target.  The shielding around his body flex and warped as his breath slowed, focusing just a short moment as the wound was sealed off, preventing further blood to trickle into his view.  His knuckles whitened as he gripped the blades in his hands tightly before he threw himself back at the foe.  His eyes quickly searched out any weakness in his shields before he committed himself into the attack.

The sharp clang of metal was sounded as they fell into a quick exchange of blows, his swift, sure of the strike attacks drove his opponent back slow and steadily.  With a final blow the blade flew out from his enemies hand as he followed in dagger moving in to claim victory.  Just before he was to dispatch the enemy he paused, a little smirk on his lips as he stated soundly, "Dead."

Azhar relaxed back, his weapons finding their way back into their sheaths as he reached out hand touching over his soldiers hand, his shields focusing to his touch to stem the flow of blood from the strike that disarmed him, "You fought well Jalar." he complimented warmly before giving the man a pat on the back, "Lets get to the healers, need to get us both fixed up.."

The pair of them walked back into the main encampment from where they were sparring, the caves providing a warmth to their bodies as they were cooling down from the exercise.  As the healers came into sight he nudged Jalar on as he moved off to inspect the current less than satisfactory conditions to his men and women, something needed to be done..


Why did this character became inactive?
We left Bloodrites for a bit and when we returned Askavi, K was pretty much dead and gone

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
He figures in decently well with the plots and having other characters to interact woth will definitely bring him forward.

What are your plans for this character?
Working and plotting with Dash on this. He is definitely going to shake up things.

Number of previous Reactivations:
1 - when bloodrites switched boards

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

Updated age / territory name. Filled in history to reflect past and current events.

Player Name: Slivurr

~ When honor and the Law no longer stand on the same side of the line, how do we choose ~

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Re: Azhar Sharav
« Reply #1 on: Feb 16, 17, 04:35:12 PM »
Ready to go unless I missed something

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Re: Azhar Sharav
« Reply #2 on: Feb 18, 17, 02:33:43 PM »
I have talked to tenkou and Slivurr of their plans for their characters and highly approve.

As a note: Before you post with him you'll need to change his Play By. It is currently in use.
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159